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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 51

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Fifty-One????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….Ken POV ❣️

I was so worried again when Dorothy didn’t come back the previous night

I got prepared, intending to go to their school

I was about to lock the door when a car parked before our gate

As two guys got down from it
I stood there watching them as they walked inside, greeting me at the same time
I recognized one of them, which was David

“David” I called while he nodded

“You remember me?” He asked

“There are some people that can be forgotten easily, where is Dorothy?” I asked because I was sure, she must be the one they came for

“She is the reason why we are here” the other guy responded

“What do you mean?” I asked

“Your daughter is fine but Can you offer us a seat please?” The guy requested
He wouldn’t blame me because I was worried

“Come inside” I said taking the lead

I offered them something to drink

“So can you tell me where Dorothy is?” I asked
I was loosing patient
They looked at each other before turning to face me

“She went for a school program, it was urgent and she didn’t have a means to contact you so she asked us to come” the guy replied

It sounds cool but I don’t know if I should accept it when David was involve

“David, is Dorothy fine?” I asked looking at him

“Yes sir, she actually told us about the coming of the demon fighter” David replied
With that statement, I believe that they were telling me the truth

“So sir, please can you tell us when the demon fighter will come?” The other guy asked

“He told me that he will leave Switzerland this evening so that he will get here by tomorrow morning” I replied according to what Mr Patrick told me

“That’s a good news” David said smiling
I could tell that he was desperate to be a free person


…. Jason POV ❣️

After the discussion with Mr Ken, it was certain that the end of those killings would be over

We walked straight to my car and drove off

“You are seriously not scared” David said

“Scared of what in particular?” I asked but focused on the road

“What if the demon posses me now?” He asked back while I laughed

“Better stop playing around, I have the leaf” I said, showing him the leaf

“I guess, that’s mine” he said but I returned the leaf back to my pocket

“No but yours is in my house” I replied

Truly, he’s was in the house, I forgot to bring it

“I will bring it after I dropped you” I added

I drove straight to an uncompleted building and stopped

“Why are we here?” He asked
I guessed, he was scared

“I want to kill you here” I replied keeping a mean face

“I thought we just got the information that the demon fighter will be coming?” He said in asking tone

“I don’t care, since the leaf is here, am sure that the demon won’t be able to come here” I responded

“If that’s so, can you allow me to see Dorothy?” He asked

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“Demons doesn’t fall in love o” I said laughing

“Am just kidding, I am suspecting that COP Kelly might see us, so I want you to stay here, so that I could go and get Dorothy because my Dad promised that she will be released” I added
He made a sigh of relief while I smiled

“I hope they don’t torture her” he said
He was really worried
That’s why he hasn’t killed Dorothy

“Don’t worry, my Dad has already taken care of it” I assured him

After much conversation, he got down and walked inside the uncompleted building while I drove off

I was halfway gone when I remembered that I didn’t give him that leaf

Since I knew that the demon won’t kill him, so I let go of it

I drove straight to my house
I had to get the other leaf for David

When I got home, I saw my Dad talking with COP Kelly

I greeted them and rushed to my room

It wasn’t difficult finding the leaf

I rushed downstairs but stopped when I got to where my Dad and COP Kelly was

“Sorry for interrupting you” I said as they turned to face me

“Okay, go on” my Dad responded

“I want to know about Dorothy, has they released her?” I asked

“Left for COP Kelly” my Dad said

“Yes but she won’t leave their until someone come for her” COP Kelly responded

“Okay then” I said as I meant to go

“Wait, how did you manage to leave that boutique?” He asked

“Which boutique?” I returned the question

“After leaving the police station, that boutique you went to, because I had to ask them but they said that you have left” he replied

“Are you actually spying on me?” I asked as if I don’t know

“Your life might be in danger” he said instead

“Thank you for your concern, I get to go now, Dorothy must be hungry” I said walking away
He was just an annoying Uncle

“Let it not be that your son is in love” I heard COP Kelly saying
I just smiled and continued walking


…. COP Kelly POV ❣️

It was suspicious about how Jason has been acting

“I guess there is a secret about Jason here” I said to Mr Luke when Jason left

“What secret?” He asked

“Don’t you think that he knows where David is?” I asked back

“It is already in your hand, make your plans as usual” he responded smiling
I nodded

I called Jenny to know if she has any idea about where David lives but she replied no

“Assuming his driver didn’t interfere back then during the burial, I would have followed him to his house” that was what she said

I assigned her to keep a close eye on Jason
Since he has noticed that I was following him, he will be much vigilant about me than Jenny


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

I was brought out from the cell but insisted that I stay until someone come for me

I was just thinking when the demon that I was working with, shows up

“Better don’t talk” she said looking around

“You can just say it inwardly, I can hear it” she added

“How is David?” I asked inwardly as she instructed

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“David is fine and they visited your Uncle” she replied while I nodded

“Can you do me a favor?” She asked
I shrugged in agreement

“I want you to stop the coming of the demon fighter, if he comes, we will not be able to meet again” she said

“What about David’s life?” I asked inwardly

“The demon isn’t planning to kill him, but to use him for her revenge” she said
I thought for a while
Leaving him like that was only to keep increasing the danger in his life

“I can’t let this continues, I know that I will miss you” I said inwardly

“Just stop the demon fighter for me” she said

“I can’t!!!” I didn’t know when I shouted it out.
The policemen who was there, wanted to run, out of fear

“What is the meaning of that rubbish?” One of them asked

.”am sorry” I apologized

“I said it, you have mental problem” another one said
I wouldn’t blame them either

“I warned you” the demon said
I turned to glare at her and she disappeared immediately

“Where is she?” I heard a familiar voice asking
I turned and it was Jason

“How is David?” I didn’t know when that comes out from my mouth

“I haven’t seen him” Jason replied

“Can I go with her now?” Jason asked
They brought out a book and Jason signed in it

We walked straight to his car and entered

“You need to watch situation before saying anything” Jason said
I understand what he meant

“Am sorry” I responded

“Don’t be, David said that he will love to see you” he said
I couldn’t help it but to smile
I hoped he was fine


…. David POV ❣️

I waited patiently for Jason to come with Dorothy

Many thoughts were disturbing my mind
It thought maybe it wasn’t another plan

I was still thinking when the demon shows up

“Not again” I said looking at her ugly face

“Why can’t you understand simple thing?” She asked

“How?” I returned the question

“Can’t you stop the demon fighter?” She asked

“My own life? Why will I?” I asked back

..”I haven’t completed my revenge” she said

“I understand you but not all revenge needs to be completed” I responded

“Are you going to let Mr Luke to go free after what he did?” She asked

“I don’t have the mind to punish him because his son is helping me” I replied

“Come off it David, just because his son is helping you, that’s why he will go for free?” She asked

“When everything will be over, he will face the law, I will make sure of it” I tried assuring her

“Am only here to advise you” she said

“On what?” I asked

“I will advise you to stop this because am not going to let it happen” she warned

“Can you really stand him?” I asked in amused manner

“Am just warning you because it might become worst” she said and disappeared immediately

Just then, Jason walked in with Dorothy
They both has the leaf on their hands

I guessed, that was what chased the demon away

If the leaf could do that, then she was of no match to the demon fighter

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I felt happy seeing Dorothy
She rushed towards me
I wondered what was in her mind

I rushed too spreading my hands
I could see that Jason was just surprised
He smiled looking at us

Immediately we got closer to ourselves, Dorothy stopped

“Am sorry” she said turning around

Jason just shook his head before walking closer to where we were

“The demon was here” I said waving everything that just happened

“What did she say?” Dorothy asked

“She said I should stop the demon fighter” I replied

“She said that she wasn’t yet done with her revenge” I added

“Which revenge?” Jason asked

“I don’t know” I lied because I wouldn’t make a mistake of telling them, not even when Jason was there

“Are you stopping it?” Dorothy asked

“My life is already messed, so I won’t allow it to continue” I replied while she smiled

“Another demon pleaded with me about the same thing” Dorothy said


….Mr Patrick POV ❣️

That evening, I got prepared for the journey

It wouldn’t be a little fight

I would have cancelled it but destiny was already there

I called Mr Ken to remind him about me coming down
He was very happy hearing that

I got my black and red clothes available
My red and black wine also

The scores I heard about the demon shows that she was really powerful

I did my recipe for the war

I prayed for a journey mercy

I needed to inform Victor before leaving
And there was no family to say goodbye to

I parked my luggage inside my car and drove off to his place


…. Victor POV ❣️

It was already evening time

I was taking a fresh air when someone knocked on the gate

The gateman opened the gate for him

It was Mr Patrick
I wondered why he was in the house and he looks like someone who wants to travel

“Good evening” I greeted

“Good evening, how are you doing?” He asked
I smiled because we saw at the working place

“Am good, but I thought we saw ourselves at the office” I said

“It doesn’t matter” he replied

He walked in properly and sat

“What can I offer you?” I asked him

“I will be leaving very soon, so I don’t need anything” he replied while I sat back

“Are you really travelling?” I asked


“Why didn’t you tell me at the office?” I asked

“I haven’t made the decision then” he replied

“So where are you traveling to?” I asked

“To Paris” he replied
My mind ran to those my friends over there
I remembered Zita
I couldn’t stop loving her

“Are you really from there?” I asked

“No, but a friend of mine who lives there, I just need to help him” he replied looking at his wrist watch

“It is already time for my flight” he said standing up

“When are you coming back?” I asked

“Am not just here to tell you that am leaving but also to tell you that your future is near” he responded

“How do you mean?” I asked

“Take care of yourself” he said smiling
He tapped my shoulder and walked out

I was just confused
What could he mean by my future to be near?