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Living With Him. Episode 13-15

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???? Living
With him ????

[ Taming Mr popular]

Episode 13

By Adebayo dolapo

???? Bianca’s POV ????

” Can you accompany me to a party, I mean a club” he said and trace his hand to my neck .

” I w_i_l_l”

I stuttered, and walked away from him going to my wardrobe .

“Can you believe excuse me, I need privacy” I said and continue fiddling with the hem of my towel.

” Oh ok” he said and smile lightly before walking out.

I sigh deeply, go$h a club, I hope everything is gonna be okay.

Immediately my phone make loud sound, i move to it and it a message, yeah ma’am Rachel already sent the money to me.

I felt Happy, am going to take care of my parents and sister, I transfer some to Tiffany, my sister.

I love her so much, I can’t wait to explain everything to them .

Minutes later, I stood in front of Torre, he looks cute as ever.

” You look hot”

Thanks I said lightly.

Why am I becoming shy??, What happening to me .

Huh, is it because he helped me .

But am not supposed to be shy of him.

” Let go” he said and took my hands in his, and we walk majestically to the car, a Mercedes Benz.


” I hop inside the car, while he also sat beside me, starring through the window “.

I felt bored .

Finally the car pulled over in front of a large mansion, the place looks lousy.

We came down from the car, and immediately a veyron almost knock us down, the person came out, and to my surprise is Oliver.

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What the hell is she doing here??

I muttered .

” Don’t worry, am with you” I heard Torre muscular voice, I roll my eyes at him.

She said us and smirk at me, she started walking towards us.

Like a full force, Torre grap my face, and he jammed his lip on mine, and kiss me tenderly, our lips were dancing in tones, fighting for dominance.

Immediately I deepening the kiss, I round my hands around his neck, and kiss him deeply and passionately.

We unlock from the kiss, and I found Oliver crying profusely, immediately she ran out of our sight.

I felt nervous and shy…

“Are you okay” he asked persisting .

“Am okay”

???? Living
With Him ????

{Taming Mr popular}

Episode 15

By Adebayo dolapo.

Bianca’s POV ????

“. I heard and my jaw dropped immediately, what the hell?” Truth or Dare.

G!$h !!!

Bianca be strong am with you, I heard Torre muscular voice.

I roll my eyes and stood up sluggishly with Torre, we walked to the front couch and sat down, while the rest also did the same.

I hope everything knows how to play it, the m.c asked and I hissed feeling frustrated…

T stands for truth.

D stands for dare.

Let begin the game now!!!!!

The turn the bottle around and it landed on a lady, she looks pretty though but looks like a b!tch, she was chewing gum b!tchly.

It truth

So be truthful, the m.c said.

” What type of s*x style do you love” the m.c asked and everybody was curious to know her Answer.

” Doggy style ????” I heard her voice, and everybody was screaming laughing at her, I guess she doesn’t care.

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They turned the bottle again, but this time it landed on one of Torre’s friends.

It dare .

You have to obey.

The m.c said and open the paper.

” Romance the lady beside you till she release her semens”.

What the hell!!

So disgusting…

I said and hissed slightly.

I found the lady beside her, she felt shy though, the guy move closer to her, and slide his hand into her short grown and continue roaming it on her back.

“Hmm” the girl moan out of pleasure.

Rubbish !!!

I said and closed my eyes.

Before I knew the the lady already spit her semens over the guy face, while he lick it, which makes me feel awkward towards Torre.

The m.c turned the bottle but it landed on ,,,,,,.

Torre’s POV ????

I smile wickedly.

I think this is my chances to f**k her .

I signal to the m.c, he already understand me.

I grin wickedly at her, she was already choking on her breath.

It the both of us, I said and kiss her earlop.

G!sh !!!!

I can’t wait to f!ck her…

She have to scream my name before I leave her..

I need to penetrate deeply into her @sshole.

Oh goodness Bianca.

You won’t be able to walk home ????????????.


Torre soro soke.


Someone will not kill me.

Torre are you f**king in Bianca in your mind.


Madness ????????????.