January 27, 2022

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Crush Girl. Chapter 37

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Crush Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 37


I watched Arthur weakly, the fact that I had not taken two meals made me really weak. I opened my mouth like I want to welcome him but closed it back.

This is not only my crush standing before me but the man that created so much trauma in me.

He stood at the entrance and the look on his face was one that I had never seen before. As if he was guilty but I felt like I probably read the expression on his face wrongly.

“Not eating would really affect your baby and…you too.” He said and took a step forward. “Mary,I’m sorry.”

The words he spoke last was the last words I was expecting him to say, my head surged and I bursted into a loud cry

I lowered my head that was fast aching me, It shouldn’t have been him.

I felt a weight beside me and a hand on my lap.

“I understand that I had created a trauma that will take a life time to eradicate in you and I’m truly sorry for that. I know you won’t have a place to forgive me…but pretend to.” He said.

I raised my head and his hand landed on mine, he used his hanky to clean my face. He buried my cheeks in his palm and made me face him.

I was able to look at his soft fresh face very closely, all I could see there was an innocent handsome man.

“Did you really råpe me?” I asked incredibly with tears pouring on my face.

“Yes, I do.” He said and I bite my lips so hard in pain.

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He made me rest my head on his shoulder, “I’ll forever to live to regret it.”

I nodded. I couldn’t utter a word. I felt so relaxed around him. I’ve never felt so much comfort around anyone.

“Would you take a coffee at least?” He asked

“I’ll try.” I answered silently and he stood at once.

“Be right back.” He walked out and came with a coffee, he knelt before me and fed me to my greatest surprise.

I didn’t debate at all even though it was the least thing I was expecting. After drinking the coffee, I felt sleepy at once.

“Are you dizzy?” He asked. He must be good in reading how I feel.

“Yes.” I answered and fell to the bed.