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Living With Him. Episode 12

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???? Living
With him ????

[Taming Mr popular]

Episode 12

By Adebayo dolapo.

Torre’s POV ????

What the hell is going on?? I yelled angrily as I walked with my guards .

I watched Oliver she was shrieking as I move closer .

She was trying to talk to me, but I shrug it off and bend over to Bianca, and help her up .

” Least I forget, Oliver you don’t have a permanent chair in this cafeteria”.

I said and walked out with Bianca, going to the restroom.

“Hey let me go” I heard her tiny voice.

Let me go Torre, leave me alone, I don’t need your f**king help.

She kept ranting rubbish till we got to the restroom, I pushed her inside the restroom .

Minutes later, she came out looking cool.

She wanted to walk away, but I was quick enough to hold her.

” Hey can’t you say thanks” huh!.

She hissed loudly and walked away, swagging her hip up and down.

I hold my d**k, trying to calm it down.

“G!sh ! I need to penetrate the into someone’s hole”.

I muttered and walked away.

I walked to though the corridor, but heard a lot of people murmuring.

“Oh my goodness”!!

I think that new girl, is his girlfriend.


They look perfect together.

I heard but ignore them and walked away with my guards.

My phone rang immediately jolting me out of my thoughts.

It Dave .

“Hey dude”

???? They just opened a new club , classic,but the owner invite you.

???? Okay, I muttered feeling happy.

???? Dude you need a date.

???? Can’t I come alone, I said feeling tired.

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???? Nope, you can’t. You have to come with a sexy lady.

???? Okay, I’ll be there .

I cut the call and walked to the class.

Who would I chose to be my date for tonight.

Oliver’s POV ????

“Stop crying” I heard my friends voice.

Let be for now! I yelled angrily at them .

They tried touching me but I shoved their hands away.

I said gooooooooooo.

I said and they walked .

“It hurt a lot Torre” I love you can’t you see.

I muttered and wipe my face with the tissue paper.

I remember the time, we went to the zoo together, we had s*x , we kissed each others tenderly.


I t hurt…

Mrs Rachel POV ????

” I was watching new, when I heard Torre name about him helping a lady”.

I was shocked to the bone, when I saw him helping Bianca up from the ground.

I think everything is going perfectly…

I thought and smile.

Immediately I pick my phone and transfer a some money into her account.

“G0$h” am so happy.

Torre I can’t wait to have my grandchildren in my arms.

I said and blush lightly..

Bianca’s POV ????

#After _school

” The car pulled over in front of the mansion, I came down from the car while Torre also did.”

I went straight to my room, while Torre walk behind me.

I ignore him and walked to the kitchen first, I took some milk tin and bread and walked inside my room…

I got to my room, and quickly freshing up, and tied a towel around my neck…

I walked outside and met Torre sitting on my king size bed.

“What the hell are you doing here”.

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I said angrily.

“Leave now” I spat angrily at him.

He stood up and started walking towards me.

He got to my side, and touch my wet hair.

“Bianca I need something urgently from you”.

He said like he was forcing himself.





. Oliver’s POV ????

” I wore a short grown, a red one and with a sliver heels of 8 inches”.

I look hot!

I move to the mirror, and pack my hair in a messy bun, and use different kinds of ribbons which makes me look pretty.

I used a red lipstick, and rubbed some makeup, which me look perfect.

I take my sliver handbag, and clutch it on my shoulder .

I pick my Bugatti Veyron key, and walked out.