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Living With Him. Episode 19-20

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???? Living
With him ????

{Taming Mr popular}

Episode 19

By Adebayo dolapo

Bianca’s POV ????

The ray of sun glinting on the window, reflected on my face, firstly my vision was blur but I could tell I was staring at the classic celling….

I sit up sluggishly, and and rub my eyes…

I recall what happened yesterday between I and Torre, I laugh foolishly, I stood up and walked inside the bathtub, I mixed up a vanilla extract scent, I enjoyed the scent…

I was done bathing, I tie a towel around my chest, and walked back to my room, I move to my wardrobe and pick a blue br@ and p@nt, I was done wearing, I took my school uniform and also wear, I took my bag and clutch on my shoulder and walked out.

I found Torre eating , I took a sit in front of her, I took some coffee, I drank the whole content, and took Torre’s own, he glare at me like he wanted to talk, but he dare not…

Immediately he stood up sluggishly and walked out going to his car, I follow him instantly, till we got to the car parked, he hop inside while I also did….the same..

The drive to the school was kinda boring, finally the car pulled over, I came out while Torre walk stylish inside the school premises…

I hissed angrily and walk beside him, I saw Oliver she was glaring at me wickedly….

We got to the class and the teacher walk inside, but with someone familiar but I couldn’t get a clear view of his face…

They walk fully inside the Clara , and it was the guy who helped me yesterday night.

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He look cute …..

What is he doing here….

Oliver’s POV ????

The sight I saw make me smile immediately, the guy I met at the club.

Our eyes met each other’s, and I smile at him, he introduced himself and the teacher asked him to find a place for himself, but to my surprise he sat beside me….


Why am I suddenly smiling .

I thought…

I shift for him a little and smile at him.

Miss Oliver can you please face the board….

What the hell!!!!!!…..

Jeremy’s POV ????

I smirk wickedly at Torre, he was lost in thoughts…

I can’t wait to use your girlfriend , gosh how will you feel…

I smile lightly at Bianca who was staring at me, I blew her a kiss…


Someone is brewing our Bianca a kiss ????????????????????????????.

Thanks you guys for comforting me.

Next episode dropped soon ????????????

I love you guys so much ????????????????????

.???? Living
With him ????

[ Taming Mr popular]

Episode 20

By Adebayo dolapo.

Mrs Rachel POV ????

My plans are going the way I want it, I can’t wait to have you as the wife of my son…

I laughed slightly…

I already sent a maid to be giving me free back about them , I can’t wait for my son be in love with miss crazy ????????????.

Ma’am am ready, I heard my p.a voice.

Okay let go now, I said and walked out while she trail behind me with my hand bag….

Torre’s POV ????

” Do you know him” I asked Bianca for the fourth time….

Any problem with that, do you have problem with him or me…

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She said with an eye roll…

” Come on Bianca am really sorry, let stop acting like this, you’re hurting me”.

I said.

Is she hurting me????.

” Alright, he helped me at the party, when you left me alone”.

She said softly


You this mother fucker…..

I fist my clenched immediately, gosh why am I like this because of Bianca ????????????…

” Bianca let go to the cafeteria together,” I said softly.

She wanted to reply me, when someone suddenly showed up…

Jeremy’s POV ????

I need to go to the cafeteria now…

Oliver mind we go to the cafeteria together.

I will like to but I need to use the restroom…

She said and stood up immediately….

I stood up and walked towards Bianca.

“Hi Bianca,” I said stylish and glare at Torre, who was staring at me coldly, I smirk at her.

“Hi Jeremy” she said and put her hair behind her ???? ear…

” Mind we got to the cafeteria together”.

What the hell?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

What gonna be Bianca reply guys.

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