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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 47

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Forty-Seven????????

Written By Chris Val ????

((^^))???????????? Author’s Note ????????????((^^))


Paul was in a hotel room where he slept in, after carrying his mission that previous night

He wouldn’t try going back to his father’s house that night because it would be suspicious
That’s why he booked a room that night

He also loves sleeping with harlots

That was what he got as a result of coming from a wealthy family

He woke up that morning with the lady that helped him in reducing the stress ????

He looked so tired but at the same time, happy because he has cleared his mess

He stretched his body as he turned to look at the lady lying beside him
He tapped her

The lady weakly turned to look at him

“Time up please” Paul said

That’s his normal way of discharging them after the night

“Allow me to take more rest” the lady pleaded rolling herself on the bed

“You nailed it last night” the lady added touching his jaw but Paul pushed it off

“Stop talking rubbish and get out” Paul said

“I have to go back to business, just go” Paul added

He stood up and walked straight to the bathroom
He washed his face and walked out
The lady has already dressed up before he comes out

“I will like us to meet again” the lady said smiling
She walked closer to him and pecked his mouth

Paul didn’t say a word

As the lady left, he locked the door and collapsed on the bed

He reached out for the remote control and switched On the television

He was searching for any interesting movie to watch, when something caught his eyes

It was a news of the dead model

“Ah” he said
He paid full attention to the press giving the news

“How could Luke did this?” He asked himself, knowing fully well that he was the one who was capable of doing such

He brought out his phone and called Luke but he wasn’t picking up

Paul dropped his phone really frustrated
He knows what it would result, if the police finds out that it was Luke

He collected his car key and rushed downstairs

He got inside his car and drove straight to Luke’s house

Luke was also watching the news when Paul walked in, after parking

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“How could you do that?” Paul asked with an unbelievable look

“What are you talking about?” Luke returned the question
Of course, he was only pretending not to know what Paul was talking about

“Why did you kill Lucy?” Paul asked

“I didn’t” Luke replied

“Who then did?” Paul asked

“Gina did” Luke replied as Paul’s eyes widened
He couldn’t believe it

“Why would she?” Paul asked feeling weak
It was true that he was a bad guy but he never support killing

“I don’t know either” Luke replied

“She also refused picking up her call” Luke added

“That means you both arranged this?” Paul said in asking manner

“I didn’t arrange anything” Luke tried defending

“So how did you know that she killed Lucy?” Paul asked
He wanted to be sure

“I planned on taking her away because it would be risky if your father finds out” Luke took his time to explain everything that happened

Paul broke down after hearing the whole thing as he sat on a couch
He has been standing all this while

“Don’t tell me that you are in love with her” Luke said as he was observing the expression on Paul’s face

“She doesn’t deserve to die” Paul said, heartbroken

“I never planned it this way” Luke responded

“Am going to fetch Gina” Paul concluded and stood up
He rushed straight to his car and drove off

Luke couldn’t stop smiling

“It was really a relief” Luke said

“Just watch as I make your own plan”

“I can’t have a friend with no benefits” Luke added and stood up
He rushed to his car and drove to Lucy’s residence, following Paul

Mr Williams had to cancel anything about going to his office for that day

He has a greater things to work on

He called Officer Kelly who was the smartest police among other in police work

He was also present in the television show when Lucy’s body was found

“I will like to meet you” Mr Williams has said when Officer Kelly picked up

“Let’s meet at Antha restaurant” Mr Williams added

“Okay sir” Officer Kelly responded
He had to referred him with that, because of his position

The call went down

Few minutes later, they were already in the restaurant

They made their order and began to get it down

“What plans have you made so far concerning what happened to our model?” Mr Williams asked to start up a conversation

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“Actually, only thing I could get from where the incident took place was only a plate number” Officer Kelly said

“I suspected that it belongs to the killer, so we made an enquiry concerning it and it was for her” Officer Kelly added

“Who?” Mr Williams asked

“Gina, the current face of Chantelle clothing company” Officer Kelly replied
Mr Williams was able to believe it
He was beyond shocked

“Can I see the plate number?” Mr Williams asked even though he didn’t know her plate number

Officer Kelly show him the picture

“Why would she?” Mr Williams asked

“We don’t have to confront her now because we still need more evidence” Officer Kelly said instead

“That’s why I appointed to work with you” Mr Williams complimented

Paul arrived at Lucy’s house

She was in her balcony taking some fresh air

She was also indirectly celebrating her work perfectly done

She stood up and walked out of the compound, following the back entrance

Paul horned while the gateman opened the gate
He drove in and parked

He asked for Lucy
Luckily, the house help saw her when she left
So she told Paul where he could find her

Paul followed the back entrance but she wasn’t there
He had to work around the fence
Before he could get to the front gate, he saw Gina walking sluggishly to the gate

“Gina” Paul called
Gina turned, towards the direction where she heard her name from

“Paul, welcome to my house” she said smiling

“This is your first time coming here, please come inside” Gina added but Paul declined it

“Am in a hurry” Paul said

“So?” Gina asked

“Why did you kill Lucy?” Paul asked

“Luke must have told y, that guy” Gina said to herself

“Why did you kill her?” Paul asked again

“I had to protect our plan and dignity” Gina responded

“By killing someone??”

“I have to” Gina replied

Meanwhile, Luke parked in a distance watching them

He smiled and took a picture of them

“I will have to do this” he said to himself
He just wanted to comply the whole thing upon Paul and Gina

Mr Williams left after much discussion with Officer Kelly

He couldn’t stop thinking about their conversation

He remembered that he has planned on checking out the number in Lucy’s file but he wanted to meet Mr Isaac for what he got for the main time

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Just as he left to Mr Isaac residence
On his way, his eyes caught something

It was a car alignment company

He remembered when Officer Kelly told him that her car must be in any of the alignment company

He stopped by and went to take a look

There was a new car parked at a spot without plate number

I walked closer to it
There might be a clue

Just as he gets to the back, there was a plate number attached on it

His mind ran back to the one Officer Kelly shows him

It was the same

He gasped

He gently walked back to where he parked his car, to avoid attracting people’s attention

He got in and drove off

He arrived at Mr Isaac residence
Luckily, he was around

Mr Williams asked of him and the house help directed him to Mr Isaac’s study room

He knocked and Mr Isaac ordered him in

“Have a seat” Mr Isaac said

“Surprised that you are here by this time” Mr Isaac added looking at Mr Williams
Although still on his spec

“We just got few clue” Mr Williams said

“What could that be?” Mr Isaac asked

“It was Gina, the current face of Chantelle clothing company” Mr Williams replied
Mr Isaac was forced to remove his spec

“How sure are you?” Mr Isaac asked

“Her plate number was found in the spot where the incident happened, I guessed it dropped off when she hits Lucy” Mr Williams replied

“A little bit convincing but you don’t have to use that because there is still a possibility for it to drop there even if she wasn’t the one” Mr Isaac said
Mr Williams nodded because he was making sense

Just then, a message bumped into his phone

He opened it and saw Paul and Gina standing together
His face changed

“What’s that expression?” Mr Isaac asked noticing it

Mr Williams has to show him that

“This same number was the number I found in Lucy’s file” Mr Williams said remembering the number

“What could they be discussing?” Mr Isaac asked
He was only concerned on what he saw on the phone

“Invite Luke here, I will like to talk with him” Mr Isaac said

“He might know Paul’s secret on this” Mr Isaac added