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Living With Him. Episode 25

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???? Living
With him ????

[Taming Mr popular]

Episode 25

By Adebayo dolapo

Highly rated????????????????????????

Bianca’s POV ????

“Should I Bianca the word resound in my head, without thinking twice I muttered yes”, he was shocked with my answer.

I love you Torre, I can’t hide it again I thought, he claim my lip again and started ???? kissing me, I wrapped my hands around his neck, trying to get all of his lip in mine.

“Hmm, I moan loudly,as he did justice to my lip”.

He spread my l-egs and position himself, in the space , without thinking twice, he pushed his finger into my V area.

“Arrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggg” I groaned in pain.

He continues doing it faster than between, but the pain was mixed with a little pleasure…

“Oh my goodness Torre, it hurts badly” I bemoaned in pain, as he continues doing it faster and roughly.

He claim my lip again, which makes the pain to subside a little bit.

He unlock from the kiss and stared deeply into my eyes, “Bianca I will try to be cool with you” he said and started unbuckling his trouser.

He left me to took it off, I was kinda scared.

He came back, and position himself in between my legs, immediately the door cracked open, and we turned to look at the person, _is Oliver, what the heck is doing here, I thought .

” Torre claim my lip again, not caring about Oliver.

“Torre why did you hurt me like this, she said faintly and rushed out, slamming the door harder”.

We continue kissing till, he put the tip of his penis into my V area.

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” He stared at me deeply, and push his whole leng-th inside my forcely”

“Arrrnnnn” I yelled loudly, and hold him tightly till my fingers make a cut in his back.

“Please, it hurts badly .” I said in a muffled breath

He pulled out and entered again, not roughly at first.

He continues drilling me faster, whispering some moans into my ears.

“Let me go” I said tiredly as the pain increase, the pain was just too much.

“Torre please, I cry out as he continues drilling me faster and harder, gosh it hurts like hell”!

He stay inside my V without ejaculating, and I felt something like a hot pour inside my V , he pulled out and fell flatly beside me.

I continue weeping, because the pain was just too much, he wrapped his arms around my waist, trying to pulling me closer,I pushed him forcely, and turned around backing him, and drift off.

Oliver’s POV ????

I drove speedily like a mad goat, going to the bridge to cry out my eyes

It hurts a lot.

“Gosh , why did you have to hurt me like this, I pulled over and came out, and rest my back on my car”.

I felt drain.

” Do you need tissue”, I heard a familiar voice, and I turned back.

Is ,,,,,,.

Torre’s POV ????

“I couldn’t control the huge, just I hope she forgive me, I said and use the duvet to cover her nakedness”

” Can’t believe she’s a virgin, she’s so pretty to be a virgin”.

This alone make me love her more.

I can’t wait you to be my girlfriend Bianca, I said and try kissing her, but she shift away from me ????.

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She hate me now.

I thought sadly.

” I will make sure i give you anything you want, you will never lack anything”.

“Because you just become part of me”.