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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 48

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Forty-Eight????????

Written By Chris Val ????

((^^))???????????? Author’s Note ????????????((^^))

Still On #Flashback

The following day, Luke reported to Mr Isaac house

Paul hasn’t been home ever since he carried out his mission

“Good Morning Sir” Luke greeted Mr Isaac when he gets to his study room where he normally stay

“Morning, hope I didn’t distract your today’s work?” Mr Isaac asked removing his spec

“No sir, I don’t even mind quiting my work, to attend to your call” Luke said making Mr Isaac to smile

“Please sit” Mr Isaac said pointing at an empty chair in his study room

“Thank you sir” Luke sat with a sincere look

“I wonder why your best friend didn’t learn from you” Mr Isaac said

“Everyone has his own lifestyle” Luke said

“Well, let me go straight to the point” Mr Isaac started

“I don’t know what to ask you but am sure that you know Paul very well?” He asked while Luke nodded

“I want you to check what relationship Paul have with Gina” Mr Isaac added

“Gina?” Luke asked as if he was surprised

“Yes” Mr Isaac replied and shows him the picture that was sent to Mr Williams the previous day
Luke narrowed his eyes claiming that he doubts it meanwhile, it was him who took the picture

“I am giving you this opportunity because I will not leave you with empty hand” Mr Isaac said

“I will try my best sir” Luke said raising up his head

“I will be waiting for your feedback” Mr Isaac said while Luke nodded and stood up

The next place in his mind was to visit Officer Kelly because he would be helpful

From there, he would visit Paul

Mr Williams arrived at his office

Everywhere was kinda dusty
He wasn’t surprised because it has been two days since he came there

The next thing was to do a little cleanup

He was about to dust the desk when his eyes caught something that looks like a human finger

“Someone must have been here” he said looking closely at the mark

“Lucy’s file” he added and rushed to the wardrobe where they were kept
He brought down the whole files and started checking them out

He checked it countless times but he couldn’t find Lucy’s file
He was just confused because he wondered how it could get missing

The next thing was to call his police, because that finger needed to be scanned

Luke arrived at Officer Kelly house because he has called him earlier that he wanted to visit him that morning

Officer Kelly had to wait for him because Luke was the one who puts him in the police position when he was desperate about it but things weren’t working out as it supposed
Officer Kelly was his brother

“Welcome” Officer Kelly said
Luke smiled

“You have been really busy this days” Luke and walking in properly

Officer Kelly gestured him to sit

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“It hasn’t been easy brother” Officer Kelly replied

“What can I offer you?” Officer Kelly asked

“My normal drink of course” Luke replied smiling
Officer Kelly walked in
In few seconds, he was back with the drinks

“So what could have brought you here?” Officer Kelly asked after serving him the drinks

“Are you really happy with your position or you want to be promoted?” Luke asked back

“I will love to be promoted because I have been working very hard for this country but nothing has changed on my own side” Officer Kelly said

“That is corruption” Luke said

“Too bad”

“Anyway That’s why am here” Luke said while Officer Kelly smiled
It was a good news

“Am ready to listen” Officer Kelly said

“I want you to help me when am through with Paul”

“How do you mean?”

“The killing of Lucy has the whole proof that Paul was behind it” Luke replied

“What? Was he really the one?” Officer Kelly asked

“Gina did it, although I saw everything” Luke replied

“So how come Paul was behind it?” Officer Kelly asked

“I know that you are smart in questioning but I want us to make it in way that will look so true” Luke replied

“This is not what it supposed” Officer Kelly complained

“If you really want this position, you have to choose this” Luke said
Officer Kelly was just lost in thought

Just then, Officer Kelly phone started ringing
It was Mr Williams

He picked it up

“Can you see me in my office now?” Mr Williams asked
Officer Kelly turned to Luke and he nodded
The call was on loud speaker, making Luke to hear what Mr Williams was saying

“I think I have gotten the culprit of that murderer” Mr Williams added
Officer Kelly turned to look at Luke
He nodded again remembering that Paul told him that he would go and get rid of Lucy’s file

“I will be there right now” Officer Kelly replied and hung up

“Hope you aren’t responsible?” Officer Kelly asked referring to Luke

“Of course no” Luke replied

“I will give you some tips when I come back” Officer Kelly said

“Just try and get any of his ID card for a clean work” Officer Kelly added and left for Mr Williams office

It was in their bloods to be greedy

Officer Kelly arrived at Mr Williams office

Mr Williams was sitting far from the desk

“Here” Mr Williams said pointing at the mark

Officer walked closer to it

He ordered his fellow policemen to bring in the scanning machine they came with

After scanning it, Officer Kelly called Mr Williams to confirm it

It was Paul

Officer Kelly stylishly dropped an empty wallet which he has bought earlier

“So it was really Paul?” Mr Williams asked

“Still unbelievable to me anyway” Officer Kelly responded

“Whose wallet is this?” Officer Kelly asked referring to that same wallet he dropped

Mr Williams was surprised seeing it because he didn’t see it before

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He meant to pick it but Officer Kelly stopped him

“We still need to trace him with it, for confirmation” Officer Kelly said while Mr Williams nodded

Officer Kelly brought out his handkerchief and collected the wallet

Luke drove straight to the hotel where Paul was

He knocked
Just as the door was opened, a lady walked out
Paul was standing behind the door smiling

“You can never change” Luke said walking inside

“What brings you here man?” Paul asked closing the door from behind

“Just want to say hi” Luke responded walking straight to the bed

“Why do you choose to stay here instead of going home?” Luke asked

“I just want my Dad to miss me” Paul replied making Luke to smile

“Go wash your face man” Luke said

“Oh” Paul said smiling
He walked straight to the bathroom giving Luke the opportunity to look for his wallet
It was just lying on the bed

He took it and opened it
His passport was in it
He smiled and puts it inside his pocket

Just as Paul was coming out from the bathroom, Luke did as if he was making a call

“Okay I will be there now” he said and brought down his phone from his ear

“Sorry man but Gina needs my help now” Luke said

“So soon?” Paul asked

“I have to, but I will come back” Luke replied and left immediately

Mr Williams arrived at Mr Isaac house

As usual, he met him in his study room

He explained every single thing that he found out that day

“So Paul was really the one?” Mr Isaac asked after the explanation

“I think but we will be very sure after when Officer Kelly checked out his wallet” Mr Williams replied

“Too bad”

“So what are you planning to do to him?” Mr Williams asked

“After confirming it first” Mr Isaac replied

Mr Williams nodded and left

Luke called Officer Kelly and gave him the wallet

Officer Kelly gave him some ideas before he left for Mr Isaac house

Luke got to Mr Isaac house as he planned with Officer Kelly

“So any idea?” Mr Isaac asked

“I just discovered that Paul is in a hotel” Luke replied

“Which hotel is that?” Mr Isaac and Luke told him

Mr Isaac called one of his workers and asked him to go and get Paul for him

During the phone call, Luke places a mic under Mr Isaac desk for a properly planning ahead of them

Because the mic was connected through bluetooth headphones

“So what are you planning?” Luke asked

“I think I will disown him” Mr Isaac replied

“You said what?” Luke asked as he used the opportunity to turn On his recorder

“I might disown Paul” Mr Isaac replied

“Who then will take over?” Luke asked

“Maybe you” Mr Isaac replied

“But” Mr Isaac meant to say but Luke interrupted him with a cough
He used the opportunity to save the recorder

“Sorry for that” Luke apologized

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After much discussion, Luke left to his house

Paul answered his father because the information didn’t come in a nice way

The person who called him, told him that his father was suspecting him

He had to go and clear everything with him

“So it was you?” Mr Isaac asked when Paul came in

“I don’t understand” Paul said because he wanted to hear it from his father

“You killed Lucy and I don’t know what your plan was” Mr Isaac replied

“I didn’t, Gina did” Paul defended

“That was because you asked her to do so” Mr Isaac said

“I didn’t, I was just surprised hearing that” Paul said

“Don’t try playing me because your culprit was found in Mr Williams desk, so what do you have to say about it?” Mr Isaac asked
Paul gasped, hearing that

“Even your wallet was found there” Mr Isaac added

Paul checked himself immediately and discovered that his wallet was gone

He couldn’t believe what was happening

“Don’t worry Dad, I will get Gina here and she will explain everything to you” Paul said and rushed out

Meanwhile Luke has been hearing their conversation and he knew that if Paul would be able to meet Gina, that means his plan would be shattered

He got to his car and drove off to Gina’s apartment

He followed the back entrance and there was no security man there
Which Luke was sure of

He was able to dodge the house help and
He met with Gina in her room

He opened the door without knocking
Gina was in her bathroom when he comes in

Gina was asking who just came in but Luke didn’t say anything

He stood behind the bathroom door as he waited for her

Just as Gina walked out, he used a poisoned handkerchief to cover her nose

Gina struggled with him but a man’s power was always stronger

After some seconds, when Gina could no longer feel her breath, she gave up but was still stretching her body for her last life

Luke used the opportunity to bring out a rope and a paper where he wrote Gina accepting to commit suicide

He brought out an ink and places Gina’s finger on it

He used her finger to stamp it

He tied the rope on a fan hook and tied Gina on her neck

He made sure that he hanged her up

He dropped the paper on her bed and even the video record he took on that night when Gina killed Lucy

He checked Gina’s computer and formatted the whole thing the camera has recorded so far

He turned off the camera before walking out

He checked very well before taking the back entrance

His mind was to kill Mr Isaac and used the records to claim taking over the business

Just as he left, following the back entrance, Paul drove in following the front entrance

Luke has already written statement of Mr Isaac disowning Paul and handing everything over to Luke