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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 49

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Forty-Nine????????

Written By Chris Val ????

((^^))???????????? Author’s Note ????????????((^^))

Still On #Flashback

Luke drove straight to Mr Isaac’s house

He wondered why Mr Isaac always stays in his study room
Even Mrs Isaac, who was Paul’s mother doesn’t stay at home like her husband
But his business was still growing every day by day

“Paul was here” Mr Isaac said

“Did he tell you the truth?” Luke asked as if he didn’t know what happened

“He said that he wasn’t aware of it but he knows who killed her” Mr Isaac replied

“And he has left to get her” Mr Isaac added
Luke couldn’t stop laughing in his mind because he knew what the result would be

“Anyways, I have informed Mr Williams and he will be here in no time”
On hearing that, Luke thought that his plan would be ruined if Mr Williams comes

He had to rush with his plan

He brought out his poisoned handkerchief

“I will wait” Luke said while Mr Isaac nodded

“Can I take a walk around this study room?” Luke asked

“Yes of course” Mr Isaac responded
He focused back to what he was doing while Luke started walking around

It was fortunate for him that he used the chance to walk and stopped behind Mr Isaac

Mr Isaac noticed that he was no longer moving, he meant to turn but Luke used a force to hold him with the poisoned handkerchief

Mr Isaac struggled with him but Luke’s strength was stronger

Mr Isaac was becoming weak
Luke tied the handkerchief around his mouth and dropped him
he rushed to where he was sitting because that was where he dropped the paper and it was in a file that Mr Isaac didn’t suspect anything earlier

Luke brought out the paper and walked back to where Mr Isaac was lying
He stamped it
Using Mr Isaac thumb and his official stamp

He made sure that Mr Isaac was no longer breathing before he removed the handkerchief
When he was sure that Mr Isaac was dead, he started making an escape planning

He first of all cleared what he used to work
Which was the paper and the handkerchief

He checked for the important documents and placed it on the window where his car was parked

He then lays Mr Isaac’s head down as if he was sleeping

He wouldn’t try going out because it would look suspicious
He went to a comfortable chair and sat
He pretended to be asleep

Paul couldn’t believe what he was seeing when he got to Gina’s room

He called both her house help and gateman for questioning

He wanted to know if someone was there but they replied no

Paul knew that he wasn’t safe, he called his mother because she was the only one who could help him at that moment

Mrs Isaac told him that she was already on her way coming because Mr Isaac has called her earlier about what was going on

She had to report, because it was her family that was in danger

Paul had to rush back home to wait for Mrs Isaac arrival

After some minutes in Mr Isaac house, Mr Williams arrived

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He went straight to the study room

He knocked but no response
The house help confirmed to him that Mr Isaac was in there

He was scared that he forced the door opened

Mr Isaac was lying as if he was sleeping
Luke was only pretending to be sleeping

“You scared me” Mr Williams said walking to where Mr Isaac was lying
He thought he was sleeping

Just then, Officer Kelly walked in

“Oh Mr Williams, you are here” Officer Kelly said just as Mr Williams turned around, when he noticed that someone was behind him

“Oh, yes” Mr Williams replied

“Mr Isaac sent for me” Officer Kelly said

“The same here” Mr Williams responded
Officer Kelly looked at where Mr Isaac was bending his head

“That odd position” Officer Kelly said walking ahead
He went closer to Mr Isaac and tapped him but he didn’t make any move

“Who is this?” Mr Williams asked when he sighted where Luke was lying
He walked closer to him while Officer Kelly smiled at Luke’s smartness

Mr Williams tapped Luke and he opened his eyes

“Oh” Luke said as he sat properly

“Mr Isaac isn’t responding” Officer Kelly said distracting Mr Williams from further questions which he knows that he would have asked Luke

.”how do you mean?” Mr Williams asked walking closer to him

He called Mr Isaac countless times with tapping but he didn’t make any move

Just then, Paul and Mrs Isaac walked in

Seeing the situation, Paul suspected that something was wrong
He rushed to where his father was lying

He took his hand and checked the pulse but it wasn’t making any move

“Oh no” Paul said

An ambulance arrived at that minute and took Mr Isaac corpse

Paul and Mrs Isaac also left with the ambulance except Mr Williams, Officer Kelly and Luke

“You are the only one with him when we arrived” Mr Williams said looking at Luk

“What are you insinuating?” Luke asked

“What were you doing here?” Mr Williams returned the question

“Let’s not point an accusing fingers on someone yet” Officer Kelly interrupted

“Are you taking his side?” Mr Williams asked turning to face Officer Kelly with an unbelievable mind

“I am not taking anyone’s side but I will look into this and try my best” Officer Kelly replied

“I need to be there” Luke said and left
He just wanted to confirm what he did

He left the room and walked straight to where he kept the documents and collected it
He entered his car and drove off
Meanwhile Mr Williams saw those papers when he was about to enter the car
He suspected that there must be something wrong somewhere

After much trial on Mr Isaac, the doctor confirmed him dead

Luke was happy hearing that

Everyone retired to wherever they lived except his family members who made sure that he was puts inside the mortuary

Luke called Officer Kelly that evening and they arranged a better lawyer that would help them in the situation at hand

“Didn’t you noticed that Mr Williams was suspecting you?” Officer Kelly has asked

“That’s The reason why I want to fasten everything” Luke replied

The following day, Luke went to Mr Isaac’s house with the lawyer that he was working with

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Everyone was present when they arrived even Mr Williams

They were welcomed

Everyone was surprised seeing Luke with the lawyer
They were offered to sit

Officer Kelly later arrived, so that it wouldn’t look suspicious

“Luke” Officer Kelly called as if he was surprised seeing him there

“Shall we start now?” The lawyer asked

“Start what please?” Officer Kelly asked back as planned
He sat close to Mr Williams

“The documents which Mr Isaac dropped to my care” the lawyer replied

“What?” Mrs Isaac asked surprisedly
Everyone’s look changed on hearing that

“We have our family lawyer” Paul said

“He said that he didn’t trust him” he said bringing out those files

“This can’t be possible, I have to call the family lawyer” Paul said

“Don’t worry Paul, Mr Isaac disowned you before he died” the lawyer said

“What??” Everyone chorused including Officer Kelly

The lawyer brought out the file that bears it, Mr Isaac stamp was also attached to it

The lawyer brought out the records which Luke has recorded so far

“Let’s call the family lawyer first” Mrs Isaac said reaching out for her phone

She dialed the number but it was switched off

“Why is this happening all of a sudden?” Mrs Isaac asked no one to reply

Luke was also surprised when he heard that the lawyer’s number was switched off

He ignored them and continued with what he has
He played the one where Mr Isaac said about disowning Paul

“Luke?” Paul asked when he recognized his voice

“Yes, that was the day he confirmed you as the murderer” Luke replied

“Luke what are you talking about? You know everything” Paul said

“I don’t know anything, I only have the full evidence” Luke responded


“Well, I don’t have much time for this” Luke said

He first played the one Paul discussed with Mr Isaac

“So what are you trying to prove with this?” Mr Williams asked

“We discovered yesterday that Gina was hanged in her room and that was when Paul said that he wanted to go and bring her to his father” Luke paused

“That means he might possibly be the one to that hanged her” Luke added

“Luke why are you doing this?” Paul asked not believing it

“I don’t support ugly acts” Luke said
He brought out the pictures he took when Paul and Gina met
In several occasions

He also brought the video he recorded when Gina killed Lucy

He also brought out the paper which he wrote but made Gina to sign in it

“I found this in Gina’s room when I arrived at her house after hearing about her death and it says that Paul threatened to kill her if she don’t leave the country” Luke said
Paul was just confused about the whole thing
Every other person was dumbfounded

In the paper, Gina agreed that she planned everything with Paul

That was Officer Kelly planning
Those pictures goes a long way to prove it

Finally, Luke shows them the paper where Mr Isaac signed that he has disowned Paul and had given everything over to Luke

“I hope everyone is now cleared with this?” Luke asked

“This is not possible, Luke stop this”

“It is too late Paul” Luke said and smirked

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“I think we need to call the family lawyer” Paul said

“We don’t need any opinion from a murderer” Luke said

“Luke you are really betraying me”

“That means Paul needs to be arrested?” The lawyer said as if he was asking

“It is not that clear to use it against him” Officer Kelly said
That was part of the plan

“Am suppose to be the one acting with this evidence not you”
“Am not even sure if it is true” Officer Kelly added

“I have gotten the evidence and right as the owner of this company” Luke said as if he was ignoring Officer Kelly

“Am only giving you the opportunity with options” Luke added looking at Paul

“Leave the country or go to jail” Luke continued

“That’s the least I can do as a friend” Luke added relaxing properly

“I can’t believe this Luke”

“You have only five days but after that five days and you didn’t make any move, then I will handle it lawfully” Luke said with more than serious face

“Mrs Isaac” Luke called while she turned to look at him

“From the document, you have four companies that you are managing”

“And as lawfully heir to Chantelle clothing company, I will take two from you because you will also no longer part of us”

“Am leaving two for you as a compensation” Luke added

All this while, Mr Williams couldn’t utter a word

After the meeting, Luke left with his lawyer
Officer Kelly had to wait behind, to avoid suspects

“Don’t worry everyone, I will take care of everything” Officer Kelly said

“Mr Williams, this is where I need you most” Officer Kelly added while Mr Williams nodded

In the evening, Luke called Officer Kelly
They celebrated their little victory

It was then that Luke knew that Mr Isaac family lawyer was no more

It was Officer Kelly that handled it after being told by the new lawyer that he would be a problem

He actually killed him

Meanwhile, Mr Williams arrived home with lots of thought
He was just confused about what happened earlier that day

He rushed straight to his computer
It was connected with a camera that was mounted in Mr Isaac study room
He has to start working

Mr Williams was the one who secretly moulted it there
Even Mr Isaac wasn’t aware of it

He has been suspecting that everything wasn’t alright, since when Mr Isaac complained about some missing files

That was why he moulted it

He turned it On and started from the time Luke walked in

He watched every single step Luke took

He was shocked when it gets to where Luke covered Mr Isaac nose with a handkerchief

“I suspected it” Mr Williams said to himself

“Luke must be behind all this things”

“I need to inform Mrs Isaac then” he said
He dialed her number but it was switched off

He had to call Officer Kelly who was the one that would handle it properly

“I think I have found the main culprit”

“I mean the sense behind all this” Mr Williams said

“How?” Officer Kelly asked because he knew that there would be a problem

“I will meet you tomorrow morning with the evidence” Mr Williams replied