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Living With Him. Episode 21 -24

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???? Living
With him ????

[ Taming Mr popular]

Episode 21

By Adebayo dolapo.

Bianca’s POV ????

G!sh !

What should I say or do.

I smirk wickedly, it pay back time Torre.

I clear my throat, ” Torre if you don’t mind I will like to accompany him .

What the hell Bianca, I told you first. He said like he was forcing himself..

I know Torre, but I need to accompany him…

I said and walked out with Jeremy, as we both walk inside the cafeteria together like a lovely couples…

Minutes later, we sat down on the chair in the cafeterie eating , Sofia was with us, smiling at Jeremy.

I think she likes him…

I need to go now, I said and stood up going to the garden.

The slight I saw make my heart leaped immediately.

Torre was kissing Oliver.

” What the heck!”.

How could you Torre, I thought and tears of sadness stream down my face……

Oliver’s POV ????

I deepening the kiss, and round my hands around his neck, I want more of his lip…

I can’t wait to have his full length inside my honey pot…

Have missed him so much.

G!sh !

This is the best kiss ever.

“Torre I still love you and want you”.

I thought.

His hands roam between my thign making me carve for more.

. TBC.

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???? Living
With him ????

[Taming Mr popular]


By Adebayo dolapo.

Bianca’s POV ????

Tears were streaming down my cheeks, it hurts badly.

Torre, you really hurt me a lot, I ran out of the garden, I ran to the classroom, and pick my bag, and ran out.

I was crying profusely, I met Jeremy at the corridor, like he was waiting for me.

I ignore his calls, and ran out of the school premises, I got outside and board a cab.

I hop inside the car, resting my head on my legs..

“Ma’am are you okay, I heard the Cabby man voice.”

“Yeah, just a little headache”.

Okay take care, he said and continue driving..

“I recall what I saw , and I felt hurt and bitter, it like Torre love Oliver” I muttered.

*But why am I suddenly hurting myself because of it, you said you don’t love him , you went with Jeremy instead of Torre* my mind mock me….

Minutes later, the car pulled over in front of the mansion, I paid the cabby man, and knock the gate , the gate was open and I didn’t hesitate to run inside, I ran like a mad goat.

I walked inside the kitchen to find something for myself, I took some cookies and a soft drinks, and walked inside my room…

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I remove my clothes, and undies and walked into the bathtub, it was mixed with strawberry scent, I. Was done bathing, I wear a bum short and a crop top, and plonked myself on the bed…

It hurt a lot…

Jeremy’s POV ????

What wrong with her, I asked myself for the up tenths time, not like I care though, but I need to know what is wrong with her.

I think she’s in a bad mood , I was even calling her name, but she ignore my calls and ran out of the school premises…

I pick my phone and walked to the parking lot, I hop inside my car and zoomed off speedily , I need to cool my d**k.

” Hey get me a b!tch” I said to my personal guard

“Ok sir” .

Minutes later, the b!tch cat walk inside my room, twerking her @ss on my rod.

She removed her p @nt like a mad goat , carving for food

I unzipped my trouser, and bring out my big rod, with a full force, I entered her roughly.

“Ouch” she groaned in pain, when the deep Penetration hurt like hell.

I smirk and push my whole length inside her cl**t forcely, I adjust it and continue moving in and out of her V area.

“Oh my g!sh”.

Yeah, please harder.

She bemoaned in pleasure ……

” Oh my f**king God, harder” she moaned loudly into my ears, which makes me to increase it, I continue moving in and out of her V roughly and faster.

Please harder, I want more.

She cried out in pleasure.

I felt myself close to come, I remove my d**k and force it inside her mouth..

“Suck it b!tch”

I moan out, I was sweating profusely.

“She round my cock in between her mouth, and slowly put it in her mouth, and roll her tongue over it, putting her spit on it”

It makes to feel something, the pleasure was just too much, I continue enjoying myself, till I spilled my semens over her face and mouth…

Oh my goodness….

She said and plaint heavy…

” Get your pay outside” I said and walked inside the bathroom slamming the door harder…

Torre’s POV ♣️

” Come back to your sense ” my mind mock me.

The pleasure was just too much, I remove her p@nt and bend over to her V area, ready to penetrate inside her….

She was eager waiting for me to f**k her.

I stare at her, not knowing what to do…

She wanted to touch me but I shoved her hands away…

I stood up immediately, “Torre what wrong, she asked and wanted to touch my cheeks”.

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“You disgust me Oliver” I said and walked out.


Another episode coming soon.

What an insult…

???? Living
With him ????
[Taming Mr popular]

Episode 23

By Adebayo dolapo

Torre POV ????

” Gosh am damn tired right now, I muttered as I walked through the passage, I called Bianca name but she’s not answering, by tomorrow”.

I said and walked inside my room.

I plonked myself on the bed , and drift off.

#next morning.

I woke up and walked down to Bianca room, I continue calling her name, but she’s not answering.

What wrong…

Did she saw us , I and Oliver, gosh I shouldn’t have did that with Oliver…

Will she understand me.

I took another spare key and open her room, she bathing, I need to wait for her. .

Minutes later, she came out with a towel around her chest, she saw me but ignore me and walk to her closet.

“Bianca what wrong, why are you acting like that??, Please did I do anything wrong”.

I asked trying to touch her, but she shoved my hands off

” Bianca please talk to me” I muttered like I wanted to talk.

” You kissed Oliver yesterday at the garden, do still love her “.

She yelled angrily and punch me….

I can explain Bianca ,” she came to seduce me but I didn’t fell for her trap, can you believe we didn’t have s*x “.

Please understand me Bianca, you left me for Jeremy remember, I said and quickly hug her, I unlock from the hug.

” I round my hands around her neck, and claim her lip, I kiss her tenderly and roughly, our lips were fighting for dominance”.

“Hmm Torre” she moaned softly, as I deepening the kiss.

” I can’t just understand the feeling Bianca, I can’t love anybody but am feeling the love, the same I felt with Oliver then”.

I continue kissing her , till I pushed slightly on the bed, and get un top of her, I continue kissing her, I was doing justice to her lip, and roaming my hands through her legs.

I finally lose the towel, she was choking already, because of how I lose her towel.

” Should I Bianca, I asked and stared deeply into her eyes”.

Mrs Rachel’s POV ????

” Oh my goodness, all this is happening between them right”.

I think that’s the best thing , I said happily as I made the call with the maid.

” I will increase your salary, because you’re doing a great job, I said happily to the maid who’s watching Torre and Bianca”.

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Now am watching a movie of Torre and Bianca kissing like a mad goat, I think something is going on, between the two.

” Oh my Torre” I can’t wait for my son to be in love.

Jeremy’s POV ????
The ray of sun glinting on the window reflected on my face, I yarned tiredly and call my p.A.

” I need a sexy b!t ch” .

I said hoarsely.

” Okay sir” he said and walked out.

I stood up and walked inside the bathroom, to freshen up, I came out and met her sitting on the bed, I move closer to her and kiss her earlop.

I kiss her ear, her neck.

Every part of her body, without kissing her lip.

” It makes me feel awkward, I kinda hate it” I thought.

” I need a blow job” I said like an angry lion.


Oliver’s POV ????

“You disgust me ” the words resound in my head.

Oh my gosh.

Am Doom for life , I said sadly and puff from my cigarettes, at first the smoke was turning my head down, because it my first time, but I continue puffing it out and in, till I finally get used to it…

I heard something like sounds of car , I checked it and is my f**king parents, I hissed angrily, and pack the left over cigarettes, and walked inside the bathroom, and Wash it off, and use some scent on my body…

“Oliver, I heard my parents voice but ignore them, and use my earpiece, trying to ignore their presence”.

“Oliver we’re both sorry, they chorused and sit beside me, patting my back”.

I stood up and hug the both of them, crying like a baby, till I slept off on their chest.

#on Saturday morning#

I felt some hands tapped me to wake up from my long sleep, I yarned tiredly and sit up.

I saw my mom, starring at me.

“Oliver are you okay, “she asked .

“Yeah, am okay Mom”.

You can tell me anything, she said persisting to know .

“I said am okay Mom, am cool, I said angrily and stood up sluggishly from the bed”.

“Okay, freshen up and come down for your break fast, she said and walked out…

” Gosh”.

I need to go to Torre house, maybe I might seduce him again.

I said and walked inside the bathroom, to freshen up..

“Minutes later, I wear a bum short, and a net crop top and took my slagging bag and walked out of the house, going to my car”..

I hop inside my car and zoomed off speeding like a mad goat…