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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 52

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Fifty-Two????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. Dorothy POV ❣️

The following morning, I woke with great joy filled my mind

I couldn’t wait to see David got delivered

I started sweeping everywhere as usual but with different heart

“How was the program?” My Uncle asked from behind
I thought he was making a call, so I continued sweeping

“Dorothy” he called me while I turned immediately
I greeted him and he responded

“Am still asking, how was yesterday’s program?” He asked the same thing
My mind ran to Jason and David
He said that he would be going to meet him that previous day

I never imagined that they would lie to him

“Oh, it was great, I wondered why you didn’t question me yesterday” I said remembering that we didn’t talk about why I wasn’t home the other day

“Your friends has already told me” he replied
I smiled and continued sweeping

“When you close from school, come straight home because am not going to shop today, I will have to wait for Mr Patrick here” he said

“Am not going to school today Uncle” I responded turned to face him

“Why, is today not school?” He asked

“It is but I want to wait and see David delivered” I replied


“Yes Uncle, after all, today is Friday” I replied

“Let it not be what am thinking o” he said playfully

“What are you thinking Uncle?” I asked

“Are you guys in love?” He asked back
I don’t know if it was clear

“Come off it Uncle, we are trying to save the world” I replied

“You and who?” He asked laughing

“Me and you of course” I replied

Just then, his phone began to ring

“Oh it is Mr Patrick” my Uncle said and picked up the call

“Okay I will be right there” he later concluded and hung up

“He is already at the airport” my Uncle said rushing inside the house
I smiled and continued sweeping

“Contact that your love, he better start coming” I heard my Uncle saying as he rushed out of the house

“I don’t even have his number” I shouted

“Oh you just admit it now” he added and left
I smiled shrugging my shoulder
I continued with what I was doing


…. Jason POV ❣️

That morning, I woke up with lots of thoughts

I was just imagining how David will go with his punishment
It was true that it wasn’t his fault but what angers me was that he kept it a secret

If not for Dorothy who was making a plan for a demon fighter
I wondered when it would be over

I walked straight to my bathroom and did my normal

I went downstairs for my breakfast
I had promised to come and pick David up from his house but another problem was how I would do that when COP Kelly was spying on me

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“Morning Dad” I greeted because he was the only one present in the dinning room
I was sure that my Mom has left for work as usual

“Morning dear, hope you slept well?” He asked

“Yes Dad” I replied sitting
We started getting down the food

After the breakfast, I went back to my room

I took my phone and texted my old time customer that normally lend me a car whenever I want to make any move that I didn’t want someone to know

He confirmed to me that there was a car for me

I dressed up and walked down
I looked around for my Dad
He wasn’t around the living room, so I took the back entrance

I boarded a cab that took me straight to the shop

I paid the man and dressed up with that same thing I wore, the previous day when I wanted to visit David

I got in and drove off

My phone began to ring

I checked it and it was Jenny

I remembered that she was against our plan
I declined her call
Maybe she wanted to track me


…. David POV ❣️

It was the appointed day, I pretended to be sick so that my Mom wouldn’t have to ask me why I didn’t want to go to school

My Mom left for work, giving me the full time to get prepared

After some minutes, the gateman came to inform me that someone was looking for me
I nodded knowing who was that

I walked out
He was standing the same way he stood the other day

“You always scare me” I said
He turned to look at me

“Maybe you don’t understand what am telling me” he responded

We walked over to where his car was parked
We entered and drove off

After some minutes, we arrived at Mr Ken’s house

There was another man present as well

We greeted them

“Which of you is David?” The other man asked
I responded while he nodded

Dorothy was nowhere to be found
I wondered if she went to school

“She getting some stuff ready, she is inside” Dorothy’s Uncle said when he noticed that I was looking for her

I smiled nodding

“Let me prepare” the other man said as he stood up
He walked into a small house in the compound

“Oh, sorry, please sit down guys” Dorothy’s Uncle said
I even forgot that I was standing

We sat down
Still, Dorothy didn’t show up

After like an hour, the man came out

“It is time” he said
I nodded and stood up immediately

I was about to go when Dorothy walked out from the room

I turned to look at her
I didn’t know when I smiled
She did the same with a thumb up attached to it

I walked in with the other man

“I will start with introduction, my name is Mr Patrick” he said while I nodded

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“Please sit” he added
The room was decorated with only red and black color

A bottle with the same color was lying beside the place where the man stood

“Throw away the leaf” he said referring to the leaf I was holding

“It chases them away” I responded

“If you have it, she won’t appear for me to capture her” he said while I nodded

I walked to the door and Dorothy was standing there
I stretched out the leaf to her

.”it will be alright” she said smiling while I nodded


…. Faith POV ❣️

We were watching what was happening

I mean me and the demon
The queen mother hasn’t shown up yet

“Mr Patrick” the demon said smiling

“What are we going to do now?” I asked

“We just need to work together” she replied

“I will try my best, but you people will surely help, I don’t need to enter that bottle”

“Otherwise, it will be over” she added
I never knew how powerful the man was but it would only take a day to discover something

He started doing some incantation

“I will be going because he is already consulting me” the demon said

“The queen mother need to come” she added and disappeared
The next thing was her to appear in the scene

I wondered where the queen mother was


…. David POV ❣️

The demon appeared with her normal way

“Lucy, it is great meeting you” Mr Patrick said smiling

“I just want to give you your last chance, better stop this” the demon warned

“I didn’t know you during your lifetime but I knew that you weren’t that bad” Mr Patrick said instead

” hearing your scores about killing, I got to believe that once one dies, his or her soul will completely changed” Mr Patrick added

“This is my revenge, better stay off” the demon warned

“Don’t be greedy, you have taken lots of lives instead of killing those that you wanted to revenge on” Mr Patrick said

“It is my own strategy” the demon responded

“What about Gina, even though she was killed 20years ago, she never seek for revenge” Mr Patrick said
I wondered how he got to know about all this

“She deserves what she got, it was return of what she did and she wouldn’t try revenging” the demon replied

“Anyways, your time is up” Mr Patrick said bringing up a red and black clothes

“I am giving you your last chance Mr Patrick, better go back” the demon threatened

“I warned you David” the demon added

“I don’t talk much with demons but I do what needs to do” Mr Patrick said flying the clothes on the air

Something seems to have hooked the demon because she held her neck and was screaming

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Mr Patrick took the bottle and drew the clothes closer to the bottle

The demon was screaming and was moving closer to the bottle
I guessed, she was powerless to be compared with Mr Patrick

Just then, Mr Patrick screamed and let go of the bottle
It fell on the floor and broke into pieces

My eyes widened when I saw bloods coming out from his body, I wondered how she managed to do that

The demon demon seems to be free as she disappeared into my body

I couldn’t feel myself anymore
She has possessed me

I got the chance to see who helped her out

They were another two demons
They were just slicing Mr Patrick’s back

Mr Patrick fell down breathing heavily


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

My Uncle received a call earlier about someone looking for him
He has to go for it, leaving me and Jason behind

I felt it when the demon appeared inside the house
I knew that the war has begun

After some seconds I was hearing her scream, I felt two different demons appearing inside the same house

I became worried because I don’t know if Mr Patrick would be able to do what it could take

Just then, I heard Mr Patrick screaming

I jumped up from where I was sitting
Jason did the same

I rushed and stood behind the door to know if I could see what was happening

The door got broke down as my eyes caught the most surprising thing ever

It was David’s body but the head was that of the demon

She laughed and ran out of the house

I ignored it and rushed inside
I needed to know how Mr Patrick was

The first person I met was that demon I was working with

“I warned you” she said and disappeared

I looked at the floor,
To my greatest surprise, Mr Patrick was lying flat on his pool of bloods

I rushed to him
He was breathing heavily
Trying hard to catch his breath

“Where,,,,where is ,,,,,is your Uncle?” He stammered

.” He is not here, he went to meet someone” I replied

“Okay, just,,,,, just know that,,,,,, that David is completely possessed,,,,,, he can never return to his normal self” he said as my eyes widened the more

How could this happened to David?
I began to cry

“This also exposes his life to danger” he added
Just then, my Uncle rushed in with Jason

“”Mr Patrick” my Uncle called with tears in his eyes

“Mr Ken, destiny,,,,, is destiny, ,,,,we ,,,,,,we can’t change it” Mr Patrick said

“I know” my Uncle replied shedding tears

“It is counting” Mr Patrick said and gave up to ghost

“Mr Patrick” I called shaking him continuously but no response

“Oh no oooooooo!!!!!!!!!!”