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Living With Him. Episode 16 – 18

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???? Living
With him ????

{ Taming Mr popular}

Episode 16

By Adebayo dolapo

Bianca’s POV ????

It Torre turn.

Oh my goodness…

Definitely it will surely affect me.

I just hope it turns out to be true.

“Hey calm down, am with you”.

Torre said and Pat my back, .

It dare !!!!

I heard and my jaw dropped immediately , what the hell??.

Dare !!!!

G!sh am Doom.

I look at Torre, he had a grin on his face, which makes to more angry.

” Make out with the lady beside you, just an hour or she removed her shirt” the m.c said.

Huh,,,, he should f!ck me .

What the hell???

The best thing to do is to remove my shirt, though am just in br@, but I have to do that…

I can’t allow this foolish animal to take my virginity.


I muttered.

Let get started Bianca.

He said with a smirk.

Start what??????

Am taking off my shirt, I spat at him ..

I lift the hem of my top, and continue pulling it up till I finally took it off.

Such a nice boot…

Nice body….

I heard their voice and they stared starring and licking their lips.

I look at Torre, he was licking his lip like lollipop.

I hissed loudly and stood up with my bag, and walked out angrily, I got out and wear my top.

I’m mediately Torre came touch my back.

Before he knew it I landed a triple slaps on his cheeks.

I kick his cock, which makes him to groan in pain.

Animal !!!!

I said and continue punching him, till he started bleeding from nose.

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Bianca I can explain….

He stuttered…

Explain what exactly ????

I said kick his Cock.

Which makes him to yell out

Guards help me????!!!

I heard his voice….

I’m mediately they rushed to us trying to hold me.

If you guys need your life, stay out of this.

I spat angrily…????


Sorry it short…

I had to post for you guys.

Who will help Torre bayi

???? Living
With him ????

[ Taming Mr popular]

Episode 17

By Adebayo dolapo.

Bianca’s POV ????

“Am very sorry Bianca” he muttered grumpy as blood continue gushing out of his nose.

I hissed loudly…

Immediately my phone rang and is Torre’s mum, I walk away from him, going to a safe area to receive the call.

???? hello ma’am.

I said and smile lightly.

???? Hello Bianca, have you seen the money..

???? Yes ma’am, I wanted to call you but something came up…
I said

???? Oh are you okay, she said like she’s worry about me.

???? Yes ma’am, everything is cool…

???? Okay take care.

She said and end up the call…

???? Bye ma’am.

I walk back to where I left Torre, but they’re gone already.

What the hell!!!!!

I fist my clenched immediately ready to punch the wall.

Seems like you’re angry.

I heard a loud voice at my back.

I turned back , and saw a blue eyes starring at me .

” G!sh Torre you’re Doom for life today”.

“Am Jeremy ” he said and stretch his head forward.

I wanted to to shrug it off, but decided to act cool.

” Bianca” I said and we shook hands.

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“If you don’t mind, I can drop you at your place”

Nope, I will find my way.

“Nope Bianca, you’re safe with me” he said and i blush lightly.

” Ok let go Jeremy”

I said.

Torre’s POV ????

I laid down on the couch inside the sitting room.

G!sh I felt weak.

Am just too tired, I muttered tiredly.

Am sure she will find her way home.

Foolish girl.

I thought.

Immediately my guard rushed inside, sir ma’am Bianca is back


I stood up immediately, not caring about my wounds.

I ran inside my room, jamming the door harder….

Oh my goodness…

Seems like someone is afraid of Bianca ????????????????????????????????.

How much is a coffin in your area guys.

Another episode coming soon.

Whether the NEPA like it or not.

???? Living
With him ????

{Taming Mr popular}

Episode 18

By Adebayo dolapo..

Bianca’s POV ????

“Where the hell are you Torre”??? I yelled angrily, as I walked through the passage going to his room…

I continue knocking the door, till am fed up ….

“Torre you’re dead instantly now” I grift my teeth wickedly.


I will wait for you till you open the door…


I felt tired but I need to treat his f!ck up…

I muttered under my breath, trying to control my anger……

To hell with your @ss, Torre.

I said and punch his door room…

I was sliently for some time, acting like I was gone, immediately the door cracked open, and sneak out , I attack him with a blow , he fell down instantly.

I kick his cock…

Please Bianca, take it easy, it not my fault, it the m.c fault.

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He pleaded.

“Okay I’ll forgive you, but shout am the dumbest person in the whole world ten times….

I said and mock him ….

Start now, before it too late…

“Am the dumbest person”

“Am the dumbest person in the whole world, I corrected him”..

” Am the dumbest person in the whole world”.

“Am the dumbest person in the whole world”.

” Am the dumbest person in the whole world”.

He continues saying, till I couldn’t control myself and ran inside my room….