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Crush Girl. Chapter 36

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Crush Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 36


“Young master, It saddens me that you confess to Mary that you raped hee, but how? you can’t do that?” I said.

I was standing beside him in his study room. He was sitting on his chair before the desk with his eyes on books before him.

“Diana, are you scared?” He asked without bothering to look at my face.

“Yes, what if she tell it to the world? It will destroy the reputation of your clan, young master. People will mock your family, the family might even conclude to strip you off your position as a young master, also, you can go to jail for rape.” I said.

“Indeed, if she’s fine with the father If her child going to jail and being disgraced in public, she can go ahead and do it. Don’t be scared because of me, It was my mistake and I’m ready to own up to it.” He said and I let out an heavy breathe.

“Hmm! Alright young master.” I lowered my head slightly and left him. I stood behind the door as usual, I only wanted to stay there for few minutes before I survey the house but I was surprised to start hearing strange sounds from inside the study room that Arthur was.

I listened keenly and realized that Arthur was sobbing, he indeed regretted what he. I didn’t know when a drop of tear fell from my face too. What in the world could have made young master do such a thing?

He is wealthy and has many ladies at his reach, he is very handsome and can have se-x with anyone he wants at anytime, the fact that he slept with a commoner still leaves me in terror.


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Later that night, I had been invited by Joan for lunch and then dinner but I denied it all, I wasn’t in the mood to eat, I have no apetite for it.

“Arthur was my crush and I have loved him since the first time I met him, he has being my secerete and adorable dream man, I’d always wished that a day should come when he would speak to me but… how can fate have him rape me?

How can I take revenge on someone I had loved all my life?

The door to my room opened and Arthur appeared, he was on a black hoodie and black short, and a slippers. He looked very beautiful and sexy.