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Crush Girl. Chapter 2-35

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Crush Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 3


I couldn’t stop myself from wondering why Arthr was acting that way to me. I know for sure that he started to notice me last semester.

But to fire a teacher because of me is what I can not really place my mind to comprehend.

Plus, he talked to me the first time when he saw me with my pregnancy, I thought I would be so repelling that he wouldn’t want to see me.

I’m sure I’ll become the talk of school now.

Other teachers that were walking in to teach totally ignored me, they probably heard what happened to the teacher that tried to embarrass me.

When it was break period, Annie and Grace stood ready to get some snacks and play around as usual, they requested that I follow them but I tell them bluntly that I couldn’t.

My status is shameful and I can’t just keep playing around , the rãpist left a trauma in me that I will never forget.

The way he forced himself on me , beat me, punch me mercilessly till I lost all strength and then finally have it’s way into me.

It’s what I have prayed will never happen to me but it did. If it were the rap-e alone , It would have being bad, but getting pregnant for an the råpist makes it worst.

Annie and Grace saw my unwillingness to follow them to lunch so they walked away.

I lowered my head on the desk sadly, I was bleeding inside of me.

It looks to me like all the bad things had been reserved for me.

My dad died and the lawyer said, all of his properties had my aunt as his next of kin.

I do not think my father can ever do that cause he loves me so much but who am I to debate with the lawyers.

Last semester, doesn’t matter how happy I was in school, once I hear the closing bell, I always feel sad going back to meet my wicked aunt.

Someone knocked on my desk and I raised my head.

It was Arthur’s bodyguard.

Thank goodness I was not crying, I do not want to make it obvious that my shame is overshadowing me.

She sat on my desk and looked at my face.

“I need to have some talks with you, if you will permit me.” She said

“Sure, please go ahead.”I replied sharply and genuinely

I was ready to answer any question she ask whatsoever, after all, she and Arthur just helped me from the ridicule that the teacher was making me go through.

” Hum! how did you end up getting pregnant?” She asked.

I should have known that she wanted to talk about my predicament.

I’m certain Arthur sent her and that she will deliver all I said to him.

“I was rãped actually?”I said and tucked my hair. My eyes was dried like it had no tear in it.

But my eyes may be emptied of tears indeed, that’s because what was left is blood.

I can only bleed out my pains now.

” Rãped!”She repeated calmly while I looked at her.

“Where did you get raped?”She asked.

“My aunt was to take her two kids on vacation a day after we vacate at school and I pleaded to follow her. It was Paris city, I had dreamt of going there when I was young. When my dad was alive , I always tell him to take me there but he always promise me that I would be taken there when I’m of age, he died before I came of age. My aunt agreed after much pleading. I should have known better not to follow her.” I explained.

“If I get you, you get rãped at Paris city? ” She asked.

“Yes, I can’t see the face of the guy, it was dark.” I said.

She looked at me and looked away.

“If you were to meet the person that rãped you today, what would you do to him?”She asked.

” I pray that I would be with a gun that moment, I swear with my life, I will shot the person to death?” I swore heavily.

Crush Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Episode 4


While Arthur’s bodguard was still seated before me, Annie and Grace walked towards us.

“Your friends are around, we’ll see next time.”She said and stood.

She took one more indifferent look at me and walked away.

She’s so smart, I couldn’t read any expression from her face, I did not even know why she was asking not to talk of knowing if she knows who rãPed me or they wanted to find out who did.

” What’s Arthur bodyguard’s doing with you?” Grace asked as she ate her meat pie.

“She was asking how I got pregnant, let’s not talk about it.” I said trying to change the topic.

“I bought this for you.” Anie said and handed over a meat pie to me.

I took it from her with a smile of gratiute and began to eat it.

Thank goodness for friends like Annie and Grace, even in my ridiculous status, they stood by me and showed me love.


We had closed for the day and I was walking with my friends across the corridor , I noticed someone playing the keyboard perfectly in a class room.

I suspected the person to be Arthur but everyone knows Arthur don’t use regular classes in training.

After I had walked few more legs with Grace and Annie, I lied and said; “I’ll be staying back to read, see you guys tomorrow?”

“Oh! you could have told us earlier so we can stay back to read with you?” Grace said.

“It’s fine, I promise to be fine. See you guys tomorrow.” I said and they all waved at me and walked away.

I walked back to stand by the entrance of the room the keyboard was being played.

What got my attention was not the player of the keyboard nor the playing of the keyboard but the song being played on the keyboard.

It was the song I was singing alone the night I got raped. I sang the songs in the afternoon of that horrible day with my aunt’s children.

My dad taught me the special song and I loved it, I sing it to remember him.

As I peeked well to see who was playing, I could not see the person’s face cause his hair had covered his cheek.

I walked inside boldly and stood before the person, I bent, trying to see the person’s face but he rose his head up to me instead.

My heart skipped like I would faint on seeing that it was Arthur.

“Sorry! sorry!” I apologized fearfully and ran out, I sped downstairs and was breathing heavily.

My God! I did not know he was the one there, I was only speculating, I would not have gone inside.

But…I actually spoke to him.

I said ‘sorry! sorry!”

Jeez! I just spoke to Arthur?

I was so happy, the fear in melts gently and later faded away.

He must have adjusted his hairstyle, those are not his regular hairstyle.

Gosh! he looked so cute as always.

If only he just said; “Wait!”

I would be extremely happy, he has spoken to me once but we have not exchanged words.

I had been crushing on Arthur for four years and I had not even have the opportunity to speak to him, I just always adore him like other ladies from afar.

I know he would never even notice me cause of how extremely wealthy he is. He is a celebrity that many people outside are dieng to see.

As a matter of fact, many students came to our school just to see his face.

He is an angel, if I won’t mince words.

Cause how can someone be that cute?

I let out a brief sigh and rubbed my belly.

Anytime our faces meet last semester, I was always happy even though I was always quickly to take it away.

I felt like one day, he would call me and speak to me.

It was the day I was hoping to come this semester only for him me to get this stupid pregnancy.

I will keep swearing for the rāper and if I find him, I won’t pity him, I’ll kill him and spill his blood.

I’d rather tell my baby his father had died than tell him his father was a rãper.

What could be going on through his mind after he saw me?

But… where did he get to know that song?

Crush Girl.
-Do not copy-
Written by Feathers.

Chapter 5


I arrived home and my eyes met with a loads of clothes outside, I understood I’mmediately that my aunt had packed it outside for me to wash.

She does not even pity the condition I was, I’m three months pregnant and she want me to wash all her clothes , plus that of her children.

This is not fair.

I went inside and changed into a mufty.

I was not the kind of child that gets home and meets food on the table, I will have to cook by myself.

School is tiring already but I have to do all house chores if I did not want problems with her.

I went to the kitchen to start cooking but my aunt showed up behind me.

I turned and quickly greeted! ” Good afternoon.”

“Hum!” That was how she reply my greetings.

That kind of reply is for someone that is believe to worth nothing.

I had gotten used to it anyway.

“Did you see the clothes I packed outside?” She asked.

“Yes….but…”I said and she walked to me with a devouring look.

” But what?” She asked, her face was turning red already.

I wanted to tell her the cloth was much and that she should consider my condition but I have lernt to keep quiet when necessary.

To avoid a hot slap on my cheek, I said; “Nothing.”

“Better!” She walked outside.

I sighed and continued my cooking

After I was done cooking, I ate and went ahead to start washing the clothes.

I watched my aunt’s children play around. Those who live the most miserable life are those without parents.

Parents are there to nurture and to guide,once they are gone, it’s over.

After washing many clothes , I became very tired.

Even if I was not pregnant, I could have got tired with the number of clothes that I washed.

I rested on the wall tiredly, the sun of the evening shone directly on me.

The house was not fenced just like other houses in the estate, there were limited lands so people couldn’t build a house that has enough space to be fenced.

Street passer bys could see me as I wash but I care less, everyone in the estate knows about my horrible predicament already.

I was sweating inside the sun and was tired. My aunt could have given all these clothes to a dry cleaner, I do not know why I had to do all these when she have money in eccxces to pay dry cleaners to wash the clothes.

“Are you resting or what?” I heard her voice behind me and I adjusted from the wall slowly.

“Anty, I’m tired.”I said as I cleaned the sweats on my head with my hand.

She walked to me like a lion ready to devour again and bent her head to me.

” You are tired of washing my clothes? How many clothes have you washed, you lazy girl?” She asked and carried the soapy water.

She poured it on my head.

It was like I drowned as I hurriedly struggle for breath.

“I give you two hours to complete washing those clothes.” She said and walked inside.

After I opened my eye, my eye met immediately with someone familiar, I rubbed my face but didn’t see the person again.

My body was wet and I cried bitterly, I felt useless, weak and horrible.

My face met with the person again and this time, I fixed my eye on the person, it was Arthur’s bodyguard.

Huh! how do she get to know my house?

She must have seen what my step mother did to me?

Oh no! I did not want anyone to know I was being maltreated, I have already accepted my fate.

I thought she would come to me but she walked away instead.

Did Arthur send her?

My days! she would tell Arthur how molested I was by my aunt and I will look more repelling to him.

I continued washing the clothes with the little strength left in me.

My strength got exhausted and I could barely see anything again, with my eyes still fixed on the clothes inside soapy water, I fell.

It was the last thing I knew.

Crush Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 6


I woke inside a room, It was dark that I could barely see anything.

Where is this place? the darkness was so thick and scary.

I screamed for help and then, the light turned on all of a sudden, I was stunned to see Arthur’s bodyguard.

“Arthur could not stand and watch you keep getting tortured in that house with that your silly aunt, I was looking for a way to tell you this but thank goodness you fainted.” She said

“Erm…sorry, but after I fainted ,you carried and brought me here?” I asked.

“Obviously, you would have actually died cause even after you fainted, no one was around to help you. I walked slowly to carry and help you.” She answered.

“Where is this place ?” I asked, hoping that it was not what I was thinking

Could it be Arthur’s house?

“It’s where Arthur lives, he would be responsible for your food and clothing, even school fees, if there Is anything you need, always keep me abrëast.” She said and walked away.

Arthur’s house?

Why did he seem to care so much about me? this is strange?

I’m sure that my wicked aunt won’t even bother about my where-about.

I heard a gently knock on the door and as I suspected that it could be Arthur, my heart beats faster than a running machine.

My body tightened in fear against itself, I swallowed repeatedly and covered all my body with a dùvet.

I lowered my head and said; “Please….come in.”

The door opened.

“Here are your new uniforms, they are five , one for each school day. These are your sanders, they are five too, one for each school day.” The woman said and kept telling me many school materials that I would need.

“We would bring new ones next week, please understand that Arthur would not like it if you wear a cloth twice. These clothes, shoes, socks and others are to be wore once.” The woman who had been bending by the bed said in conclusion and raised her head.

She smiled at me and I quickly smiled back at her.

“I’m Joan.” The woman said and walked away.

New uniforms?


This was the least I was expecting, could it mean that he likes me or he just thinks I should be fine.

Something rang beside me and I turned, I saw that it was a cell phone.

I was nervous on picking up but still ended up picking it.

“Mary, you have thirty minutes to join young master outside, please get dress as swift as you can.” The voice sounded like that of his bodyguard.

I hurriedly stood from the bed and started getting dressed.

After I was done, dressed in my new school uniform but was looking ugly as a result of my big belly

I walked out of the room.

“I’ll lead you downstairs where young master is.” The woman who had came to serve me few minutes ago said.

She must have been standing there waiting for me.

I followed her and we soon appear at where Arthur is.

This is me in the same house with my crush of four years. Arthur was not looking at me, his looks were firm and handsome as always.

The way he sat was adorable, since he wasn’t looking towards me, I have the moment to gape at him.

He stood and as he elegantly walked outside, his bodyguars signalled for me to follow.

We both got inside the car, the driver was a different lady, also smart and decent, his bodyguard was seated at the seat beside the driver’s seat.

Arthur and I sat at the drivers seat that was behind theirs.

He neither glanced at me nor utter a word to me.

Weird! No one in the car said a word till we arrive at school.

Crush Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 7


After arriving at school, his bodyguard quickly got down and went to open the the door for him first.

Arthur refused fo get down and said something softly, it was impossible for me to hear.

He was facing his bodyguard when he uttered those words.

His bodyguard ran swiftly to me and opened the door by my side.

I was stunned and felt honoured. I stepped down and took few legs away.

I do not know if I should walk away to my class or…
I was even confused.

Arthur then stepped down, he walked away with his bodyguard leaving me standing.

His driver drove away without taking a glance at me mistakenly.

These people are weird and I still do not understand why the are acting like this towards me.

“If this was intentional, I will take my leave but if someone forced you, I’ll help you take revenge.” I turned and saw a male student.

I couldn’t see a side of his face, they were covered with his dark curly hair, the remaining part of his face weee beautiful and as fresh as fresh tomatoes.

His lips were well shaped and glancing at him from head to toe, I could tell that he was glamorous, in stature and in beauty.

But who in the world walks around covering a part of his face?

He was on a uniform, so obviously, he was a student.

“Good morning.” I was the first to greet.

“Humph!” He answered and I felt bad that he replied me that way.

Such replies are for people who are believed to worth nothing.

“Did you hear my question or you just decided to ignore?” He asked and took two steps to the left.

His right leg were shaking on its own.

“I just thought it was proper to greet you forst.” I said.

“I’m not interested. Were you forced or you gave our your p—sy willingly?” He asked and mere mentioning of my p***Y makes me feel awkward.

I could have walked away from such but two things made me remained before him, firstly because of how handsome and strange he was, I have never seen him in this school before, secondly because he talked about helping me get a revenge.

“I do not even know you, how can I tell you something so personal about me?” I questioned.

“I’m Prince by name. A senior student. I won’t tell you more than that but if you were rã-ped, I can help you take the person that r-ape you down?” He asked but before I spoke…

He turned from me and said; “I see…you are unwilling.” He started to walk away.

After seeing him take few steps away, I caught up with him and said; “Wait!”

He didn’t, he only kept moving, not towards the class but to the backyard of the school.

“Erm…Sorry, I was just being careful around a stranger. You can help me take revenge, right?” I asked.

“Hmm!” He answered.

“You can? okay…okay…but why would you? did you want something in return?” I asked.

He stopped and turned to me.

“You are smart.” He said and made his hair cover a major part of his face.

I could barely see any part of his face now.

Their are indeed weird people.

“What will you want in return?” I asked.

“You will be my wife after I had helped you find the culprit, either you love me or not, you must.” He said

“That’s what you want in return? how can you think of wife when you are not even done with high school, you are still young, I guess and still need to go to the university.” I said.

“Think about my deal and get back to me.” He handed over a card that contains only his class number to me.

He walked away.

Crush Girl.

-Do not copy-

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 8


I checked the card he gave me again and stood disturbed, this is someone that can help find who rãped me and made me a subject of shame before everyone.

I walked back to my class, I met Grace and Annie seating and discussing

“Are you girls talking about me?” I asked playfully as I approached them.

They turned and shot me a welcoming smile.
I sat at my place and my brief playful face turned dark immediately

It was because I remembered the night I was rãped.

Whoever rãped me created a life time trauma in me , how would I ever forget that?

Seeing that my first time of having s—ex was through rape, how can I forgive myself.

“Mary! Common! you can not keep thinking like this!” Annie said.

I looked at her sullenly and although I tried to fight the tears on my face, it was impossible for it to fall.

Grace helped me clean my tears.

“Did any of you know who Prince is? he’s in the senior class?” I asked.

“Prince? No! I’m just hearing that name. How about him?” Grace asked.

“He approached me today and said if I was a vïctim of rãpe that he would help me but I do not know if I should let him.” I said.

“Why not!” Grace exclaimed.

“He’s demanding that after he had found who the person was for me, I must marry him.” I said.

“Marry!” Grace and Annie said at the same time.

“I was surprised too, I told him that did he mean marriage or dating, but he actually said marriage.”

“Marriage at what age? we will go and check him at break.” Annie said.

“That’s strange.” Grace mumbled.

It was break period, Grace, Annie and I were preparing to leave for Prince’s class when I suddenly heard shouts from outside.

“I don’t want to believe she’s here!
Oh yeah! that bastard ran away from home
I’m telling you, she didn’t sleep at home last night.

I knew at once that it was my aunt, she was probably having an angry conversation with a staff at the school.

She appeared with the vice principal administration.

She ran to me and slapped me, she held my uniform and tore it, she knocked my head and scattered my hair and started to beat me roughly, the principal had to pull her back when he saw how aggreesive she was.

I fell fo the floor weakly, My eyes couldn’t see clearly again. I was in so much pain, I just remained in the floor, I didn’t want to die yet, I need to ake revenge on the individual that raped me and if possible this wicked aunt.

“You ran away from home yesterday just because I told you to wash five clothes!” She said and almost slapped me again but other staffs that had heard the chaos and came, pulled her back.

I was like a mad woman sitting, my hairs were scattered, my body was dusty, the mark of her slap was on my face, I was weak and tired, my cloth was torn.

I only lowered my head weakly.

“She’s pregnant, you should be careful of how you scold her, ma.” The Vice principal said calmly to my aunt.

“If you like, come before 5PM today.” She said and threw someone’s book that was on the table at me aggressively.

She walked away.

Some staffs felt pathetic for me, many dispersed, just the vice principal was left.

“Please help her up.” He said and Annie and Grace helped me up to my seat.

“Why were you not home yesterday?” He asked and just then someone walked in.

On seeing that it was Arthur; my many years crush seeing me that way, I bursted into a loud cry.

I felt grossly embarrassed and humiliated.

Crush Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 9


I turned again and saw that Arthur had disappeared. I lowered my head sadly. He will never like me.

Just seeing how I was, tattered and looking worse. Even ladies that are not pregnant and are always clean and beautiful, he had not liked them not to talk of me.

When he started to notice me last semester, I was happy, I knew that even though we did not have a conversation last semester, we might have it this semester.

But see me now? Pregnant and being mølested in school.


After we had closed for the day, I had not dressed it changed cause I was sad, what would I even change into.

Everyone began to disperse and run out about the predicament that befall me today.

“Mary, I will escort you home.” Annie said.

“No , no! you fuels can leave, I’ll be fine.” I said.

I actually needed a space of my own to think and sob about my life.

Annie looked at Grace pathtically, they were almost crying with me.

“Your girls should start going, trust me, I’ll be fine.” I said and faked a smile.

They could tell that the smile was from a bleeding heart.

They know better not to drag what I wanted with me. The kissed the back of my palm each and said in unison; “Wel love you.”

Those words were strange to me and seeing them say it to me makes my heart feel empty.

“I love you girls too.”I said still maintaining

Crush Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 10


Prince took the document that I signed and placed it back inside his bag.

“You need to coporate with me so we can take revenge.” He said and covered his face back with his long dark hair.

I just sat still looking at him.

I heard someone approached me and as Prince saw the person, he said to me; “We’ll see.” He walked away.

I turned towards the person approaching and I saw that it was Arthur’s bodyguard.

“I was informed about how himiliated you were today?” She said and my dried face turned teary again.

I bite my lips and tried my best not to cry.

I looked away from her.

She came to sit on the desk before me and said; “Who is that guy to you?”

“I…” I stuttered as I wonder if telling her is right.

But she once saved me when I almost die the day I was washing clothes and fainted.

I should be able to trust her.

“Erm…he told me that he would help me find the person that rãped me.” I said.

“Did he show you his face?” She asked.

“No, have you seen his face before?” I asked her.

“No one in this school has ever seen his face, he is so mysterious.” Arthur’s bodyguard said and looked towards the exit of the class.

“Arthur told me to tell you that he’s so sorry about what your step mother did to you, he was deeply sorry.” She said.

I was stunned that Arthur sent those words to me, I thought he would only loathe me more cause he saw me in my most disgusting state.

“Would you follow us home today?” His bodyguard’s asked.

“I dare not to go home today, my step mom came to school to molest me just because I wasn’t home last night?” I said.

“She’s cruel to you, and seeing that you are pregnant, it’s not advisable you go back there, come and live with Arthur.” She said.

“Sorry to ask this, but did Arthur like me? why did he seem to care for me this semester, despite my disgusting state? ”

“I won’t be able to answer that, the intents of young master are known to him alone.” She answered.

I didn’t quiet get her well.

“If I follow you home today, my step mother is certainly coming tomorrow to beat me again.” I said.

“I apologize for not being there for you today, it was the least I expected but I’ll be there for you tomorrow, in case she comes.” She said

I lowered my head and…the thought of living with Arthur alone is enough to create some sort of happiness in me.

He’s my long time crush and being around him is dreams come true for me.

“Okay….just that I’m scared of my step mom.” I said.

“Trust young master!” She said and and I nodded.

I stood and carried my bag.

“A new dress is ready for you, come with me so you can bath and change.” She said and I followed her

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She took me into a very beautiful room in the school, it was large and has it’s own bathroom and toilet.

I went inside, bath and came back to change properly.

Arthur walked inside just after I was done dressing, I stood stiff and lowered my head but he didn’t even look at me.

He just picked a flat phone on the couch and when he was about walking out , he said; “Exercise often so the baby can be strong.”

Having said that, he walked out.

“Exercise often so the baby can be strong.” I repeated those words a thousand times.

Not like I didn’t understand what the sentence meant, what stunned was he referring to the pregnancy as ‘the’ baby instead of ‘your’ baby

I might just be thinking weird, though.

“If you are ready to leave, please callow me.” Arthur’s bodyguard opened the door to the room slightly and said.

“I’m ready.” I followed her out.

Crush Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 11


We arrived at Arthur’s house and I watched as Arthur walked inside a room.

“I believe you know the direction of your room?” Arthur’s bodyguard asked.

“Sure!” I answered and walked to my room.

I was now able to see and savour how beautiful the room was, it was too large for me but…I love what I saw.

I sunk to the bed and my phone beeped.

I checked the caller ID and it was from an unknown number, I picked it anyways.

“I’m glad you are being cared for by Arthur.” I heard the familiar voice.

I suspected the caller to be Prince so I asked; “Prince?”

“Do have any male friend that could have called you apart from me?” He questioned.

I didn’t reply, I just thought of why he called me.

“I went to the place where you got raped, I realized that many people also came for vacation then including many students from Kins college.” He said.

“Wait a minute, you said you went to where I gøt rap-ed, how do you find out?” I asked.

“Didn’t you go with your Aunt and her children? She asked and I looked around in fear.

How did he know this things about me?

” Be calm, I’ve told the man in charge to get me the names of all the students of kins college that came, one of them surely r–aped you.” He said.

“You mean a student from my school must have ra—Ped me?” I questioned.

He didn’t reply but hung up.

I sat well on the bed and thought about last semester, I do not think I have any verbal or none verbal conflict with any male student.

Not even a fewmale student, why will any student be so wicked to r–Ape me?

I heard a gentle knock on the door and I stood and went to open it.

Joan; the woman that had brought in my dresses in the morning smiled on seeing me.

“How was school?” She asked calmly.

“Fair!” I answered.

My reply should have been ‘Worse.’

“Sorry for your state of shame, it will pass. Young master wants you to eat with him.”She said and my heart constrict against my heart tightly.

I didn’t know when I took a step back.

I was nervous and scared.

” Are you alright?” The woman asked but my heart just beat heavily the more.

“Erm…I was just about to sleep.” I said trying to avoid eating with Arthur.

“Oh! I’m sorry to disturb you, I’ll tell young master you are about to rest!” She said and turned from me.

Would Arthur really believe that?

No no! I can not eat with him yet, how would it look like?

I had dreamt about him inviting me over for dinner but I’m definitely not ready for this.

I will feel so embarrassed, if I was not pregnant, it would have being a different case.

I sunk back to my bed and my eyes fell to my big belly.

I’m just three months pregnant and my belly was already as big as that, I wondered how it would be in the next six months.

The door creaked open all of a sudden and I was stunned to see Arthur.

I was extremely shocked that I just kept looking his foot.

“Joan said you were about to rest, don’t think, rest!” He said those words one after the other.

I nodded and lã-id on the bed, I covered myself with the duvet and pretended to be sleeping.

After many minutes, probably like thirty minutes, I assumed he would have gone.

I yank the duvet off and raised my head, I was surprised to see him standing still.

I almost felt like entering the ground, has he found out already that I just don’t want to eat with him?

He turned and walked away.

Crush Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 12


-Following Morning-

I was getting dressed into my new school uniform, Joan had said Arthur only wants me to wear a uniform for a day. It would have been a better life for me if I was not pregnant.

As I got ready for school, My mind trailed to my step mom, I know certainly that she would come over.

But then, I have to trust Arthur’s bodguard, she had said she would protect me but I was still uneasy.

A knocked landed on my door softly and I went ahead and opened it.

I saw Joan. She was on a broad smile and a bright look as usual.

“I’m sorry to disturb you but young master instructed me to ensure that you work out everyday so the baby inside of you can be strong.” She said.

“I had bathed already, I’ll commence tomorrow.” I assured.

Joan nodded and walked away respectfully.

I sighed and finished up dressing.

We arrived at school.

immediately I got off the car, I saw my aunt and two staffs standing afar and discussing.

I assume that when she couldn’t see me sleep at home, she decided to come to school.

“That’s my aunt.” I said to Arthur’s bodyguard.

“We have seen her too.” She answered and I furrowed my brow.

“Follow us.” She ordered.

Arthur , his bodyguard and I walked towards my aunt.

As soon as my aunt saw me, she ran to me angrily but Arthur’s bodguard suddenly stood before me.

“And…. who are you?” She yelled angrily.

“I’ll give you $20,000, let her live with us for the rest of this semester.”Arthur’s bodguard said.

” $20,000? Oh! make it $25,000.” My aunt said to my surprise.

I never knew she liked money to that extent.

“No, $20,000.” Arthur’s bodyguard insisted.

“Okay, bring it already.” My aunt requested shamefully.

Seems the cheque was already prepared, she only handed it over to my aunt and she received it.

“Don’t find her or trouble her till the end of the semester.”Arthur’s bodyguard said.

” Sure…use her anyhow you like.” My aunt smiled shamelessly at the money and walked away.

My eyes suddenly met with Prince, he was standing not too far from where I stood.

I hurriedly looked away.

“You are free for the time being, be careful in class today.”Arthur’s bodugurd said to me.

” Thank you.” I appreciated and as I was about leaving, a very soft and beautiful voice sounded.

“Don’t stress the baby.” It was Arthur that just spoke.

I couldn’t even look at his face, I lowered my head and nodded.

I didn’t know if he was still angry that I refused to eat with him yesterday. He walked away with his bodyguard.

I let out an heavy sigh after they had left, I hope I start getting comfortable with them over time.

“Good morning.” Prince greeted. He had already walked to where I was.

“Good morning.” I answered. My eyes were fixed on his face and I wish I could take his hair off to see who he really was.

“Did you know why Arthur suddenly took interest in you?” He asked.

I shook my head but didn’t say a word.

“Hum!” He said and began to walk away.

“Excuse me!” I called and walked to him.

“You can’t just leave me in suspense , what is the matter? Why is Arthur suddenly caring for me?” I asked?

I was so curious to know.

“Follow me if you want to find out.” He said and I began to follow him.

He took me upstairs, to the last floors. There was a large room where special students come to rest.

He walked in and I was skeptical on entering or not.

“Enter!” He commanded and I walked in slowly.

He went behind me and closed the door.

“I’ll tell you after we had have s-ex.” He declared.

Crush Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 13


“That would not be possible, you see what state I am and you are requesting for such.” I said to Prince.

“Then I guess you are not ready to hear why Arthur suddenly picked interest in you.” He said.

As much as I was curious, I can’t offer my body just to know why Arthur took interest in me. I was already going through so much trauma as a result of the r-ape, I can’t allow any evil befall me again.

“You can keep it?” I said and turned to leave.

I paused and turned to him again; “Have you find out the names of students that were with me at the location I gōt raped?”

“I’ll let you know when I do.” His voice was faint.

“Mary!” He called my name gently. I didn’t understand why.

I opened the door and as I walked out, I saw Arthur and his bodyguard at the entrance.

“Mary, are you in there with a man for real?” Arthur’s bodguard asked.

Seems they had been tracking my every move.

“It’s….complicated.” I tried to explain.

I know that they might be thinking that something was actually going on between Prince and I especially when the group was locked.

Prince walked out and and threw a pã-nt to my foot. He said; “You forget to wear your pa-nt”

What! Is he crazy?

We never had anything in common.

I couldn’t look at Arthur’s face to view how he felt.

But the look on his bodyguard was that of disappointment.

“Young master!” Arthur’s bodyguard looked at Arthur as if expecting him to command her.

I felt so embarrassed, this Arthur had really gone out of his mind.

I need to speak out, I really need to.

I turned to Arthur and his bodyguard and said; “I didn’t do it, I didn’t.”

They didn’t utter a word, they just kept staring at me.

I did not know why, they obviously didn’t believe me.

Now, they won’t even think I was rap-ed, they would think I willingly allow a random man to make love with me.

I lowered my head sadly.

Arthur and his bodyguard walked away without saying a word.

What sort of thing is happening to me now? what will Arthur think about me, now? That I was some slùt or something

I leaned by the wall sadly. I was there for almost an hour, very sad.

I did not even know if they will allow me follow them to their house anymore.

I finally had little strength to walk to class, I reported all that happened to Annie and Grace.

“That Prince of a guy must be really mad, just when Arthur seems to be caring for you, he wants to scandal you before him” Annie let out angrily.

“Why don’t we just go to this Prince of a guy and insult him so he can stay atay from you.” Grace suggested angrily.

“He promised to help me get revenge on the person that r-aped me, and I have foolishly signed the document, I do not even know if I’ve made a great mistake by signing the marital agreement between us. But revenge is what I truly want, I wanted whoever ra-Pe to die by my hands.” I said.

Annie and Grace were quiet for a while.

“Follow us Mary.” Annie said and stood, Grace stood too.

“To where?” I questioned.

“You will find out.” Annie answered and I followed them out.

After few minutes of waddling, we arrive at Arthur’s class.

“What! are you girls crazy?” I asked them.

“We are not here for Arthur but for Prince.” Annie said and walked inside the class.

Prince and Arthur are in the same class.

I stood at the entrance and was nervous of what Annie and Grace planned on doing to Prince.

Crush Girl

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 14


Grace and Annie walked to where Prince sat and spoke some words to him, he walked out with them

We were now outside the class.

“How can you be so cruel to create scandal on Mary, her being pregnant is enough torture for her, do you realize you will be causing problem between Arthur and her?” Annie let out angrily.

Prince watched her as she let out annoyingly.

He brought his phone from his pocket and began to type something there.

Annie, Grace and I only exchanged glances wondering what he was trying to do.

The vice principal and a security man came towards us.

“Annie and Grace right?” The vice principal asked.

Annie and Grace affirmed that they were the ones with those names.

“You have being given a week suspension. The security man will lead you to carry your bag, leave the school immediately.”The vice principal ordered and the security men escorted my friends away.

I did not know he was as powerful as that.

“I’m still working on finding who r-aped you, until then, be still.” He said and walked back to his class.

I ran back to my class and saw the security man already leading Annie and Grace out of the school.

They were the only friend I have in this school and now they have been taken away.

I was so sad and dejected, I went to my class and sunk to the floor.

They were only trying to help and this Prince of a guy just got them expended.

Who in the world is he?

I wish I can speak to Arthur, his father owns the school, he should be able to reverse it.

Or…maybe I should speak to Arthur’s bodyguard.

How can I even speak to her after the scandal that Prince created.

Even though nothing happened prince and I, he already gave Arthur that impression and it saddens me.

After we had closed for the day, I remained in my class, I do not know if Arthur and his bodyguard are still angry at me. I do not know if I will be able to follow them home.

I heard steps approachd me and on peeking, I saw that it was Arthur’s bodyguard.

“Time to leave, are you ready?” She asked as if nothing had happened

I stood and followed her, as we walked, I summoned courage and asked; “Are you angry for what happened upstairs, I did not do it sincerely!”

“I do not have any issues with you, I’m loyal to young master, I only do what he wants!” She said and I keept mute.

I hope that Arthur believes me

We got inside the car, Arthur and I were sitting at the owners seat.

As the female driver drives, everywhere was quiet at first, but then Arthur spoke; “Your pregnancy, does any part hurt?”

If not that I was the only one with pregnancy in the car, I would have thought he was referring to someone

My nervousnes increased and I breathed slowly.

“It… It doesn’t.” I answered.

It’s our first time exchanging conversations and it really made me happy.

I do not know how long it will take for me to be comfortable around him, but I can’t wait for the time when I would be able to speak freely with him.

Arthur placed his hand on my belly to my greatest surprise and I was forced to look at his very beautiful face.

He touched parts of my belly and then, took his hands away.

I was appalled, my phone beeped briefly all of a sudden and I checked. I saw that it was Prince that texted me.

His message reads;
“I had found out the list of all students that were present at the location where you get r-ped. When you are alone, call me.”

Crush Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 15


We arrived at Arthur’s home, we all walked to the living room at the same time, like previous days, Arthur would just leave to his room but he stood instead.

“Sit, let’s watch the television together.” He said to me and I gently went to sit.

Arthur sat at a different chair and then his bodyguard turned on the channel, the programme currently being displayed was for those that are pregnant.

The woman in the TV was teaching pregnant woman the dos and don’t in their stages of pregnancy.

Will I be thinking too weird if I think that Arthur was particularly interested in my pregnancy and not me.

Does he have special liking for pregnant woman?

About thirty minutes later, the programme came to an end.

His bodyguard turned off the Channel without Arthur ordering. I thought Arthur will rebuke her for shutting the television without his permission but he didn’t.

Arthur stood and walked away.

I was left alone in the living room, I will never understand Arthur, how can someone live this kind of life?

I remembered how he touched my belly with so much care and I blushed.

I walked to my room happily and began to dance and sing;

???? Arthur touched my belly- 10x ????

I was dancing despite how pregnant I was, I was so happy that he touched me.

My crush, touched me?

Despite how disgusting I thought I was.

A knock landed on my door and I turned towards the door.

I walked to it and opened it.

“Young master said he likes the way you dance, he said the baby will definitely know how to dance.” Joan said with a bright smile.

I was shocked. I closed the door when I was dancing, how did he know that I was dancing?

“Please come with me , your food is ready.” She said and I followed her.

I followed her towards the dinning, while on the stairs, I saw Arthur at the dinning.

“Why didn’t you tell me that Arthur is at the dinning?” I asked Joan.

“Young master will not disturb your eating at all.” She said and I sighed heavily.

I crossed my heart and followed Joan to the dinning.

As soon as I sat at the dinning, right before Arthur.

Unlike before, there use to be many chairs around the table but this time around, there was only a vacant seat left and it was before him.

The food was already on the table, I opened the plates before me and I cleverly stole glance at Arthur.

I wish we had been having consistent conversation, I would have requested him to help my friends

As I ate slowly, I felt like he was looking at me so I dare not raise my eyes toward him.

I was trying to eat carefully but the silly food still poured slightly from my mouth.

I felt embarrassed when some parts of the food were falling from my mouth before him.

Unlike before when I would have chewed carelessly, since I was with him, I was chewing the food slowly with my mouth closed.

“Be happy!” I heard him say and I struggled to raise my head.

I noticed he was not looking at him, his eyes were fixed on his phone, ao I kept staring at him.

He suddenly raised his head, it caught me unawares and our eyes met.

It was that time I had an opportunity of seeing his exquisite green eyes.

My eye lashes fell by itself.

Did my eyes just met with that of Arthur?
My Crush and I just had our eyes fixed to each other… awwn

“Be happy… so the baby can be happy.” He said and stood.

“Please help my friends!” Those words almost potruded from my mouth but I felt like I was not worthy of asking him anything yet.

I watched him walk away beautifully.

Crush Girl.


Written by Feathers.

Chapter 16.


I stood from the dinning after I was satisfied, I sauntered back to my room.

Arthur just changed my life for good , that stupid aunt of mine made life so horrible for me.

I remembered that Arthur said I should phone him whenever I was alone.

I picked my phone and placed a call across to him.

He didn’t pick but called back.

“Good afternoon.” I greeted after realizing he wasn’t ready to speak first.

“Were you hurt that your friends got suspended?” He asked.

“I shouldn’t have signed the marital agreement cause you would have been a cruel husband.” I let out.

“I was never cruel to you, I only revealed to your friends that I’m not to be toyed with.” He said calmly.

“Who are you?” I asked boldly.

“Prince. My name is all you need to know about me, can we talk about the ra-pe case now?” He asked.

“Can’t you reverse what you did for my friends? it’s so unfair.” I said and he hung up.

Was that a glitch in connectivity or he actually hung up?

I wouldn’t have phoned him back if not because I was curious in finding the identity of the person that rap-ed me.

I put a call across to him and he picked at the second ring.

“Do you hang up?” I asked.

“I can do that again.” He answered and I sighed.

“Okay, about the r-ape ,I’m all ears.” I requested

“Okay, listen carefully to the names of male students that were present at the location the day you got rap-ed.” He said and I listened keenly.

He began to list the names of students; “And the last name is Ha ni Arthur.”

“Excuse me? Arthur was there the day I gōt raped?” I questioned.

“He was.” He answered. “Do you suspect that he had been acting well towards you cause he was the one that r-aped you?”

“No, no! I had never thought about that but now that you made mention of his name, it makes sense now. But how do I confirm he was the one?”

“Before confirming if he was the one or not, what will you do to him if you find out he was the one?” He asked.

Cat got my tongue and I didn’t know what answer to give.

“I’ll start working on confirming if it was one of the students or a random person that ra-ped you” He said.

“Were you there?” I asked.

“Come again!” He requested.

“I mean were you there at the location where I was ra-ped?” I asked and he was silent for a while.

“Answer me?” I asked.

“You think I ra-ped you?”

“Whatever I think is my problem, were you there on the day I got ra-ped?” I asked firmly.

I was beginning to get angry like he was the one that ra-ped me.

“Were you there?” I shouted out in pain but he hung up without replying.

I threw my phone to the side of the bed and cried out hard.

Could he be the one that ra-ped me and was only trying to push it on someone else?

Remembering the occurrence of that night always traumatize me.

A knock landed on my door and I weakly stood to open it.

I opened it and Joan came into view as I had guessed.

“Young master ask about why you were crying?” She asked.

“I’m fine.” I forgot that I did not clean my tears before opening the door for Joan. So I quickly cleaned it.

Someone appeared behind her and as Joan turned to behold who it was, she left without turning back to me.

The person appeared and it was Arthur.

He walked inside my room and sat on my bed.

Crush Girl.


Written by Feathers.

Chapter 17


My face dried up and became empty of tears, I became nervous that my legs grew cold.

I stood still at the entrance not knowing if I should go and sit on the bed or something.

But…my crush really sat on the same bed that I had slept? this is beautiful.

“Sit.” He ordered and I went to gently take my sit on the only golden chair in the room.

Without looking at me, he said; “Why were you crying?”

I wanted to reply with ‘nothing’ but I knew that would be absurd, he knows I can’t cry without a reason.

I still couldn’t get how he sees what I do in this room.

“You have been saved from your aunt, why are you sad?” He asked again.

“I actually got ra-ped, and it hurts anytime I think about it.” I let out slowly.

“My bodyguard informed me. get over it quick and move on.” He said and finally turned his face to me.

“It’s not so easy.” I said softly.

“I will find who rãpe you and deliver him to your hands, will you be happy if I do?” He asked.

I furrowed my brow, if I had known that Arthur would help me, I wouldn’t have signed the foolish agreement that Prince made me signed.

“I’ll deliver whoever ra-pe you to you in 14 days, do you trust me ?” He asked.

“Yes.” I answered and set my gaze at him but quicky took it away quickly after our eyes met.

He stood and walked out.

I sighed and slumped to my bed.

I was really confused right then, Arthur wouldn’t stoop so low to rape any lady considering how wealthy and handsome he was.

With a tap of his finger , he would invite many ladies to make love with them easily.

Prince is the mystery that I was beginning to susspect. But I will wait till I find out who ra-ped me before I know what to do.

I laid on my bed and rubbed my belly gently.

We arrived at school the following morning and I could not wait to see Prince.

I need to ask him the question he snobbed on call yesterday.

I was alone inside the class when a student tapped me and said ; “Same place yesterday- Prince.”

The student walked away.

I understood immediately that Prince wanted me to come to the room where he had requested that he wanted to have s—x with me.

And I was glad on the other hand that Arthur didn’t take the scandal that Prince created to heart.

I wouldn’t have gone there but I was beginning to suspect that he was the one that ra-ped me and I would just put it to him before him.

I walked hurriedly upstairs and arrived at the room, I entered the bright room and saw Prince.

He was holding a folded envelope, his hair covered his full face.

“Tell me, were you there the day I got rap-ed?” I asked.

“I was.” He answered.

“Did you rape me? It’s you, right?” I asked.

“Not me.”He answered.

” So…who? why didn’t you include your name when you were listing the names of students that were present?” I questioned.

“I chose not to.” He answered indifferently.

He walked to a corner of the room and rested the back of his foot to the wall.

“Don’t think too far, Mary. My help is without bias, I might have hurt you in the past but not r-ape.” He said.

“Excuse me? hurt me? when? how?” I asked, I was very curious.

Is Prince someone I know.

“I did not rape you, I’m still working on finding who ra-ped you.Till then, believe my words.” He said and walked away.

Crush Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 18


-Following Week-

I was glad to see Annie and Grace in school, their suspension week was over and they were now fully resumed.

I felt pity that in their act of trying to help me, they got suspended.

“How are you, baby?” Annie greeted me with a cheerful smile.

“I’ve not been fine sincerely, I missed you guys so much.” I said.

“We missed you too” Grace said.

“Have you been able to identify that Prince of a guy?” Annie asked.

“Not at all, he’s making me curious as the days goes by. The last time we met , he said he wasn’t the one that ra-ped me but that, he had hurt me in the past.” I said.

“We still need to find a way of getting to him, we need to uncover his identity so we can know who he is. That guy is up to no good.” Grace said.

“How about I pretend like I needed to see him, then I’d use that opportunity to uncover his face, Grace would snap it as soon as his face is revealed, with that, we would know whom we are dealing with.” Annie said boldly.

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“He might expel you guys this time, I think we should stay away from him.” I suggested.

“Mary, you should be the one doing all this for yourself, don’t be weak just because you are traumatized, do you understand?” Grace asked.

“I just did not want you guys to get expelled…I think I will do that.” I said.

“Better! When next you see, uncover his face by pulling his hair up, with what he said about him hurting you in the past, he might be someone you know.” Grace said.

“And…girls, do I forget to tell you that my crush’s name is among the list of people that were there when I was ra-ped.” I said.

“Really? Could that mean?….no no! Arthur has many ladies at his feet, why will he decide to traumatize you?”

“Definately can’t be Arthur.” Grace said.

“The bigger question is if that Arthur of a guy was there.” Grace added.

“He was.” I answered, Annie and Grace exchanged surprising glances.

“Definitely, he’s the one. I guess that was why he made you sign the marriage agreement so that by the time he tells you, you won’t still be left with no choice but to marry him.” Annie said.

We all thought for a while but the voice of the teacher jerked us up.

“Good morning, students.” She greeted and the students answered.

I couldn’t listen to any word she was to saying, what Annie said reasonate with me, could that be the reason why he wanted to sign the marriage agreement?

“I’m talking to you, pregnant woman.” The voice of the lecturer jerked me up and as I came to my sense, I saw the students laughing at me.

I guess she wasn’t informed about the teacher that was fired by Arthur just for molesting me.

I stood and asked; “Please repeat the question ma?”

“Are you thinking about your poor baby?” She asked and the class laughed in mockery of me.

I felt bad and lowered my head, I wished that Arthur’s bodyguard will come to my aid and just when I thought about it, I heard her voice.

“What’s going on here?” Arthur’s bodyguard asked the teacher.

“Asking this pregnant grandma questions.” She asked and chuckled while other students scoffed.

“Oh!” She exclaimed and walked to me.

She whispered into my ear, saying;” Arthur said I should stop defending you, he said you should brace yourself up and start fighting for yourself. He told me to tell you not to allow people bully you.He said he won’t like you anymore if you are looking so weak and pathetic.”

Arthur’s body guard then walked out.

Crush Girl.

Chapter 19

Written by Feathers.


After hearing what Arthur’s bodguard said, I had to brace myself up and stop acting weak.

Though I was nervous when what I could have replied the teacher with came across my mind.

“And what If I’m pregnant?” I asked boldly and the scoffs in the class reduce.

The teacher’s face heightened, she wasn’t expecting such courageous act from me.

“Really!”The teacher stood from her seat.

“See a pregnant woman talking , you got pregnant at your age and you still have the mouth to talk, shame on you and those that raised you.” The teacher insulted me.

“Did you canme here to teach or to insult me, ma?” I asked.

The woman shot me an annoying look, she eyed me, and then commenced teaching.

“Wow! I love that move.” Anita said.

“Same here… It’s the kind of Mary I love to see.” Grace said and I blushed.

After the teacher had left I faced Grace and said; “Actually, it was what Arthur’s bodguard told me that made me acted that way.”

“It’s a very beautiful way to act, we love it.” Grace said.

Someone walked in and we all turned at once, it was Prince.

I do not even understand how the guy sees when he walks cause his dark hair are always covering his face.

“Mary, I hope you can remove his hair.” Grace said in whisper to my ears even as we watched him approach us.

“I will try.” I answered.

Everywhere was tense until Prince got to us.

“Annie and Grace, it’s a good thing you are back from suspension, I’d advise you stay away from anything that concerns your friend and… stop telling her to uncover my face, it won’t go well with you.” Prince said to our greatest surprise.

How in the world did he find out what we were planning to do?

“What are you talking about?” I feigned ignorance.

“Mary, I found more things about the case I’d been working on, come with me.” He said and I exchanged glances with Annie and Grace before standing to follow him.

We waddled out of the class and as we walked over the corridor, we saw Arthur and his bodyguard approaching.

Could they be coming to my class?

As soon as they got before us , they both paused but Prince walked away from them.

Prince paused after he had taken few steps away from them cause I stood still, refusing to continue following him.

I had to stay and acknowledge the presence of Arthur.

“Where are you up to?” Arthur asked firmly.

“Prince requested for my presence, he said he wanted to inform me about few things!” I said.

Arthur set his gaze at me for a while , then he said; “Go back to your class.”

I archened my brow but quickly turned back and walked back to my class.

Diana( Arthur’s bodyguard)

Prince only set his gaze on us from where he stood and then, walked away.

“Young master, don’t you think you will be instigating problem, we do not even know who he is.” I said to Arthur.

“He should stay away from Mary.” Arthur said and we both turned and started walking back to his class.

The plan was to visit Mary in her class before.

“Young master, do you suddenly take interest in Mary? I know you do not like to have anything to do with ladies especially the poor ones, it’s really disturbing seeing how you suddenly took interest in a random poor female student?” I asked.

It’s the question I had been meaning to understand but can not just understand Arthur’s reasons for acting well to Mary.

“Avoid such questions in the future so you won’t loose your job.” Arthur said and went to sit at his seat.

Crush Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 20


It was on a Saturday and I was in my room, I was careful of acting there cause I thought I was been watched, I couldn’t really see any traces of camera, though but the last time, when I was dancing, Arthur sent a message telling me to be happy.

I had read and was bored, I could not just stay inside all day, so I dicided to take a stroll out.

My room was upstairs, I took the stairs down to the large living room.

I didn’t see anyone in sight, I firstly went to sit in the living room then decided to walk out

As I stood, my phone rang.

I sat back at the living room hoping that no-one would show up.

I saw that the caller was Prince.

As soon as I picked it, his voice cane through.; “Come out.”

He hung up.

I looked at the screen of the phone and wondered if he was watching me too or it was just a coincidence.

I stood and sighed, I looked around the very silent house and walked to the exit.

I twisted the knob and walked out.

I looked around and suddenly sighted Prince seated before a house that was directly opposite that of Arthur.

I walked to him and stood before him.

“Mary, sit beside me.” He said.

“No, what do you want to tell me?” I asked.

“Not until you sit.” He said.

“Then it seems you are not ready.” I said and turned away from him.

Not like I was planning to walk away, I was a bit curious to know what he wanted to say cause I know it would be related with the ra-pe case he was working on.

“I found out who raped you.” As those words dropped from him, I stiffed.

I turned back to him and asked; “Who?”

“Same person that took you in.” He answered.

“Arthur?” I questioned as my heart beats heavily.

“Yes, Arthur! ” He answered.

I closed my eye and prayed in my heart that it is not true.

“Prove?” I tried to ask.

“Prove? well, just trust me, he was the one.” He said and walked inside that house.

I started walking back to Arthur’s house, I almost believed it cause it made me sad but then I realized that Prince could be playing a game on my mind.

“Where are you coming from?” Arthur asked.

He has sat on the seat that I had stood from before going out.

“Erm…Prince invited me over. ” I answered.

“Okay, would you love to stay with Prince or remain here?” He asked

“I’m grateful you took me in, I was not taking it for granted.” I answered.

“Don’t heed to Prince’s call again. You do have his mobile number, right?” He asked.

“Certainly.” I answered.

“Block it.”He ordered.

I didn’t think twice at all, I added the number to blacklist.

” Stay away from him.” He said and stood.

“Erm… ” I struggled to bring my first ever request before him.

“Keep it.” He said and walked inside.

Oops! He doesn’t even care about what I wanted to say, I had wanted to ask him if he knows Prince or knows why he can be that powerful to suspend someone in his father’s school.

I sighed and started walking back to my room, I hope he really allow me speak with him someday.

But like seriously, why did he take me In?

Why? … did he suddenly like me? no no! Could he be the one that raped me?

I angrily threw the door to my room open to go and meet him and ask.

Crush Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 21


As I appeared at the living room, I saw Arthur’s bodyguard standing at the living room, her looks were firm and not really fanimorous.

“Where is Arthur’s room, please?” I asked.

She did not answer but walked to me.

“You should be calm and suspend all thoughts, don’t let Prince play a game on you- That was what Arthur wanted me to tell you.” Arthur’s bodyguard said.

“No, no! I want to see him.” My voice was seriously cracking like it would soon break into tears.

“You can’t.” She said.

“It’s important.” I said and pushed her away.

I ran to the room I supposed Arthur was but could not find him there, I searched almost all the room in that house and still couldn’t find Arrhur.

Thought he lives here, where could he be?

I then walked back to Arthur’s bodyguard.

“Where is Arthur?”I asked and bursted into tears.

” You are behaving irrationally.” Joan appeared behind me and said.

“I assumed you had heard something about young master that made you really angry?” Joan asked.

Are they all watching me or what?

“I want to see Arthur and ask him questions, tell him to come out of where ever he is.” I requested.

“Why are you acting like a creditor that must see his debtor, you saw young master few minutes ago but you still needed to see him now. Seems you did not know how powerful young master is?”Joan asked.

” He didn’t allow me speak when I wanted to.” I said to Joan.

Tears were just pouring like streams of water from my face.

The more I think of Arthur raping me , the more my heart bleeds.

Though Prince didn’t have any prove as to if he was the one that really r-aped me but…why would he ra-pe me? why is he more interested in my pregnancy? Why would a man be interested in a pregnancy that is not is?

He might be the one, I want to put the question to him cause I know he wouldn’t lie.

“Return to your room, you have caused too much trouble.” Arthur’s bodyguard ordered.

“He….raped me.” I declared and they both exchanged glances.

Arthur’s bodyguard then signalled to Joan, Joan understood immediately and went upstairs.

I do not have an idea what Arthur’s bodyguard had siganalled her to do but after I declared that Arthur ra-ped me, none of them utter any more word.

Joan came back with a travelling box and said; “This are all your luggage, you will need to leave at this moment.”

“Also, when you have a substantial prove that it was young master that r-aped you, please come and serve him a court letter. You are too much trouble for the house.” Arthur’s bodygurd said.

“Good luck to you and your baby.” Joan said and I looked around in shock.

Have I misbehaved that much? I think I’ve gone too far.

I still have many opportunity to see Arthur, why do I make it look as if I would not see him anymore.

Plus I do not even have a prove yet that he raped me….Na! I’ve gone too far.

That is not the way to be grateful.

“I’m sorry.” I pleaded and looked at the faces of Joan and Arthur’s bodyguard pathetically.

“It’s not our order, it’s from young master, please take your leave.” Arthur:s bodygurd said.

Really? Arthur ordered them to let me go, but when? he was not even there when I was getting angry.

How exactly do people communicate here?

“Please leave, immediately.” Arthur’s bodyguard reiterated and I went to where my box was.

I dragged it out painfully.

Crush Girl

-Do Not Copy-

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 22


Today happens to be one of the saddest days of my life, I couldn’t have gone to Prince cause he put me into all this mess.

If he had not told me that Arthur was the one who ra-ped me, I would not have misbehaved.

This was someone that saved me from my cruel aunt and brought me to live in his house, how can I behave irrationally?

But where could he be? I saw him enter a room before I went upstairs, I searched that room and other rooms but couldn’t find him.

They are all strange over there but still welcoming. I f–ked up.

I was on the street till it was late, I didn’t know where to go.

It was getting darker, I decided to go back to my aunt’s place. I do not have a choice but to go back to her.

I took a cab to the estate where dad’s house resides. I started walking towards the house, it was dark but then, I saw someone approaching me from the house.

At first, I thought it was my aunt but then, the posture of the person looked like that of a man.

Is my aunt’s husband back?

The person finally got before me, I tried hard to recognize the person, he tucked his hair well and I saw that it was Arthur.

“Why don’t you go to Prince instead of coming to your aunt’s place?” He asked.

I shook my head not knowing what response to give.

“I thought you trusted Prince than I?” He asked.

“I’m sorry.” I apologized with a lowered head.

“I was just frustrated, I wish I can find out who raped me.” I said further.

“I promised to help, why don’t you trust me.” He said

I raised my head to him sheepishly and said; “Prince actually told me that you raped me, I wanted to ask you if it was true, that was why I was acting that way.”

” Will you go in to your aunt’s place or follow me to my house?” He asked.

“I will follow you.” I answered and he began to walk while I followed.

Why didn’t he answer my question?

After taking few steps, a car drove and stopped before us.

“Get in.” Arthur said.

The door opened by itself and I walked in, Arthur joined.

I noticed that the driver was his female driver, seated beside him was his boydguard.

They must be tracking me after I had left.

Arthur placed his hands on the shirt that covered my belly and unco-vered it.

My belly became bare and I felt embarrassed and happy.

After rubbing his beautiful hands around it, he said; “You are not doing exercise, are you?”

“I’m not.” I replied.

“I see…join me very early in the morning at the backyard tomorrow, let’s do the exercise together.” He said and I nodded in response.

“You like my belly?” I find myself asking.

He didn’t say any word but took his hands off my belly.

He then adjusted on the chair well.

We arrived home and we all got down from the car.

As we got the living room, Arthur turned to me and said; “Next time you act that way, we won’t find you.”

“Thanks for forgiving me.” I appreciated him and just then, my phone beeped briefly , it was a test message.

“Thought you claimed you blocked Prince’s number?” He asked.

“I did, He couldn’t have been the one that sent this text.” I answered.

“How true….anyway, stay away from him.” He walked away.

Crush Girl.

-Do Not Copy-

Written by Feathers

Chapter 23

Diana (Arthur’s bodyguard)

I stood beside Arthur while he sat, he was watching Mary on his laptop.

“Seems you like her, young master.” I said.

He closed the laptop and turned to me; “I need to know whom Prince is , find out who he is and get back to me.”

“Yes, young master.” I nodded slightly and walked out.

I had already found out that he stays in a house that was directly opposite that of Arthur.

I walked inside the house and as I searched around, I saw Prince seated under a canopy that was in the compound of the house.

He was only staring at me and placing his left leg on his right leg.

I walked to him and greeted; “Good afternoon.”

“You wanted to tell me to stay away from Mary, is that? Is Mary your property? ” He asked.

“I mean no harm.” I said and raised by two harms up.

“You are not worthy of hurting me.” He said. His hair was still covering his face.

I was quiet for a while and hurriedly tried to uncover his face but he was quick to fall back and used his leg to kick me in my belly.

That was a smart move by him, I almost fall but stood immediately.

He did a front flit and stood to his feet.

“You should be smarter next time.”He said.

” Who are you?” I asked.

“How is it your business?” He asked but I charged at him.

We exchanged blows for few seconds, no one had a hit on their body but in the process, a wrist band fell off his hand.

He did two backflits and dissapeared into the house.

Who in the world is this guy?

I picked the wrist band and walked out of the house, I walked back to the room that Arthur was.

He was in his secrete study room that wasn’t accessible to just anyone

“I have a clue.” I typed those words on the keyboard that was created with the door.

The door opened by itself and I walked in.

“Young master, he seems so skilled in fighting and I couldn’t bully him into uncovering his face, however, I found this!” I said.

Arthur collected the wrist band from me and returned it to me.

“It’s not my first time of seeing that in his hand, it’s useless to him.” He said and gave me back the wrist band. He turned away from him.

He turned back to me all of a sudden and said; “Wait! let me have it!”

he collected the wrist band and checked the other side of it.

After checking it, he looked away and said; “There is only one person that can have this symbol written on his wrist band.”

“Who is that, young master?” I asked.

“My elder brother.” Arthur said and turned to me. “You can’t know him, he ran away from home many years ago cause dad insisted that he will be titled as young master, he didn’t like that, he only loves to sing.”

“Could it be him?” I asked.

“But his name if his real name is Prince, find out what his real name is….but! be very careful around him, he is just as powerful as being a young master too. Be clever.” He said and I nodded.

He turned away from me and set his gaze on the closed laptop before him.

“Why would he want Mary?” Arthur mumbled like he was thinking deeply.

“Maybe he was the one that r–aped her.” I said.

“Hum hum! he can’t. He won’t go so low.” Arthur answered and thought deeply.

“Go ahead and tell Mary that she should never sign any agreement with him, that would be his first move. Go quick.” He said and I walked swiftly out.

Crush Girl.

-Do Not Copy-

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 24


A knock landed on my door and I stood at once to open it. I was expecting Joan but I saw Arthur’s bodyguard.

“I need to tell you this…” She said and I allowed her inside my room

“Did Prince made you sign any agreement?” She asked.

“Oh! yes.” I answered.

“Really? what agreement?” She questioned.

“I thought I would hide it from you and Arthur for a long time but I guess it’s time to spill it out.” I said and sunk to the bed.

I was sitting upright.

“I signed a marriage agreement with him cause he promised to help me revenge who ra-ped me.” I said.

She looked at me and then took her face away.

“You shouldn’t have signed it.” She said like she was pained.

“I shouldn’t, indeed. I was being foolish.” I said.

“Can you hide it from Arthur, if he finds out that I’m into a marital agreement with Prince, he would probably despise me.”

“It’s true, he may feel like he has nothing to gain over you, anyway. But I have never withheld anything from Arthur, I would feel like I betray him if I didn’t tell him the truth about you signing an agreement.” I said.

“Help me in this and I won’t forget it!” I said and she sighed heavily.

She walked away.

I hope she keeps it a secrete from Arthur.

I was then able to check the text I received when I arrived at Arthur’s house with Arthur.

“He chased you out but you can not come to my place for safety, you would rather go to your cruel aunt’s place than come to me, how pathetic!” That was what the message reads.

I knew at once that it was from Prince.

If Arthur had collected my phone, he would think I was lying when I confirmed that I had blocked Prince’s number.

I did blocked his number, this was another of his number.

This guy needs to stay away from me, what exactly is his problem, he made me misbehave few hours ago, if not that I find favour before Arthur, I would have been back in my aunt’s house.

Later that night, I had turned off the light of my room and I was fast asleep.

I was awoken by the most gentle knock ever.

What in the world did Joan want at this middle of the night?

I stood and walked to the door, I had already turned on the light.

I was stunned to see Arthur.

I allowed him walk in and he sat on a chair in the room.

“I’m glad you didn’t sign the marriage agreement, it was a clear bait?” He said.

“Did you know Prince? how did you know he requested of me to sign a marital agreement?” I asked

“I’m sorry for disturbing your sleep?” He ignored my question again.

Why does he always have to ignore my question, it hurts sometimes.

I will just learn to be quiet around him, if that is possible.

“I do not feel comfortable in my room, I want to sleep on your bed.” He said.

“Oh! I will sleep on the floor then.” I said and took the duvet from the bed and placed it on the floor.

“I will be cruel to allow a pregnant woman sleep on the floor, sleep on the bed, I’ll sleep beside you?” He said and my heart skipped.

My crush wants to sleep beside me?

Did he want to make love with me or what?

So many thoughts filled my heart.

Crush Girl.

-Do Not Copy-

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 25


I stood still not knowing what to say or do.

“Sleep.”He said firmly and I went to lay shyly on the bed, I was facing the other side.

Few seconds later, I felt a weight on the bed, I knew he was the one.

” Turn to me.” I heard and almost turned to him but I realized that those words only came from my head.

Arthur had not spoken any word.

But I was worried, I do not know why he would want to sleep on my bed.

About an hour later, I didn’t hear any movement from him, just his soft breath.

He seems to be sleeping, didn’t know when I slept off too.

I woke up few hours later and found out that he had left.

I realized that I was in the same position before and after he left.

I feel happy that he slept beside me but…he must be a gentle man for not making any sexual advances towards me.

It was very early in the morning, I realized that he had told me to come to the backyard of the house so we can perform exercises together.

I changed into a suitable dress for an exercise, the trouser I was putting on was more like a leggings, it was tight and revealed the shape of my leg , if one had looked well, one might even see the shape of my p—Y.

I arrived at the backyard and already saw Arthur doing exercise.

“You should come early next time.” He said and stood opposite me.

“Do this.” He said and stretched his two legs wide.

I did the same, he waved his left hand n the air and placed his right hand on the left foot, I did the same too.

We performed numerous exercises, many minutes had passed but Arthur do not look like one that was ready to call off the exercise.

Maybe because I was not used to it, I was already tired.

While performing an exercise that required me to draw my two hands to the back while standing, I fell but he was quickly to catch me.

Not like I fainted, but I was too weak to stand.

He carried me in a bridal style to my room.

He must be so strong to carry me even on the stairs.

He placed me gently on the bed and he didn’t even breathe out heavily like he had stressed himself.

“I’m sorry I got tired.” I said.

“You can rest for few more minutes, then get dressed for school.” He said and walked out.

I fell into a deep sleep cause I was so tired and woke many hours later, I checked my watch and saw that it was five minutes pass 11AM.

What! why didn’t they wake me for school?

I stood from the bed and took the steps to the living room but couldn’t find anyone.

My eyes met with a note on the table and I went to pick it, it reads; “I saw that you were fast asleep, you might need it sometime cause of your state , I will teach you what you are suppose to learn in school today by the time I’m back.”

Oh! This must be from Arthur.

The visitor’s bell rang at that moment and I wondered who else was at home.

Has Joan gone out to get stuffs, I walked to the door and opened it.

I was stunned to see Prince.

He walked to the living room and went to sit on the couch majestically.

“I knew you were home when I can not find you in school, close the door and take me to your room.”He said

Crush Girl.

-Do Not Copy-

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 26


I left the door opened and walked to where he sat.

“Why are you here? please leave.” I said.

He smirked, his face was already covered with his hair.

“Do you expect me to get out at your command?” He asked.

“You almost put me into trouble the last time we met, please walk away.” I said and he grinned.

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“I am not leaving, I actually came here to tell you something you need to know.” He said.

“You already told me that it was Arthur that raped me, what else can you tell me?” I asked.

“I have proves…” He said and my heart beats.

“But close the door.” He said.

“No, I’m not. I do not trust you. What are the proves?” I asked.

“I don’t do what you want, you do what I want. Close the door.” He ordered.

“Of course not, what will you do?” I asked.

He crossed his legs and took the remote beside him, he turned on the television and began to watch a channel.

“What are you doing?” I questioned.

“What does it look like, my dear?” He asked.

“I guess I will have to inform Arthur?” I said and walked away.

I walked to my room and leaned by the wall. I do not have Arthur’s mobile number with me, neither do I have that of his bodyguard.

“This room looks so beautiful, wow!” Prince’s voice jerked me off my mood as he walked inside my room

“You! stay out of my room, please….get out.” I screamed.

“Since you would not close the door, I closed it myself…so, you are now stuck with me.” He said and went to sit on my bed.

“You want to ra-pe me right?” I asked.

“No, I wanted to tell you the proves that it was Arthur that rap-ed you.” He said.

I folded my arms and asked; “Okay, what are the proves?”

“That night at Paris city, five hours before you got raped, you were singing a song that only you knows, you were singing it with the children of your aunt. Afterwards, you decided to check many beautiful places…you requested from your aunt that her children should accompany you but she refuse. You then decided to have the fun alone.” He said

I wondered how he gets to find out all these.

He continued; “You visited the shark view, visited the men in cartoons section and many other lovely and adorable places in Paris city, you waited to watch an horse race at the stadium and you were happy when the horse race winner won. After the horse race winner won, his face darted to yours but you didn’t notice. He saw how happy you are, he then commanded his men to arrange a night stand with you.”

“I did not even know who horse race winner was, I only supported him cause he looked more handsome than the rest.” I said.

“You then stood up at exactly 6;59PM and walked out of the stadium, on getting to a mansion resided for high class men, two men dragged you roughly into a room, and l-aid you down, they then walked away. Is that true?” He asked.

“Very true, but how did you…”

“Keep the question, a man walked in and tried to ra-pe you but you fought him until you lost all strength, he was able to make love with you mercilessly.” He said.

“You said the truth but how does this connect to Arthur?” I asked.

He showed me a picture of the face of the horseman that won and it was that of Arthur.

Crush Girl.


Written by Feathers.

Chapter 27


“How can I be a sure that it was the horse race winner that ra-ped me?” I asked. “What if you were the one but decided to lie on the horse race winner…I do not trust you.”

“I expended all my energies to find out all this but this was what you have to say?”He asked.

” Oh yeah! Stay away from me.” I said.

He then stood and walked to me slowly.

“Stay away from me.” I shouted but he kept coming.

I turned to run out of the room but he grabbed my hand and pulled me into him.

“Leave me.” I shouted. “Are you going to rap-e me again?”

He brought his face close to me and said; “Do you forget me so soon, Mary?”

“I have never even seen your face.” I said and tried to pull his hair off but he was quick to hold unto my hand.

“You don’t recognize my voice?” He asked.

“I don’t, who are you?” I asked.

I was so curious that if only I was stronger than him, I would have removed his hair away from his face.

“Hum.” He hummed and we heard the visitor’s bell all of a sudden.

” Someone is around, let me go.” I yanked my self away from him and walked downstairs

I went to open the door and it was Arthur’s bodyguard.

“Arthur sent me to check up on you, are you fine?” He asked.

“No, Prince is inside.” I said and she ran swiftly inside.

She searched everywhere, while she was inside, Prince appeared before me.

“She’s not too smart to find me, bye.” He said and walked out.

I could have screamed but I knew that even if I screamed, he would still have disappeared before Arthur’s bodyguard came around.

Arthur’s bodyguard came around few minutes later and said; “Can’t find him.”

“I saw him walk out.” I said.

“Did he hurt you?” She asked me.

“No, but he was intimidating me, he looks more scary now, he said I am supposed to remember who he is, but how can I know who he is when he won’t reveal his face.” I said.

“I regretted the fact that you signed the marital document.” She lamented.

“Same here, I hope I find a way out of it in the future?” I said.

“Out of what? don’t you know the efficacy of what you did? when you sign an agreement to marry a young master, even if the young master already has 100 wives, you still have to be his wife until he dies, it’s well established in the law.” She said.

“You mean at the end of the day, I will still end up with him?” I asked.

“99% assurance.” She answered.

“Then, I will run away.” I said and she smirked.

“Young master Arthur is caring for you for a reason, I can’t seem to understand why but all I can say is that you should trust Arthur, please…. doesn’t matter what you heard about him.” He said.

“Hum! sorry for this question but is it true that Arthur participated in horse race that day?” I asked.

“Yes, he did. That Prince of a guy might participate too, you can’t tell, why do you ask?” He asked.

“He won the horse race,right?” I asked.

“Sure, he did.” She answered.

“Did you know where he went after that?” I asked.

She looked at me for a while and said; “Young master won and went to where high class men lodge was.”

Crush Girl.

-Do Not Copy-

Weittem by Feathers.

Chapter 28


“Prince told me that I was ra-ped at the high class men’s lodge, he told me the race owner ordered his men to arrange me for a one night stand.”I let it all out to Diana.

” Firstly, young master Arthur do not work with men, all his workers are all females, and…he doesn’t even have many workers, I’m his personal bodyguard, all other guards are only part time workers and they are all females.” She said.

“Prince must be trying to play a game on you cause Arthur never ordered me to do anything of such, as a matter of fact, he had never done that…he had never even made love with any lady in the past.” Diana said further.

“I believe you, I will try to stop thinking about what Prince said.” I said.

“Be fine, I’ll be going back to Arthur.” She said and walked out.

I went to sit on the chair and gaped at my belly.

Sooner or later, I’m certain that the person who put me into this shame would be revealed.

Few hours later, Arthur arrived with his bodyguard.

“Welcome.” I greeted them all.

Arthur took a quick look on me and then walked towards me.

“Is the baby kicking?” He asked

I knew it, he was about to talk about the pregnancy.

“It’s just a three months old baby .” I answered.

“Hope the baby does not disturb you?” He asked.

“Not at all, I’m fine.” I answered.

He then walked away.

I was glad I could now reply him without feeling too nervous.

I was now getting comfortable around my crush.

I had walked to my room, I was already feeling hungry but didn’t know how to ask.

As soon as I heard a knock on my door, I knew it would be Joan.

I went ahead and opened the door and truly, It was her.

“Your food is on the table but…” She said and paused.

“But what?” I asked.

“Your food is served in the same dish with that of young master.” She said.

“What!” I screamed in shock. “Arthur and I will be eating from the same dish?”

“Exactly…” She stressed and turned to leave.

Oh gosh?

How would I do it? eating from the same dish with him?

No, I would rather not eat, I went back to my room and lay.

Crush Girl.

-Do Not Copy-

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 29


“Do you think Mary would be coming to eat with me?” I asked Diana.

“I do not think so, she seem to be always nervous around you.” She answered.

“I will wait for her for few more seconds, if she wouldn’t come, I guess I’ll have to start eating?” I said

“Eating with her will make you happy, young master. Is that true?” She asked me.

“It will.” I answered.

She then walked away from me.


I was seriously hungry but I would not stand to eat with Arthur, if it were eating together on the same table with him, I would probably manage that. But eating on the same dish as his, I can’t do that.

A knock landed on my door and I went to open it, I was stunned to see Diana.

“Why have you refused to eat with young master?” She asked.

“I’m not really hungry, I apologize if I sound rude.” I said.

“You do not sound rude, just that I can tell when you lie…if you do not want me to tell him the truth about you singing the marital agreement with Prince , then follow me to eat with Arthur.” I said.

I didn’t know what to say but I have no choice left but to follow her. The last thing I would want is her telling Arthur the truth.

Arthur would definitely send me back to my wicked Aunt. I do not want to ever experience such life anymore

“Shall we?” Diana asked and I followed her to Arthur’s table.

Arthur was sitting very cool, the way he sat was glamorous. He looks cool and the side of his face was handsome.

I nervously went to sit before him and said; “I’m sorry I came late.”

“Alright, eat.” They were the only words he said.

We began to eat, I feel very uncomfortable eating with him.

I was careful of the size of spoon I could get.

“You can finish the rest.” He said and stood.

“Eat often so the baby can be strong.” He said and walked away.

I was then able to finish eating the food.

Deep inside of me, I was glad we ate together in the same dish.

It was a dream come through for me.

“I’m sorry I forced you to eat with young master.” Diana appeared and said.

“I’m not offended.” I retorted with a smile.

Crush Girl.

-Do Not Copy-

Written by Feathefs.

Chapter 30


I was happy I ate with Arthur, I then stood and started walking to my room, as I climbed up the stairs, maybe because I was still savoring the moment I ate in the same dish with Arthur, my leg slipped and I fell.

My stomach hurts and I let out a scream in pain.

Diana appeared like wind before me and carried me at once.

“Ambulance!” She shouted as she carried me outside.

“No, no, I’ll be fine…I just need to rest.” I said to Diana after she had carried me to the living room.

“Are you sure?” She asked.

“Yes.” I answered and groaned more in pain.

Arthur appeared and Diana quickly explained what happened to him.

Arthur walked swiftly to me and touched my belly: “Are you alright?”

“It hurts a little.” I was been truthful.

“Take her back to her room.” He commanded.

“Yes young master.” Diana answered and carried me back to my room.

She laid me down gently.

Arthur then came to me and sat beside me.

He was with a cream.

“This will help releive the pain.” He said and spilled out a portion of the cream.

Diana had already walked at that time.

He rubbed the cream in his hand and began to rub my belly with it.

I felt relieved indeed

“Thank you.” I said softly and began to feel dizzy.

“I just want the baby to be fine.” He said.

“How about me?” I almost asked. My mouth was opened but I didn’t utter those words.

I just swallowed those words back and closed my eye.

“I can see that you are dizzy, I will watch you till you are asleep.” He said.

I tried to raise my head but I was feeling too dizzy to even lift my eye brows, I then slept off.

I woke up many hours later and still saw Arthur beside me.

He was starting at me.

I guess I didn’t sleep long then

I checked my watch and found out that I had slept for four hours, it was 12:23AM in the mid night.

“I’m sorry for keeping you awake till now.” I said.

“I just want to ensure the baby is fine.” He answered again with an indifferent look.

I guess he really did not care about me, he seems to care about the pregnancy.

“Sir…erm…you care about the baby alone right?” I was finally able to ask.

Crush Girl.

-Do Not Copy-

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 31


“Why do you ask?” He asked.

I thought I would be able to look into his face for a very long time but I couldn’t.

“Well, you…kept saying you wanted the baby to be fine, how about me?” I asked.

“I paid your aunt so you can come and live in a comfortable place, I ensure you school comfortably and get all the cares you possibly need but you think I care for the baby only?” He asked.

“I thought you were doing that cause of the baby I was carrying.” I said.

“You are right. Any other question?” He asked.

I couldn’t utter any more word, I felt very hurt knowing that he did not care for me in any way, I was only lucky I was pregnant, if not, he would still never have given me any attention.

“Do you like pregnant woman?” I questioned.

“That should sound like a stupid question but because it was coming from you, I wouldn’t answer.” He replied.

“I’m sorry for the question, I just wanted to know why you care for the baby?” I asked.

“I will tell you at the right time. I wanted to keep your company for the night but it seems you have too many questions troubling you, I’ll take my leave.” He said calmly and stood.

“Please Arthur, one more question, where do you know the song you were playing at class C last week Wednesday?”I questioned.

” Just like other songs, I learnt it too.” He answered.

“But my father taught me only.” I said.

” Your father learnt it from somewhere.” He answered.

“No, he told me he formulated the song just for me.” I said.

“You believe your father that much? Your father is somewhere enjoying himself and people think he is dead, how can you trust someone like that?” He asked.

“Excuse me? you mean my father is not dead?” I asked.

“I haven’t found out the whole truth, inside source reveals he will die soon but as I speak to you, he is alive and under the government’s protection.” He said.

“How can I reach him?” I asked.

“When you start trusting me, I will let you speak with your father. All I can tell you now is to stop listening to Prince.” He said and walked away.

Why will my dad be alive and allow my anty to take over his property and be maltreating me this way?

No,it can not be.

Crush Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 32


I arrived at school the following morning with Arthur.

I was about walking to my class, that would make me depart from Arthur cause his class was in a different place from mind.

But I suddenly sighted Prince walking towards me. I turned to Arthur and I saw that he sighted Prince too.

Prince is filling my head with gibberish and I want to stay away from him for a while, I need a space of myself.

“Walk with me.”Arthur said and I began to follow him to his class.

” She’s a pregnant woman, are you going to stress her to follow you to your class before leaving for her class. Don’t be heartless.” Prince said.

Arthur turned coldly him.

Prince still has his face covered with his hair.

Diana wanted to act but Arthur stopped him from acting.

“You are weak, otherwise, why would you keep covering your face?” Arthur let out before Prince.

Prince grinned and walked few steps to Arthur.

“How dare you call me weak.” Prince said with an absolute indifferent voice.

The voice at which he spoke was different from the ones he had been using in speaking to me.

“Brother!” Arthur called in surprise.

Prince then removed the hair that covered his face.

“Little brother, you aren’t scared to call me weak?” He asked intimidatingly.

“I’m so sorry, I never knew you were the one.”Arthur apologized.

They looked alike and one could tell that they were brothers.

“I hate the fact that father favoured you.” Prince let out.

“You shouldn’t say this before others.” Arthur said.

Prince grinned dryly and said; “Do you rape her?”

Arthur arched his brow and looked straight into his brother’s face.

“You have never lied to my face, if you tell a lie, I would know. I ask again, do you rape her?” Prince further asked confidently.

I was scared of what Arthur’s reply would be.

Arthur lowered his head without saying a word.

“Mary, I told you he raped you and you thought I was lying and that I probably did. Arthur raped you. If you are not scared, ask him yourself?” He said.

I noticed the confidence at which Prince spoke, I also realized that Arthur lost confidence before his brother.

“Brother, it’s been many years we have a conversation, let this people go and then, we can talk.”Arthur said to Prince.

“Who are these people? Mary and your bodyguard?Oh no! Let them stay. Confess the truth and it will set you free.” Prince said.

“Mary, you are not ready for the truth, are you?” Arthur turned to me and asked.

Those words sounded like ‘yes’ to me and I felt like slapping him.

Did he rape me and was trying to cover up for his cruel act by helping me?

I would rather sleep on the street than let my raper help me.

“Did you rape me?” I asked Arthur softly but I was very angry.

“It seems you are ready for the truth.” Arthur then turned at his bodyguard and then turned at me.

“Yes, I ra-ped you.” He said.

Crush Girl.

-Do Not Copy-

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 33


I raised my hand in an attempt to slap Arthur but Diana was quick to hold my hand.

“How is it so quick for you to forget all the helps that Arthur had rendered you in the past, if he rap-ed you , truly, he is ready to make ammendment.” Diana said.

I buested unto a loud cry, Knowing that it was Arthur that r-aped me hurts me badly.

He was my crush and I loved him with passion, I had hoped that someday he would speak to me.

I had dreamt a number of times about Arthur dating me and marrying me, I knew it was far from happening but thinking about it gladdens my soul.

He was my idol, I adore him so much and now that he confessed himself that he raped me.

Is this the end of the world?
Why would it be him?

I was so heartbroken, I dare not utter a word cause I couldn’t even speak.

I was bittered from the belly, the pain I feel at the moment was similar to the pain I feel when I was raped.

It was like my life was crumbling.

Arthur walked away with his bodyguard without saying a word.

I had hot tears running down my face, I was so sad.

“I have fulfilled my part of the deal by letting you know who raped you, it’s now time for you to marry me.” He said.

“I’m not ready for marriage.” I said angrily and took steps back.

My heart was already hurt badly, I felt weak and didn’t know when I fell to the floor.

But I was still conscious.

Prince stretched his hand in an attempt to pick me up but I refused.

“Let me go.” I cried out bitterly.

“I am already pregnant for your brother and going through so much shame in the school and outside of the school.
And you still want me to marry you? ” I lamented bitterly.

“No, I won’t do that. “I said.

“Are you a master when it comes to betraying one’s promise… ha… I envisaged that you won’t hold unto your promise, that was why I made you signed the document. I will be presenting the document to the court tomorrow…I’m sure that in three days, the government would have already made you start to live with me.” He said and I turned.

“Please…cancel the agreement.” I pleaded.

“I can’t. Did you still not remember me?” He asked.

“I did not, I have never seen you.” I said.

He pressed his eye on me and said; “You will be my legal wife in three days, remember you have no one to help you, so just yield.”

“Will you be having s–êx with me once I get into your house?” I asked.

“Certainly.” He said and walked away.

I lowered my head and cried bitter.

“Young master did not hate you, he’s sorry and his stretching his hand to help if you will allow him.” Diana said behind me.

Crush Girl.

-Do Not Copy-

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 34


While still sitting on the floor, I turned at Diana.

I did not know if I should be angry with her or sad.

“Arthur was my idol, I loved him just like every other lady, why would he rape me?” I asked with tears falling heavily off my face.

“We all makes mistakes , the most important is to be ready to correct our mistakes. If young master truly raped you, he is ready to make amendments which is most important.” Diana said.

“I can’t forgive Arthur for putting me into this shame.” I said.

“You have to forgive yourself and forgive your Arthur, you are pregnant and needs all the cares in the world.” Diana said.

She stretched her hand and helped me up.

I stood but I was very weak.

“I need somewhere to rest.” I said and she helped me to a room that I could rest.

It was the same room that I was taken to , to change my dress the last time my step mother came to beat me.

I rested my body on the bed and thought deeply.

“Please be comfortable.” Diana said and walked out.

I didn’t know when I slept off, I was awoken by a touch on my lips.

I opened my eye and was surprised to see Arthur sitting on a chair that was beside me.

Remembering how he confessed that he was the one that raped me hurt me, it was like a sharp pain in my heart.

I looked away angrily and painfully, I now loathed to look at his face.

How do I tell my baby that his father rapd me and caused me a life time trauma.

“Are you better?” He asked and took his finger away from my lips.

“Why did you rape me?” I asked.

“Not necessary, what you need is the apology and the willngness to make correction.”He said.

” No, I deserve to know…why?” I shouted first then lowered my voice.

“I hate to see people shout on me. Tell me the truth just like I had told you the truth, did you sign the marital agreement with my brother?” He asked.

My face dropped into a guilty one, I had told Diana to lie to him, telling him the truth will make him lost trust in Diana.

But for him to be asking this question again, it only meant that he seems to suspect what the truth is.

“I signed it.” I said softly.

His eyes became thinner and almost closed, he took his gaze away from my face and took it to my belly.

He stood and took few steps away, he paused and let out a gentle breathe.

“You are such a pathetic lady.” He said and took few steps towards where the standing AC was.

“I regretted signing it I, I only did it cause he promised to help me find who raped me.” I said.

He shook his head and walked out.

Is he angry?


Crush Girl.

-Do Not Copy-

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 35


Diana walked in about thirty minutes later.

“Are you getting better?” She asked with so much concern in her look.

I couldn’t answer her but could only blink multiple times cause of how nervous I was.

As much as I was angry and hurt at what Arthur did to me, I still didn’t want him to get angry at me.

I prefer being angry with him than for him to be angry with me.

“I had told Arthur the truth about me signing the marital agreement with Prince.” I said.

“It’s alright.” She said and came to join me on the chair beside the bed.

“Won’t Arthur scold you for lying to him?” I asked.

“I told him Arthur to not allow me tell him what you told me, I knew it would break his heart and I do not want to lie to him. He didn’t stress or debate it, he simply agreed.” She said.

“But…he knows now.” I said.

“Sure, truth is like a smoke, you can’t hide it for long, it would always find it’s way out. How do you feel now?” She asked.

“Getting better, I now have some strength ” I said.

“Can I get you glucose?” She asked.

“No, I’ll take it when we get home….will I be following you to Arthur’s house?” I asked.

“Why not? Arthur can not be so angry to let the mother of his baby suffer.” She replied.

“Did you think Arthur loves the baby and not me?” I asked Diana.

“How can I know that? seeing that I’m his bodyguard and not an omnipotent.” She answered and I smiled faintly.

Diana answers every questions cleverly.

“I can see that you smile, are you cheering up already?” She asked.

I have never really seen her and Arthur smile.

“It will take time for my heart to heal, the pain is much?” I said.

“Young master Arthur understands, It’s just an hour to closing period, get dressed, we would be leaving home soon.” She said and I understood that she meant that I need to bath my teary look and change into a new school uniform.

She tapped my shoulder gently and walked out.

I got dressed and about an hour later, I was on my way home with Arthur and his bodyguard.

The car was silent as usual, after we arrived at Arthur’s house, I tried to open the side of the door to step down when Arthur called my name softly; “Mary!”

I turned and was happy to hear my name potruding from his mouth but thinking about the fact that he raped me made my eyes remained sour.

“Don’t cry too much cause of the baby.” He said and I gritted my teeth angrily.

Evertime, baby! baby!

I guess he has no iota of feelings for him.

I opened the door and walked out, I walked swiftly inside to my room.

Was he drunk when he raped me or what?

Arthur couldn’t have stopped so low to rape me or… what if he only admitted he was the one and he actually wasn’t…