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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 50

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Fifty????????

Written By Chris Val ????

((^^))???????????? Author’s Note ????????????((^^))

Still On #Flashback

The following day, Mr Williams met with Officer Kelly in his house as agreed

“So what are the evidence?” Officer Kelly asked
Mr Williams shows him the video
Even when Luke places something under Mr Isaac desk

“I guess, that was what he used to plan ahead of Paul , when he said that he would go and bring Gina” Mr Williams said
Lots of things were covered by the video

It could go for in ending Luke’s life

“Too bad, I have to make use of this” Officer Kelly said taking the video recording and the pictures

“That’s why I brought it to you” Mr Williams agreed

“Mr Isaac will be happy if we do this for him” Mr Williams added

“I Always want to prove to everyone that am equal to the task, as you believe in me, I won’t let you down” Officer Kelly responded

“Just tell Paul to sue him to court and everything will be exposed” Officer Kelly advised

“Okay then, I will be on my way” Mr Williams responded
They shook hands and he left

Officer Kelly didn’t hesitate to contact Luke

He explained every single thing to him and also let him know that Mr Williams was going to tell Paul and his mother the truth

“Don’t worry, I will handle him” Luke assured him

Luke contacted some set of bad gangs that he has been working with

He gave them every details concerning Mr Williams

They managed to track him down

One of them, who was a computer literacy, used the computer to hack the traffic light

He got it delayed Mr Williams so that they could meet up with him while others entered their car and drove off to the location

They took another way and stopped at the front where they knew Mr Williams would take

After some minutes, Mr Williams drove out from wherever he was

The road was free
People hardly pass there because of its loneliness
He saw a car parked horizontally, blocking the road

Someone was inside it trying to force it start
Mr Williams parked and got down

“What’s the problem?” Mr Williams asked, walking closer to the car

“I was trying to reverse but it suddenly stopped” the guy replied
Mr Williams was still watching him when someone hits him from the back and he fainted

Mr Williams was fast in waking up
He discovered that he was inside a locked boot but didn’t know where they were

After some minutes of driving, they stopped and brought him down from the car

To his greatest surprise, Luke and Officer Kelly was standing there with a smile on their faces

“Kelly?” He called him by his name

“We can’t do a work that doesn’t pay” Officer Kelly said still smiling

“I shouldn’t have trusted you” Mr Williams said

“I didn’t trust you either, do you even know how I got here?” Officer Kelly asked

“Luke here made it possible, so tell me why I shouldn’t give him a helping hand”

“He is also my brother, that is two solid reason” Officer Kelly added

“Assuming I had known, I wouldn’t have made this mistake” Mr Williams said

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“Guys, do to him as usual” Officer Kelly said referring to the gangs while he left with Luke

“Remember my promotion” Officer Kelly said looking at Luke with a smile on his face

“You don’t have to say it twice” Luke replied

Mrs Isaac has seen that there was no other choice for them

Luke has also added that Mr Isaac told him that Paul offered him a drink when he visited him before going
He then used that as the thing that caused Mr Isaac death

To avoid being humiliated, Mrs Isaac left to another country with Paul

He assured him that everything will be alright


…. David POV ❣️

After another flashback story, I was just dumbfounded

Jason’s father was controlling a business that was supposed to be my father’s

“So that was how Mr Williams was killed?” I asked the demon

“The explanation can tell you” the demon said instead

“Apart from Luke and Officer Kelly, who else knows about their secret?” I asked

“No, only three of them” the demon replied

“You mean, including Mr Williams?” I asked

“Exactly” the demon replied

“So how then can I reveal it?” I asked as if she knows everything

“There are so many ways to kill a rat” she said instead

“But can you give me a tip?” I asked

“Only future will give you a tip”

“So confusing” I said under my breath

“It is already late, go to bed” the demon said
I checked the time and it was pretty late

“Just give me some idea” I requested

“Good night” the demon said and disappeared

“That ugly creature” I said as I meant to lay back on the bed

“I heard you” the demon said appearing back

“Tell me then!” I shouted but with a low voice

“Lower your voice”

“And no!!!” She shouted, disappearing again

“Oh shit” I said collapsing on the bed

“Hahahaha” the demon laughed

“Just stop scaring me!” I shouted covering myself
I waited to hear her again but she didn’t say anything
I slowly fell asleep


…… Jason POV ❣️

The following morning, I already knew that me going to school for that day was cancelled by me

I walked downstairs

My Dad was already occupied with a program in the living room
I was sure that my Mom has left

She doesn’t really care about me unlike Tessy
She never asked me on how I was doing
What matters to her was only her business

I always doubt if she was really my mother

“Good morning Dad” I greeted sitting on a couch close to him
He turned to look at me

“Aren’t you going to school today?” He asked instead

“I have something that bothers me more than that school” I replied

“You still don’t know how important that school is” my Dad said

“Dad, I have a favor to ask” I said

“This early morning, and I know that is also the reason why you refused going to school today” he said

“If that so, it means that it is really bothering you, so go on” he added
That was what makes him different from Mom
He do care about me

“Dad, I want you to help me and get Dorothy free from the police hand” I said

“You better come off it, don’t tell me that you are in love with her?”

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“You don’t even ask me how I got to know” he added

“No Dad, I can never be in love with her, I have my taste” I defended
I couldn’t imagine myself loving Dorothy

“Beside, COP Kelly has been giving you updates” I added

“Are you not aware that she also has hand in the death of your sister?” He asked

“She have to stay there until we find David” he added

“That’s it” I said


“If she remains there, it will be more difficult to find David, we her, in order to find David” I tried talking sense into him

“If she refused, then we will torture her” he said

“No Dad, that’s not what I meant” I paused

” she has already told me that a demon fighter will be coming by this weekend and she was the only one who can cool his temper”

“I mean if we didn’t go with her, we will definitely be in trouble” I added

“Then we can take her directly from the cell to the David’s place” my Dad said

“No Dad, she needs peace of mind in order to calm him down” I responded while he kept quiet looking at me

“I know that you want to punish him and that is exactly what I want but let’s deliver him first, then we will be able to punish him well” I added

“I don’t know why you became soft all of a sudden, you need to be like your father” my Dad said

“Dad, I know what am doing” I responded
My intention was to punish David after his deliverance
At least, for killing my own sister

“I will discuss with COP Kelly, she will be freed by tomorrow but don’t forget your words” he said

“Trust me Dad” I responded


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

Since I arrived at the police station, I have been hoping my Uncle contact the demon fighter sooner

I knew that once he gets to know that I was arrested, he would try everything possible to free me

I was brought to the visitation room that morning

After some seconds, COP Kelly walked in to where I was kept

He kept an eye contact with me and I did the same

“Even your eyes says it all” he said

“Can you tell me where to find David?” He asked

“That’s the only thing I don’t know about David” I replied
He drew back in disbelief

“Why did you choose to keep his secret?” He asked

“I felt pity for him because I understood that he wasn’t the one in charge of himself” I replied

“He can’t even control it” I added

“Am not in the mood for you now but if I determine to torture you, you will tell me every single thing you know” he said
I was really scared

If they should get hold of David, lots of problems would embrace us

Just then, the demon that I was doing a combine business with, appeared but she disappeared immediately
COP Kelly seems to see it because he turned to that direction

“Did you see that?” He asked

“Can you see ghost?” I returned the question

“I can’t see them but I can feel their presence” he replied

“This is gonna be interesting” he added standing up

“I will be back in the next two hours for you” he concluded and left

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I bent down my head in thought

Another person walked in and I raised up my head
It was Jason

“Have you seen David?” That was the first thing that came out from my mouth
Jason smiled
He ignored me and sat

“You don’t expect me to reply that” he said instead

“Am just being too worried” I responded

“Don’t worry, I will find him” he said

“Don’t go without that leaf” I reminded him

“Sure, am just here to know your Uncle’s address, so that I can meet him to know when the demon fighter will be coming” he replied
That was good of him

“Does it mean that you have forgiven him?” I asked

“I haven’t, I just want to save the world” he replied
I smiled

I gave him my Uncle’s address

“Don’t worry, you will be freed by tomorrow” he said smiling
He stood up and left

I was just impressed with how he suddenly changed


…. David POV ❣️

I was in the balcony taking some fresh air when someone knocked at the gate

The gateman later came to inform me that the person was looking for me

I became scared
I knew that I wasn’t safe but I had to face my fate

I walked out and it was a guy backing our house with a very big cloth he used to cover himself

“Hey” I said as he turned to face me

He removed the big cloth and it was Jason
I couldn’t believe it

“How did you find here?” I asked with a surprise

“Better stop acting” he said instead

“What are you doing here?” I asked really surprised

“To arrest you of course” he replied
I looked around but it was only one car that was parked there

“Only you? Why that kind of clothes?” I asked two questions at the same time

“I was hiding from COP Kelly because he tried following me” he replied
My heart skipped

“Why?” I asked

“He saw me coming out after visiting Dorothy, he followed me but when I noticed it, I drove straight to a boutique, I bought this clothes and borrowed this car from one of the workers who knows me very well” he explained

“Visiting Dorothy? Didn’t Dorothy comes to school today?” I asked double again

“That’s exactly why am here” he replied confusing me

“How do you mean?” I asked

“Dorothy is in the police station now” he replied while I gasped

“Why?” I asked

“COP Kelly arrested her in your place and she will be staying there until they find you” he replied

“Then let’s go there” he said meant to drag him to his car but he slapped me

“Dorothy asked me to meet her Uncle, to know when the demon fighter will be coming for you” he replied
I was totally confused

“Which demon fighter?” I asked

“We have to go a long way for you” he said instead
It was unlike him

“Explain to me” I requested
He took his time to explain everything that happened after our encounter

“Okay then, let’s meet him first, I hope you all will forgive me” I said

“Am not gonna try that, let’s meet Dorothy’s Uncle first” Jason responded

I nodded
Maybe I would face the consequences of what I have done

We walked straight to his car
We entered and he drove off