January 17, 2022

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Crush Girl. Chapter 40

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Crush Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 40


“Wasn’t he letting you pass?” Arthur asked me.

“Yes, he was talking about the marital agreement I signed with him.” I reported.

He didn’t say a word until he lead me to my class, “Have a blissful day.” He placed his hand on my belly and placed it softly before walking away.

I do hope Prince and Arthur would not have to fight because of me. I should have known that Prince was up to something.

“Welcome baby.” Anna said and I smiled at her.

“How are you girls?” I asked Anna and Grace.

“Fine, but…Anna, did you notice that Mary’s face is brightened?”

“Sincerely, I thought I was the one that noticed it.” Anna said.

“Really!” I blushed. “I want to deal with Prince so he can stop pestering me in school.”

“Prince! A word from him will get us all expelled from school.” Anna said and chuckled.

“Not when Arthur is by our side.” I said but they both chuckled.

“Aw…seems you are really getting comfortable around Arthur and he’s probably beginning to like you but why can’t he save us the last time we were suspended for a week?” Grace asked.

“Well, he probably wasn’t aware. Trust me, if he was aware, he would act.” I said. “Not like I’m forcing you girls, I think I’ll be needing you guy’s help.”

“If he’s a thorn in your flesh, tell us how we can help?” Anna asked.

“I signed a marital agreement with Prince, you guys know that. I need one of you to get close to Prince until we find where the marital document is kept, if we can get it, we can burn it and there would be no prove that I agree to marry him.” I said.

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Anna and Grace kept quiet for a while, “Erm… Is anyone interested?”

“That would be a dangerous game.” Anna said.

“Getting close to Prince is a challenge on its own , not to talk of getting so close to know where he kept the marriage document, I think it would take time.” Grace said.

“I’ll do it.” Anna said to our surprise.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m beautiful, right?” She asked and we all giggled.

“Sure, we are all beautiful.” Grace said.

“So, how do I go about it?” Anna asked.

“Good, project yourself to him as a friend, start by revealing the truth to him, snitch on us wisely and once you gain his trust, you can strike.” I said.