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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 46

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Forty-Six????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. Dorothy POV ❣️

During break period, I walked out from the class feeling lonely

I was so worried about David

I don’t know why, maybe because his mother was seriously worried as well

Jenny in the other hand was avoiding me
We were supposed to make an arrangement on how to find David
But anytime I tried talking to her, she would ignored me

Maybe I shouldn’t have broke up with Bonny because this would be what he will be of help

I was just thinking, when the demon shows up
It was that demon I requested to work with
I looked around and there was no student near where I was

“You almost scared me” I said turning back to her

“We are working together, so don’t be scared” she said

“Have you seen David?” I asked

“That’s exactly why am here” she said while I nodded

“David will soon see you” she added
Before I would say another thing, she was gone

I shook my head and walked straight
I entered inside the school cafeteria

Jenny was also there, getting down her meal
I wouldn’t make a mistake of going where she was

I collected my order and went to sit down

After I was almost done, Jason from nowhere rushed inside

He looked around as if he was looking for someone

He turned to my direction and rushed to where I was

“Can I have few words with you?” He asked looking very serious

“But….” I meant to say but he interrupted me

“Just now” he said
I had to consider because it might be something related to David

As I stood up to go with him, a phone rang inside the cafeteria

“Really?” That was a female voice asking
I guessed, she was on phone call

“Sure I will” she added

Jason dragged me to a corner

He looked around before saying what ever he has

“So it was David all this while?” He asked

“Did you see David?” I returned the question
It was a little bit relief

“Yes, he transformed into a monster, right before me and killed Andy and Sam” he replied
I gasped hearing that

“So you kidnapped him?” I asked

“I had to” he replied
I scratched my hair
I don’t know what to do again

“That means he wasn’t with the leaf?” I asked myself with a low voice

“I personally took it away” he replied

“What??!” I asked wondering why he would do such

“Why did you?” I asked

“I suspected him but I don’t know how to prove it” he replied

“Now that you are sure, why didn’t you report him?” I asked
It was already getting me tired of it

“I still don’t have the mind” he replied

“But how come you know this?” He added asking

“I never wished to let anyone know yet” I paused

“I have a gift of seeing ghosts, I saw it the very day David entered our school” I continued

“Although David has always tried avoiding it, that’s why he has the leaf” I added

“I suspected that as well” a female voice said
We turned to that direction and it was Jenny
She was smiling wickedly

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…. Jenny POV ❣️

Just as Jason and Dorothy left the cafeteria, COP Kelly call came in

He told me that things weren’t in order

He instructed me to check after Jason, that he has a secret

I followed them immediately after the call

As they stopped at a corner to talk whatever that was in their mouths, I rushed to stand behind the wall, where they were

After making sure that they had said the things I needed to know, I stepped out from where I was hiding and made that statement

“Jenny” Dorothy called slowly while I smiled

“You must have been aware of this but kept it to yourself” I said

“That’s wickedness” I added

“If I had said it, David would definitely be in trouble and the demon might decided to take fully possessed of his body” I tried explaining

“I won’t buy that” I said
Since it was clear to me that it was David, I hated him the more

“Why didn’t you guys try prayer?” I asked, since they were claiming to be wise

“We are making plans to get a demon fighter that will free him” Dorothy replied

That wouldn’t make sense if I just let go of it like that
I wanted to punish David for what he has done

“Let’s get him then” Jason said
I couldn’t believe it

“Jason” I called turning to face him properly, to be sure if it was him

“I just understand that it isn’t his fault” Jason said

“Unbelievable, is this really Jason?” I asked while he smiled

“Are you getting soft, this isn’t Jason I used to know” I added

“Try to understand” Jason tried preaching

“I can’t let go of this” I concluded and walked away
I had always suspected that there was a secret things going on between David and Dorothy that always makes me get jealous

Out of jealousness, I had to do that

I brought out my phone and called COP Kelly
It would look as if I was wicked but I don’t know why I suddenly became it

“Yes, Jason is here” I said

“Really? Did he tell you anything?” He asked

“He didn’t but the truth has been revealed” I replied

“So David is really a monster?” He asked

“Yes and his friend knew about this but kept it to herself” I replied

“We will be there now” he concluded and hung up

I smiled and walked away


….. Jason POV ❣️

Truth be told, I was only sitting on the fence

I was only becoming soft while Jenny of all people has turned into another being

Dorothy’s explanation was actually what got me down
I had to take a break on what I was planning

Maybe I should help in freeing him, later then he will face the consequences of what he has done

Especially, that of my sister’s death

“What’s the plan now?” I asked Dorothy, just as Jenny left

“I don’t actually know when the demon fighter will come” I paused

“I will have to ask my Uncle first” I added

“No prob, let’s visit David first before he runs away” I suggested

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“We need permission” Dorothy said

“Don’t worry, I will handle it, just go and get your stuff” I assured her
She nodded and walked to the class

It was almost closing time
So I went to the principal’s office

I was still discussing with him when I heard a sound of siren

I knew who it was
I had to smile

“COP Kelly, you will never give up” I said inwardly

The principal gave me the permission and rushed out immediately

I thought COP Kelly was surely there for me

He would like me to explain to him but I wasn’t ready for that

As I got out, and met with Dorothy
Ready to go

“Ready?” I asked, planning to leave before
COP Kelly would come to our direction

Jenny walked out from where she was

COP Kelly followed her after when she gave him a sign
He also came with another policeman

“She is the one” Jenny said pointing at Dorothy
I didn’t understand what was going on

“She is not the one” I tried defending
Thinking that they thought it was Dorothy who was the beast

“You are under arrest Miss Dorothy” COP Kelly said showing us his ID card

“What did I do?” Dorothy asked because she was already scared

“You are under arrest, for being behind of all the murders going on in this school” COP Kelly replied

“What!!!?” The students who were around the corner shouted

“I didn’t” Dorothy tried defending for the second time

“You kept it a secret, promoting the killing” COP Kelly said

“Handcuff her” he ordered
Dorothy turned to look at me
Fears were written all over her face

“Don’t worry, you will be released soon” I assured her

“I will make sure that I do it” I added

“Just try talking to David or else, he will commit suicide” she said
It was clear that she was really caring
I wished Jenny was like her

I discovered that I wasn’t really bad but due to how my father does, I decided to emulate from him

“I will try my best” I assured her for the fourth time
By then, the other policeman was already taking her away

“Am coming back for you” COP Kelly said to me and walked away

“You are really not considerate” I said referring to Jenny

“Let’s see, how far it will go” she responded

“You can’t even get her out from there” she added and walked away

I stood there for a while

I wanted to go to David’s place but I needed to free Dorothy first because David wouldn’t listen to me if I had gone there alone


… David POV ❣️

I took a cab and got home

I had left everything there
Even my bag and the leaf

I asked the gateman to pay the cab driver and promised to refund him

He was really surprised when he saw me
He also told me how those days were, to my Mom

I felt for her

I got inside
Our house help shows the same expression when she saw me
She couldn’t believe it

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One hour later, my Mom came back

She was surprised seeing me
I had to check for a suitable lie for her because it would be risky telling her the truth
The real me would be revealed

In the evening time, when everyone has gone to their room

I waited for the demon to show up but she didn’t

In no time, I began to feel sleepy
I was almost closed to the dreamland when the demon shows up

“You just like disturbing” I said in my sleeping tone

“That’s why I decided not to disturb you when they kidnapped you” the demon said
I had to smile

“I would have killed you if I was killed” I said while the demon burst out laughing

“Then, you will be in spirit world” she said

“Seriously now, I want to understand something here” I said, changing the topic

“What is that?” The demon asked

“You said that my father was Mr Luke meanwhile my father’s name is Mr Paul” I paused

“Now I get to understand that Mr Luke is my classmate’s father” I continued

“According to you, Mr Paul was the son of Mr George, who owns the biggest clothing company in this country, so how come Mr Luke is the one managing it now?” I asked

“There are lots of things that you still don’t know” the demon said

“That’s why am asking you” I responded

“Too smart” the demon said smiling although her ugly face couldn’t make it visible

“Let’s go then” the demon added



((^^))???????? ????Author’s Note????????????((^^))

After when Gina was sure that she has succeeded in hitting Lucy inside the big ocean, she smiled and drove home

The following day, news was brought to net

Every television stations were showing it

The press recorded that a body was found inside a big ocean near airport

Soon, a bulldozer arrived at the scene
It was brought to bring out the body

Camera changed its direction to the ocean

The bulldozer digged its hand inside the ocean and dragged out the body

It dropped it on the floor and lots of photographers were taking the number of pictures they could

“The body looks like one of the models who we all know to be Lucy by name” the press reported

“Some has already said that she jumped into the ocean because she lost in the previous show” the press said

“But from the look, it looks like an accidental call, because there is a mark of hit on the bridge which shows that a car hits her inside” the press added

Lots of words were coming out from the press

Meanwhile, Mr Isaac was inside his living room with Mr Williams discussing about what happened on that day concerning the show when they saw the news on the television

“I thought as much” Mr Isaac said

“I suspected that” Mr Williams added to what Mr Isaac said

“The car must be owned by someone, I want you to track it down for me” Mr Isaac said
Mr Williams nodded