January 27, 2022

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Living With Him. Episode 2

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???? Living with him ????

[Taming Mr popular ????]

By Adebayo Dolapo

Episode Two

???? Torre’s POV????

” I walked out slamming the door harder with my bodyguards, I walked out going to the pool”.

” Don’t go class every time, am the owner of this school”.

” I saw down and continue going through my phone, when I heard a voice at my back”.

” Can you please sign on my shoes,”

“Don’t have time, I said and hissed”.

” I promise to do anything for you, she pouted like a baby”.

” No, bring it”.

I said and sign on it , she smiles and walked out.

” I felt someone touch me”.

I looked back and saw her.

” Mind f**king, she said and trace her hand to my d**k”.

“Gosh, I smirked and slammed her back to the floor and get on her”.

Leave us and close the gate to the pool, I said to my bodyguards.

They left immediately.

” I ripped off her bra and pant”.

Such a nice Boot and ass.

“I rubbed her c**t with my fingers”.
“Oh my goodness, you’re the best “.
She moaned bitchy .

“I bend down to her c**t area, and lick it”.

“Oh yeah”.

She moaned and continue rubbing my d**k through my trouser.

” With full force, I pushed three fingers in V”.

She groaned in pressure.

“I continue fingering her V”.

She was begging me to stop but it was too late.

” I smirked and left her, to off my clothes”.

” My d**k was like a tent, ready to go inside her V”.

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” I entered her immediately with full force”.

“She groaned softly, because of my size”.

“Oh yeah”

F**k me harder.

” Oh my geez”

“Oh my goodness Torre, you’re the best”.

She moaned loudly while I continue drilling her hole.

“I can feel myself close to come in her c**t”.

” I pulled out of her c**t, and force my d**k in her mouth”.

She was choking, because of my large big d**k.

“Suck it bitch”.

She suck it and rubbed it with his ???? tongue

I released my semens in her mouth.

I stood up and wore my clothes.

“Nice one”.
She said while I just nod my head.

“This my pin Torre, you can call me anytime”

“The Bitch said seductively”.

“I don’t do a lady twice”.

I said with a smirked and blew her a kiss.

I walked off.

I walked inside the school cafeteria with my bodyguards.

“Oh my Geez”.

His so handsome.

He so cute.

They said and gave me seductive stare.

“I want Everybody out”.

I said cranky…

???? Bianca’s POV ????

” I sighed tiredly, as me and my sister Tiffany stared at the large two mansion in front of us”.

” Tiffany, you go there while I go to the second building”.

” Okay, she said and walked off”.

“I just hope I get this job.”

“I said tiredly and and walked inside the mansion”.