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Undergrounded Demons. Chapter 44

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Forty-Four

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°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

I was getting my stuff ready for the night travel
Mira was already in my room with her little bag

I don’t know what people would think about us

Thinking about it on how things normally go, people do ask girl out once they started seeing her around them

People do rush it but that’s wrong

People who must have been seeing us would have thought that we were already dating
But Ajax wasn’t her blood brother
So they could possibly be in love with themselves
And Ajax hasn’t told me anything about it


“Are you trying to tell me that your foster mother has accepted you back?” Mira asked during our conversation

“Yes, I was really surprised when I saw her sudden change” I replied
I began to think about how everything happened

“But I can’t be like I used to be because I have discovered the truth” I added

“I understand but it can make it easier for you to get to your family” she said
Just then, the ghost boy appeared

“Wrong hour” he said and disappeared
I didn’t understand what he meant by that and I couldn’t call him since Mira was there

“Any problem?” Mira asked because she observed my look
I was thinking of a better lie when my phone began to ring

It was an unknown number

“Jack” the caller called my name immediately I picked it up

“Who is on the line?”I asked

“It doesn’t matter, as am speaking with you, Ajax life is not safe” the caller replied

“How do you mean?” I asked because I was already confused

“Ajax met with an accident ” he replied
My eyes widened and I stood up properly

“What?!” I shouted
The ghost boy appeared

“He is saying the truth” the ghost boy said

“Where?” I asked referring to the caller

He gave me the address before hanging up

I just hoped he survived

I explained everything to Mira and we rushed out to Mira’s car

We drove straight to the location but there wasn’t anything there
I didn’t see neither Ajax nor his bike there but the place looked like something happened there

“Is he setting you up?” Mira asked looking around

“Let me call Ajax first” I said and dialed Ajax number but it was switched off

“Too bad” I said and dialed that number
He picked up immediately

“Are you kidding me?” That was what I first asked

“We just arrived in General hospital, Ajax is here with us” the guy replied
He understood that my question


We drove straight to the hospital and parked

I rushed inside, still dialing the guy’s number

“Jack” I heard my name from a corner
I turned to see Dennis there

I rushed to him

“Where is him?” I asked him because I got to understand that he was the caller

“The doctor is attending to him” he replied

Just then, the doctor walked out

“Are they his family?” The doctor asked referring to me and Mira

“Yes” Dennis replied

“Okay, I will see you guys in a jiffy” the doctor concluded and walked away
I was observing something about Dennis

He couldn’t take off his eyes on Mira

“Please, can you tell me how it happened?” I requested
I needed to hear it than to be watching them eying themselves

“I guessed his bike had a fault on the way because the only thing I saw was the small vehicle which hits him and Ajax on the ground” he replied

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The ghost boy appeared again

“To others, it was just a small vehicle but in true attack, it was a very big vehicle” the ghost boy said
I wouldn’t say anything

“Why didn’t they stop him?” I asked referring to Dennis

“The small vehicle was determined to escape, so that’s risky” he replied

“Even his bike is totally damaged” he added
That wasn’t a problem
His life matters……..

????⚡????⚡???? Axel POV ????⚡????⚡????

I was in my apartment with the A gang’s that evening
Chilling, as a welcoming party for Andrew after some days at the hospital ????

“What did I miss at school?” Andrew asked, looking at us
From one person to another

“School is becoming boring lately” Aiden replied

That was somehow true because things doesn’t go as usual

“That’s because of Jack” Alex supported

“Talking about Jack, I heard that his father died” Anthony said
I didn’t hear that before

“Wait” I said, jumping in

“Do you mean that Jack’s foster father is dead?” I asked to understand the whole thing
Maybe he must have found his real father

“Yes, I heard it from Mira” Anthony replied

“Mira?” Andrew asked
He looked worried

“Yes, you heard me clearly” Anthony replied

“They must have been getting closer, this days” Andrew said
I smiled at the way his face was like, when having the conversation

He was really jealous

My ringing phone distracted the conversation

I had to check it
It was an unknown number

“Hello” I said immediately I picked up
I didn’t wait for the caller to say anything first

“Hope it is Axel that is on line?” A male voice asked

“Yes, who is this?” I asked
All the A gang’s eyes were on me

“This is Jack” the caller replied
I hissed
I wondered why he would be calling

“Don’t call this line again” I said and hissed again
I wanted to hang up immediately

“Hope you are not thinking about hanging up?” He asked
That was crazy

“What is your problem?” I asked

“It is Ajax” he replied
That response could mean lots of things

I sat properly, hoping it wasn’t what I was thinking

“What about him?” I asked

“He is in a hospital now” he replied

“What?!!” I shouted jumping up from my couch

Aiden also did

“Which hospital?” I asked

“General hospital” he replied before I hung up

“What happened?” Aiden asked immediately I dropped my phone

“Ajax is at General hospital” I replied

“Am going there now” I added and rushed to my room
I only changed my top because I wasn’t having anything on

“Am coming with you” Aiden said just as I walked back to the parlor

“Me too” Alex said

“Neither will I stay back” Anthony supported

“Nor me” Andrew added

Anthony helped me lock my door because I seem not in my right sense


We got to the hospital and I got down

I rushed to Jack because he was outside
Sitting with Mira at the waiting seats

I dragged him up, holding his top real tight

“What have you done to my brother?” I asked with anger
I have already created a scene

Aiden rushed to hold me back

“Calm down” Aiden said as he tried holding me

“Axel!” Mira shouted and I turned to look at her

“The security might throw you out” she added
I know it wasn’t possible but I chose to respect myself

“What is going on here?” A deep voice asked just as I released Jack

We all turned to that direction
It was the doctor

Mira and Jack rushed to him

“How is he doctor?” They chorused
The doctor didn’t say anything because he was busy looking at me

“That’s his junior brother” Mira said referring to me

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“And he is behaving like this when his brother’s life is at stake” the doctor said
I guessed I overreacted

“He is just scared of loosing him” Jack said

“Okay then, I want to see you both in my office now” the doctor said
He was referring to Jack and Mira

“What about his brother?” Jack asked
The doctor looked at me for a while

“He can come in but better be careful with your manner” he replied
I didn’t care about it
I only wanted to see how Ajax was doing……

????⚡????⚡???? Mira POV ????⚡????⚡????

We got to the doctor’s office and he offered us seats

We waited for his feedback

“Am seriously confused about the young boy’s condition” the doctor said

“Please doctor, how do you mean?” Jack asked

“This accident doesn’t look ordinary” the doctor replied
That was still confusing

“Strange that there was no stain of blood on his body” the doctor added


“How possible?” I asked because I couldn’t get the picture

“I was surprised as well” the doctor replied

“There was a guy who introduced us as his family” Jack said

“was he the one that brought him here?” He asked

“No, I don’t know when the other guy left, although this particular guy came after when the ambulance arrived with the victim’s body” the doctor replied

“But I think that the previous guy don’t know the victim very well” he added

That one wasn’t that important

The important one was about Ajax

“So how about my brother?” Axel asked
That was what I wanted to ask

“As in how is his condition?”

“I think he will be in coma because he sustain lots of bleeding inside” the doctor replied

“Internal bleeding?” Jack asked with his eyes wide open

“That’s what am discovering from the system” the doctor replied

“What about the driver?” Axel asked

“”That’s the worst part because the driver ran away” the doctor replied
Everything was already confusing me


We were told by the doctor to come back the following morning because he couldn’t tell what the situation of the injury was

He permitted us to see Ajax in the special room where he was kept

He doesn’t look like someone who really had an accident

“This is strange” Axel said
I couldn’t stop thinking about what the doctor said


I left with Jack while the A gangs left the way they came

I had to drop Jack at his place before I could head back home

Just as I parked, I remembered that we were supposed to leave that evening

It was already getting more dark and the scheduled time wasn’t far from the time at hand

“Are we still travelling this night?” I asked Jack
Stopping him from getting down
He didn’t look at me directly but towards the windscreen

“Am thinking of cancelling it and make it tomorrow morning since tomorrow is still Thursday and the burial will be on Friday” he replied

“Am totally weak” he added

Likewise me

“See you tomorrow morning” I said as he finally got down
He nodded in response

“Good night” he said before I drove off to the airport

I needed to cancel the first tickets and booked for another one which would be against the following morning…….

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

The whole thing has already weaken me

I couldn’t think straight because the whole picture wasn’t clear to me

I unlocked my door and went inside after when Mira has left

I locked it from inside since I wouldn’t be going anywhere that night

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Just as I turned, after locking the door, I saw the ghost boy standing beside my bed

I remembered that he appeared and disappeared before the call came in
That means he must be aware of it

“That’s true” the ghost boy said
He really read my thought

“I want to know what really happened because am still confused about the whole thing” I requested

“Don’t panic much because his life is in your hand” he said instead
I understand but not to this extend

“How do you mean?” I asked

“Ajax can only be in coma for some days” he said
I was still confused

“But first, Better don’t let the principal to be aware of this” he added

“I thought he is behind it” I said
It was more like a question

“Yes but I mean, the hospital where Ajax is taken to” he added

“If not, he will attack Ajax in spirit and he will definitely die because Ajax isn’t strong as you are, in spirit”

“Just like he attacked me?” I asked


“So, You have to work hard after when you come back” he added


The following morning, I dressed up and rushed to Axel’s apartment with a cab

He was rushing to his car when I came in

We didn’t fix it, so he was surprised to see me

Good that the rest of A gang’s weren’t around

“Are you going to somewhere?” I asked
That was a dumb question tho because it was clear that he was up to somewhere but I still had to use that and hold him back

“As you can see” he replied

“I want to see how Ajax is doing” he added

“Can I come with you?” I asked
He looked at me with somehow eyes


I entered the car and he drove off to the hospital

“I have something to tell you” I said on our way to the hospital

“What’s that?” He asked

“I will like if you don’t tell principal about this” I replied
For the first time, he turned to look at me


“Oh, you don’t want him to be aware of what you did?” He added
That was crazy

“I just want to confirm something about what happened”

“There is nothing to confirm, everything that happened around the school must be taken to the principal’s awareness” he said……..

????⚡????⚡???? Axel POV ????⚡????⚡????

Good that Ajax still had the opportunity to live again

I didn’t contact Dad about it because it would be a serious case to check on
Which the whole school will be involved

At night, I was in my room entertaining myself with a game on my computer
At the same time, thinking about what Jack told me earlier that day

“Am getting more confused” I said to myself
The more I think about it, the more I get confused

“I still needed to let the principal know about it because Ajax life might still be in danger” I concluded

The knock I heard at the parlor’s door distracted me from my thought

I wondered who that could be by that time of the night

I walked to the door but stopped because the knock didn’t repeat again

“Who is there?” I asked but no one responds

I stood there for a while, waiting for the person to knock again but it didn’t

Curtains at the right hand side of the parlor shifted by itself

I had to turn to that direction

“Who is there?!” I shouted again but no response

I became scared because I couldn’t figure out what was really happening……