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Living With Him. Episode 9-11

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???? Living
With him ????

[ Taming Mr popular]

Episode 9

By Adebayo dolapo

A very short episode..

???? Bianca’s POV ????

” What the hell”!!!.

I said angrily as I sit beside Torre, Torre can you tell me what going on.

I said tiredly.

He didn’t answer but just continue chewing gum.

” Ugly chimpanzee” I muttered under my breath.

“Did you just call me that”.

I heard Torre muscular deep voice, ask my foot.

I spat angrily and walked out going to God knows.

♣️ Torre’s POV ♣️

” She got a nice boot and @$$” I said and lick my lip.

I stood up trying to follow her, but couldn’t find her anymore, I decided to walked to the garden alone with out my bodyguards.

I got there and met a lady lying stark naked on the grass, my rod get erected with the shape of her @$$.

” Torre have been waiting eagerly for you” the pretty young lady said and walked closer to me seductively, and roam her hands to my chest , to my down area”.

I made her to hold the chair in the garden, and with a full race I unbuckle my belt, and bring out my big and large d**k.

She was shocked with the sight of my d**k

I penetrate deeply into her wet @$$hole.

“Ouch” the bitch cried out.

I continue moving backward and forward,in her @sshole.

She was moaning in pleasure, and at the same time groaning in pain.

“Oh yeah”

” Hmm, harder Torre”

“Oh my f**king God”.

“Gosh” …

She moaned loudly.

I heard a voice and my jaw dropped immediately.

What the hell !!!!!

???? Living
With him????

[Taming Mr popular]

Episode 10

By Adebayo dolapo

Bianca’s POV ????

” I heard something like moan in the garden but couldn’t get the location, yeah where it coming from..”

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I stood up from the grass and tried tracing it, but I was shocked to the bone, when I saw them.

Torre and one lady f**king each others.

What the hell !!!!!!!!!

I yelled angrily , sweating profusely I felt like punching them but retain myself..

Oh my Torre, you have the gut to f**k in the school premises.

Huh, get some shame. I said with a smirk.

“He adjust his trouser, and quickly zipped it up, ”

“What the f**k did you think you’re doing there” he yelled angrily and continue walking towards me, by the time the lady already ran out.

” Leave wrong Torre” I said and continue walking backward, till my back touches the table in the garden.

He lift his hand and touch my hip, huh what wrong with you?.

I asked for the up tenths time.

He moved
his hands to my back, and roam it up and down freely, which makes me to feel something strange, he move it to my V area, and slide his hand into my pant.

Before he knew it, I already kicked his rod, and landed a double slap on his cheeks.

???? Oliver’s POV ????

I laughed , as I watched the stupid scene going on between the two of them.

Girls let set the Bianca of a girl up now, we gonna post it in the school website .

I said and laugh, as I watched Torre tracing his hands, and slide it into her p@nt.

I felt jealous.

Immediately she kicked his ball , and landed a double slap on his cheeks.

What the hell!!!

I muttered .

My plan is ruin girls, I said angrily and walked away.

Another day b!tch, I said and walked to the cafeteria..

Torre’s POV ????

” What gave me the gut to try that rubbish, ” I thought and touch my cheeks which is burning hot.

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Why did you slap me???..

I said and angrily.

Huh, nobody has the gut but you did.

She hissed loudly and continue chewing her gum.

” What a gut”.

I said .

She walked out swagging her hip up and down.

I continue admiring till I missed my steps and fell down.



Torre oo.




To unlock the next episode tonight.

???? Living
With him ????

[ Taming Mr popular]

Episode 11

By Adebayo dolapo

Bianca’s POV ????

” I walked inside the class, but the lecture was already going on, I felt nervous but decided to walked inside, the woman stopped immediately and stared at me from head to toe”.

You can go to your sit , but next time don’t be late to my class, she said and I walked to my sit.

Some where murmuring, but I care less.

I’m mediately Torre walked inside, without glancing at the teacher.

He walked majestically to his sit beside me, and continue chewing gum which makes him to look cute.

“Are you done drooling”???

What???? Am not drooling on you, you’re too ugly for my liking.

I spat angrily.

” Miss can you introduce yourself to the class” the teacher said.

I stood up sluggishly, and continue fiddling with the hem of my shirt.

” Am lustre Bianca, I will like to study in this school and I hope you people can accept me and be friendly with me”.

I said and I found Oliver rolling her.

” Okay Bianca you can have your sit”. The woman said and continue lecturing us.

I was quick enough to catch up with the lecture,I continue asking a lot of questions.

People were surprised .

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” The woman walked out, and I tried arranging my books into my classic bag, when a young lady walked closer to me”.

Hi am Sofia by name.

Bianca I said and smile at her, while she smiled at me.

Where are you heading to, Sofia asked me softly.

” Am Kim hungry, so I was thinking of going to the cafeteria” I said and put my hair behind my ears.

” Can we go together”

Yes of course.

I said and we walked down to the cafeteria.

Minutes later, hey don’t sit there,is for the Torre.

” Okay, I muttered and roll my eyes”.

We brought our food and walked to a nearby chair, we sat down and continue eating and gisting.

I’m mediately I heard some noise, I look up and is Oliver and her crew.

I hissed slightly and continue eating, but they were coming to my direction .

I felt uncomfortable but try to cool down…

Oliver’s POV ????

” Hey you’re on my sit” I spat angrily at her.

But I can’t find you here, when I came here.

She said and I felt like punching her nose.

Ohh my goodness you have the gut to talk to me.

I said proudly, while some where mocking her.

” Let go Sofia” I heard her tiny voice.

She stood up with her tray and her friend, and try walking away, immediately I crossed my legs which makes her to trembled and fell down.

I laughed wickedly and took the soft drinks on table and pour it over her body.

She was lying on the ground, cleaning her eyes.

I’m mediately she stood up and landed a slap on my cheeks, and continue pulling my hair.

We started fighting till we heard a loud noise.

I look back and saw it.