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Crush Girl. Chapter 38

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Crush Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 38


I woke up at night and the first thing I checked was the wall clock, it was about five minutes pass 2 PM.

I then took my face to the presence of the person I perceived was in the room.

“Arthur!” I called gently. “You are supposed to be sleeping.”

“For the past three months, I’d not really have a sound night rest. Guilt is closer to me than my breathe.” He said.

I lowered my head and looked at my belly. I do not plan on getting pregnant even in the next five to six years.

“You can go and sleep.” I said.

“No, don’t worry, sleep…I’ll leave when it’s time for me too…does your pregnancy hurt?”

I examined my belly and shook my head, “Please sleep.”

I realized I need to sleep cause of my pregnancy but then I remembered that I may be becoming the legal wife of Prince soon.

“How about your brother, he’s going to marry me.” I said sadly.

“You do not wish to marry him, right?” He asked.

“How can I? I still need to further my education.” I said.

“You will definately proceed with your education, I’ll help you fight for your freedom cause by signing the marital agreement with Prince , you are already entrapped. But there will always be a way.” He said.

“Thank you.” I said and laid back.

By the time I woke the following morning, I didn’t see Arthur, he must have left. I got dressed, ready to leave to school.

A knock landed on my door and I knew at once that it would be Joan, she must have come to invite me for breakfast.

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I walked out to meet her, “Good morning, miss Joan.” I smiled.

“Wow! It’s lovely to see you smile, Mary. The more you smile, the more beautiful you will look to young master.” He said and I smiled broader.

“The food is ready, right?” I asked.

“Sure, I’m sure you aren’t nervous of eating with young master anymore.” I said.

“At all…” I smiled. “See you, miss Joan.” I walked to the dinning.

Arthur had been dressed in his uniform, he looked gorgeous and lovely.

“Good morning.” I greeted as I sat before him.

“I watched you till 5AM, this morning. Hope your night was awesome?” He asked.

“Yes, thanks.” I answered.

“Allow me to do this.” Arthur held my hand and kissed the back of my palm.