January 21, 2022

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Mr CEO. Prolugue

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???? MR
CEO ????
( Too cold and possessive)

Written ✍️by Simrah Saeed

Meet Alexa Sidney, quiet, polite, humble and respectful.
She’s that kind of a lady even a lady will fall in love with.

Beautiful, smart and intelligent. She’s loved by many because of her character and cheerfulness.

Her parents died when she was very young leaving her to fend for herself.

She grew up with no one to show her love except her boyfriend Jason and her best friend Andrew .
That was what she thought.

That faithful evening, it was a dark and chilly night. First week of December and she’d plan on surprising her boyfriend.

They’ve been in the relationship for the past two years and he’s been patient enough not to have asked for her body.

That night, she was ready to give him her body to show him how much she loves and appreciate his present in her life.

After Andrew, Jason means the world to her.

She dressed sexily and seductively just to impress her boyfriend but when she got there, she met the biggest shock of her life.

Jason was in bed with another woman, the woman who claimed to be his wife and was four months pregnant for him.

No doubt she was really pregnant because her baby pump was clearly visible.

Alexa was heartbroken and deeply hurt, the person she trusted the most betrayed her.

He was having a wife all along and she didn’t even notice?

How could Jason have done that to her?
She cried her eyes out but the pain in her heart wasn’t reducing. It didn’t heal

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Luckily for her, a party was hosted in a nearby hotel.

She got to the party in tears, drank so many glasses of alcohol till she got drunk.

Her best friend was out of town, calling him at that time will be useless.

A tall handsome guy appeared in front of her, even if her vision was blurry,she could see he was handsome.

At that moment, she made a decision, a decision to loose her virginity to the stranger since she couldn’t give the one she wanted to.

Little did she know he was also drunk.
The both collected a hotel room and had a one night stand and that was it.

When Alexa woke up the next morning, the guy already left the hotel room.

He was gone! How foolish of her, she doesn’t know who she gave her virginity to. It’s all Jason’s fault.

She looked around the room and found a huge sum of money with a note stating that it belongs to her.

The guy must be damn rich and that very money will help her a long way. She’d be able to pay her rent and won’t be thrown out of her apartment….

Few months after the incident, she discovered that she was pregnant.

Will she keep the baby? What happens when she finds out it’s not just a baby but babies? She was pregnant with twins for an unknown man .

Will she struggle with the he pregnancy till she delivers? Will she ever meet the guy that impregnated her?

How will she raise the kids when she finally puts to bed?

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Four years later, the little job she was managing was gone. She got fired from her job.

Her children’s school fees was due for payment, her house rent was expiring the next week, there was little or no food in the house.

What is she going to do?
Just like a miracle, Andrew saw a job interview, the CEO was in need of a personal assistant and the pay was okay.

The only problem was that Mr CEO is cold, arrogant, proud and possessive!

Will she be able to work under such a person with her fragile self?


You wouldn’t wanna miss this interesting story ????
Let’s find out what happened ☺️.


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