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Undergrounded Demons. Chapter 47

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Forty-Seven

Brought by Chris Val ????✨


°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° California °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

????⚡????⚡????Mira POV ????⚡????⚡????

I was preparing for the trip which has been my everyday thought

“Jack hope you are getting ready” I said to myself as I picked up my phone

I called Jack’s line and it was picked after so many times of trial

“Jack” I called

“Sorry but unfortunately, the owner of this number had an accident and he is in our hospital now”

“What?” I couldn’t believe it
How could everything be happening in a twinkle of an eye

I rushed out of my room without locking my door

I drove straight to the location the nurse gave me

It was the same hospital where Ajax and Axel were taken to

I got inside the hospital and rushed to the doctor’s office

He recognized me immediately

“Come with me” he said even when I haven’t said anything
We walked out of his office

Straight to the ward where Jack was kept

“I think what is happening is not an ordinary thing” the doctor said

“It is totally strange to me” he added

Worst part was that Mr Smith hasn’t heard about it
He would surely be angry with me if he does

“Can he live?” I asked the doctor

“Maybe, I can’t tell about this because am still confused” he replied

“I think there is something going on in their family” he added

Just then, my phone began to ring

It was our science teacher…….

????⚡????⚡????Mr Noah POV ????⚡????⚡????

I tried killing Axel and his brother but Jack’s power was affecting the process

I had to plan on what happened to him

I was in my room watching the accident on my television

I watched the whole thing and I helped Henry vanish from the scene

“Good” I said to myself standing up from my seat

“At least his spirit will be weak now” I added

????⚡????⚡???? Axel POV ????⚡????⚡????

There was no going front or back in where we found ourselves

The worst part was that Mr Noah tied us up with an invisible rope

We couldn’t see it but we could feel it

We sat on the ground looking helpless

“For how long are we going to be here?” I asked, as if Ajax knows

“I have no idea” he replied

“I just hope Jack is fine” he added
He was just too caring

He was in trouble, still he was worried about others
Unlike me that always try to be free first

“But you are wrong” we heard someone’s voice in the background as Mr Noah appeared

“This is still doubtful to me” Ajax said while Mr Noah smiled

“I want to get this” I said

“Are you really behind the killing in the school?” I asked

“And where are the rest?” I asked looking around

“You guys are only lucky to be here because of Jack” he said

“His power couldn’t let me finish you guys up” he added

“Why must you kill?”

“Like I don’t get the point” I said

“I don’t have any other options” he responded
It has explained it all
That there must be a reason

I couldn’t believe it

“Are you not aware that you are supposed to be guiding the school?”

“You are the principal” I added

“I don’t care anymore” he said

“That is the main reason why I applied for this position” he added
It was just like a movie to me

I couldn’t believe it

“What have we done to you?” I cried

“Children pay for their father’s sin” he said instead


“Your Dad created all this” he replied


He began to explain their lives
Starting from their childhood

How their friendship was

Finally, when my Dad did some sacrifices for himself

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The whole story was just banging my head

“Can you just stop flaming stories here?” Ajax shouted

“Am not saying this for you guys to do anything because none of you will go out of here alive” Mr Noah said


“Just watch and see” he responded

Before I could say anything, he raised his two hands up, towards me and Ajax
Before we knew it, we began to float on the air

He was strangling us with his spiritual power

All we could do was to cough because we were seriously choking

“Mr Noah please” Ajax pleaded
I couldn’t talk because I was already loosing it

“Am sorry that you guys have to go like this” Mr Noah said

“That is a complete lie” different voice appeared in the background and we were released from Mr Noah and we landed back to the floor

“Jack” Ajax called and I looked around
Jack was standing at a little bit far from where we were

“You seems stubborn, weren’t you supposed to be dead?” Mr Noah asked
He was really shocked

“Am not stubborn but am just unstoppable” Jack replied with a smile
I felt happy

I guessed I was liking him lately

“That’s the only mistake I made when I was supposed to kill you” Mr Noah said

“I made a mistake by saving you from the plane crash” he added
That statement meant a lot

“Which plane crash?”

“I don’t have time for this” Mr Noah said and vanished

Jack rushed to us

“How did you get here?” Ajax asked him

“I found myself here the last time I had an encounter with Mr Noah” Jack replied

“Wait, were you aware that he is behind the killing?” I asked

“Am sorry but I didn’t know how you guys will see it if I had said so” he replied

He was also aware of it

“What else do you know about him?” I asked
I wanted to know if he was also aware of my Dad’s life during his youth age

“A lot” he said

“Let me see if I can untire you guys” he added and tried doing so
But unfortunately, he couldn’t

“I don’t have this power” he said

“You need to go and save the rest since he can’t kill you” I said
I was beginning to care

I turned to look at Ajax to know if he would support me because once he supported, Jack would definitely do

“Yes Jack” Ajax said

“I am already late because I heard that Mr Noah arranged a trip for the science students”

“Am sure that he wants to take some souls from there” Jack added

“Is Stella among?” I asked
I was really worried about her

“I don’t know because my spirit can’t move around the earth” he replied

“Are you also dead?” I asked

“Am not sure” he replied

“I will be back guys” he added……..

????⚡????⚡???? Andrew POV ????⚡????⚡????

We all gathered at the school premises where we would be leaving with a car that will take us to the airport

We were, Mira, Freda, Dennis, Gabriel, George, Dan, Ruth, Peter, I and the next person supposed to be Richard but he said that he wasn’t good in adventures
So he was replaced by Stella

I didn’t know how she did it but I was sure that she worked on it

The vehicle later arrived, as We gathered around it as we waited for the teacher who would lead us
It was just a big bus

Mr Noah said that he would like to go with us but he has to take care of the school
He has some certain things to do at the school when we leave

“Why is it only you that is going, out of the A gangs?”Peter asked walking up to me

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Maybe he likes gossiping

“They all said that they can’t leave when Axel is at point of death” I replied

“Are they planning to save him?” He asked while I laughed

“That’s not possible” I said

“I thought that you guys are working together, why are you different now?” He asked

“I don’t want to show concern again”

“When I got hits by his brother, he didn’t react like he supposed” I replied

“You supposed to know Axel very well”

“He likes his family a lot” he added

“Does it mean?”

“You supposed to know him more than me”

“I have been watching you guys very well, you guys has never harass Ajax” he added
That was true

Even if he intervene during our show
As in bullying people
Axel would ask us to leave everything at that point

He was the power we had, so we had to obey him

“Whatever, I am paying him back” I said

“What if he removed you from the A gangs?”

“I won’t care because that would give me the idea of creating my own gang and we will be against them” I replied
That has been my thought since Axel refused to confront his brother

“I will like to join you” Peter said

“Sure” I responded

Stella walked from where she was, straight before me and Peter

She walked almost around the place
Calling for people’s attention

“This is quite unbelievable” she said
Everyone focused on her
Although some were busy with their phone

“How can someone claim to love someone but still forsake him when he needs her” she added

Checking on that statement, she indirectly referring to Mira

Jack wasn’t feeling good
He doesn’t show if he would survive the accident he had in the morning or not


“It is time guys” the science teacher said calling our attention

We had to look at her

The door was opened and we entered into the big bus

????⚡????⚡???? Gabriel POV ????⚡????⚡????

The bus took off with a great speed

It was thrilling

I was sitting at the right hand side at center of the bus

Each side has one person on it

It didn’t take us time to reach the airport

“Wow this is great” I said

I felt so much excited


I am Gabriel as you can see

I was Among the best but hidden science students

I like going out to anywhere I finds interesting

Adventures was my thing


It was our school plane
Meant for things like this

We do use it while going for a competition in a far distance

Our school was really rich

Mr Smith’s handwork

We were told to take a potable luggages because we would be spending four days there

We entered the plane and looked for a better position for ourselves

The following morning, We arrived at the starting point of the journey with a car after we were dropped at the airport by the school plane

We got to the starting point

It was a desert with good view

You could hardly see short trees

All of them were tall


Two days later, which was the the following day,

it was already getting to evening time

We made an arrangement of sticks and lights it

We made it on time because we didn’t want to be caught up with night

“By tomorrow, the real adventures will start” the teacher said because since we have been walking, we haven’t come across anything that would make us warn

It was just minor things that we do see

We had to be writing it down for in case if we gets back

“That will be great” I said smiling
That has been my expectations

“Something like what?” Ruth asked

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“Some wild animals and some things we never believed that exists” the teacher replied
That sounds interesting

We had a long way to go

“I already feel like urinating” Peter said raising one of his leg up as we burst out laughing

“Is he scared?” George asked

“He doesn’t look strong either” Dennis said, making the laughter to increase

“I am coming back for you two” Peter said as he finally stood up
We continue laughing as he walked out
He walked through my back

Those facing me could see him but I couldn’t because I was backing him

“If he is like this just because he heard it, what if he sees it?” I asked

“He would just die” Dennis responded while the laughter rised again

“Help!!!” We heard Peter shouting
We turned to look at him

He was standing behind a tree but we could see his hands

“That guy is crazy” George said while we returned our faces to where we arranged those sticks

“OMG” Mira who was still looking at the direction where Peter was, she was holding her mouth with one of her hand while she used the other one to point at where Peter was

We had to turn for the second time

Unbelievable, it was Peter’s ghost looking face

Two tree branches bent over and was already in his eyes

I couldn’t believe it until when the branches made a move, removing its stick from Peter’s eyes

His eyes were gone

“Jesus!!!” We all shouted jumping up from where we sat in our respective position…….

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

I blinked my eyes five times before I could open it properly

“Wow” a nurse who came to check on me, said
She was surprised

“You are awake?” She asked smiling

“Can I leave here please” I requested

“One minute please” she said and rushed out of the ward

I began to look around the room

I was wondering if I had friends

It was getting dark still no one was there to check on me

The doctor walked in with that nurse

“Impressive” the doctor said
He checked my body

“You are just different” he added

“What about my brothers?” I asked

“They seems not coming back again” he replied

“Can I go now?”

“You need to go with someone”

“But can’t you see that I don’t have a friend?”

“One lady by name, Mira, dropped your key here with us” the doctor said


I took a cab straight to Mira’s apartment

I met with her neighbor who told me that she really left for the trip

I had to return home

“Mira are you this stubborn?” I asked as I opened my door

I was more worried about her because Mr Noah would be targeting her first

“I must go after her” I concluded and began to select my clothes

“Are you planning to go?” I heard the ghost boy asking as he appeared

“What does it look like am doing?” I returned the question

“Going after them will be fruitless because you can’t locate them and everyone will die there” he said

“What?” I collapsed on my bed

“Yes, that will be the fate of everyone” he replied

“So, it will be better if you use this time to get down on Mr Noah here than to go out there” he added

I began to think
Imagining what Mira, Stella and the rest would be passing through

“But why would Mira leave even after what happened to me that same day?” I asked
Maybe he knows

“You are still underestimating Mr Noah’s power” he said

“Mira is no longer her full self” he added

That was strange
Things are already getting out of hand

“Am ready for you Mr Noah” I said as I stood up from my bed


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