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Living With Him. Episode 26 – 27

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???? Living
With him ????

[Taming Mr popular]

Episode 26

By Adebayo dolapo

Oliver’s POV ????

I look up, and is Jeremy I hug him tightly not wanting to let him go, I just need the hug.

” Are you okay , he asked as we finally unlock from the hug, yeah” I said and clean my cheeks with my fingers.

Let sit over there, he said and we sit on the grass.

” Why are you crying Oliver,he asked and wipe my face with the tissue in his hands”.

Actually, it a long story but I will brief , I said and started talking.

I was Torre girlfriend then, we love each others, we promised not to separate from each other’s, but then my parents forced me to go study in Korea, that night he begged me not to leave him, but I left him alone, I came back from Korea, and found out he already has a girlfriend, which is Bianca, but today I met in a couple position, Torre sent me out of his mansion.

I said bitterly.

“It okay, he said and we continue starring at each others, before I knew he attack me with a hot kiss, the kiss was so hot , that I had to round my hands around his neck.

“Hmm Jeremy,” I moan out in pleasure, as our lips fight for dominance.

We unlock from the kiss, and I stood up sluggishly, “I need to go” I said shyly.

I said and walked away.

Bianca’s POV ????.

“The ray of sun glinting on the window reflected on my face, I yarned tiredly, and sit up sluggishly, Torre is not beside, I recalled what happened yesterday night”.

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I smile sadly, as I remember how I begged him to stop.

He didn’t answer but continue pounding me like a mad goat , I will make him pay.

“The door cracked open, and he walked inside, he rushed to me, and try kissing me,but I shoved his mouth off”.

” Let me be, I pouted like a baby, why Bianca? He asked like he didn’t know what he did.”

“My V area is painful ” I said like a baby.

” Come on go take your bath, already mixed it for you, he said and carry me in bridal style”.

” He put my gently into the bathtub, and continue starring at my nakedness”.

” Bianca I really love you”.

He said.

???? Living
With him ????

[Taming Mr popular]

#semi final.

By Adebayo dolapo.

Torre’s POV ????

” Bianca I really love you, I said calmly” , starring at her.

” I love you too Torre, she said shyly and put her hair behind her ???? ear”.

Minutes later, I carried her in a bridal style, and put her on the bed, and get on top of her, I started kissing her earlop, her neck, every part of her body.

” Torre ,she called in a muffled breath, it will hurt me “.

She said shyly, she looks pretty when she’s shy.

” Come on Bianca, I will be easy with you” I said and winked at her.

I claim her lip again, and suck on her lip like my life depends on it, she wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me closer, her small breasts were touching my chest.

I unlock from the kiss, and pinch her right breast, which makes her to moan in pleasure, I squeeze it roughly till she started speaking in tongues ????????????????????????.

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I was done squeezing it, I roll my tongue on her left breast, sucking it like a baby.

The pleasure was just too much for her, that her face turned red immediately…

We both stop to catch our breaths.

” I roll my d**k at the entrance of her c**t which makes her to carve for more, I continue teasing her till I finally push my whole length inside her, she’s still tight but not as the previous one”.

I move deeper, but she makes a sound like she couldn’t take my full length, I let her get used to it, till I started moving in and out of her c**t, I continue drilling her , our bodies we’re flapping each other’s, which makes me to increase my speed.

” Oh my goodness Torre” she scream in pleasure.

“Yeah, she moaned loudly” .

” Hmm Torre, she said more like a whispered into my ears, which sounds like music into my ears”.

“Oh my gosh” she said loudly,I claim her lip not wanting her to scream again.

I continue kissing her at the same Time f**king her.

I could feel myself on top of the world , without thinking twice, I released my semens inside her c**t and fell flatly on the bed.

” That was the Best s*x of my life” I said happily and hug her to myself.

” Leave alone Torre, how am I sure u really love me or my body”.

I heard Bianca tiny sexy voice.

” I really do”, I said .

# Evening.

Authoresses dolapo POV ????

” Bianca and Torre dressed up like a couple, the both of them look hot and sexy”.

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Bianca was just smiling, and wondering maybe ma’am Rachel might not allow his son to date him.

She was kinda sad.

” They hop inside the Bugatti, which took them to ma’am Rachel mansion”.

They walked inside happily , but Bianca was a little bit sad and afraid.

They met ma’am Rachel at the dinning table eating, Torre walk closer to her mom and peck her cheeks, ma’am Rachel was shocked when she saw the both of them.

Bianca on the other greet ma’am Rachel warmly, some maid serve them some food, they ate to their satisfaction.

” They were done eating, Torre clear his throat and stood in front of Bianca, they were starring at each other’s, while ma’am Rachel was still confused not knowing what going on”.

” Bianca will you please be my girlfriend, and make me the happiest guy on Earth” Torre said.

Jeremy’s POV ????

” I can’t keep the feelings again, I think I like her, and I want her”.

I thought watching her as she was walking majestically to her car.

I stood up and ran after her.


Ma’am Rachel POV ????

” Finally my dream have come true.”

I thought happily , as I watch Torre and Bianca.

They’re cool together, I think and smile lightly at Bianca who was waiting for my answer.

I smile and gave her a go ahead look.

“I love you for my son Bianca, I thought and wipe the tears gathering up my face”