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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 53

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Fifty-Three????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. Dorothy POV ❣️

Jason rushed in when he heard me screaming
He couldn’t believe what he saw because his eyes were wide open

I couldn’t control my tears as it kept rushing down my cheeks

I had lost two people at the same time

Mr Patrick and David, who was completely a beast
We would have left him like before, maybe using the leaf always would be better

“What are we going to do now?” I asked looking at my Uncle
He raised his head and walked out of the room

I followed him, I was sure that Jason did the same

My Uncle stopped at the center of the compound and held his waist with his hands

“Destiny is still what it supposed to be” he said looking at the sky

“What do you mean by that?” I asked really confused

“We saw it coming but we thought that we gonna change it to another dimension” he replied but still, I didn’t get what he was trying to say

“Am still confuse” I said
He didn’t say anything, I guessed, he was thinking

Not too long, Jenny and COP Kelly arrived in my house

I was just surprised seeing them

“Always stubborn” COP Kelly said looking at Jason as he walked in properly

“You never get tired” Jason responded

“How did you get here?” I asked looking at Jenny
She smiled wickedly

“Ask Jason, you never thought that there will be something like tracking number?” She asked still smiling

“Where is David?” COP Kelly asked looking around

“That room” Jenny said pointing at the room
COP Kelly rushed to check it
Meanwhile Jenny looked at us before walking after him
We ignored them
I was just waiting for my Uncle to say something about my question but he didn’t

Jenny screamed when she gets in there but COP Kelly’s voice wasn’t heard
I turned towards that direction, likewise everyone

Jenny ran out from there holding her heart but no one cares to say anything

Few minutes later, COP Kelly walked out from the room but didn’t say anything to us
He just stood at the entrance, looking at us

Siren was the next thing we heard
As it drove close to our gate, I got to see, it was an ambulance
It parked before our gate and three people with white cloth rushed out from it

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They took out a rolling chair and rolled it inside

COP Kelly directed them to where it was and they rushed in

They came out with Mr Patrick’s body and rolled, straight to their ambulance

We didn’t make any move as they drove off with his body

“Am sure David did that” COP Kelly said walking closer to where we were

“Where is he now?” He added asking, since no one was answering him

“He has ran away” I replied

“To where?” He asked

All this while, my Uncle didn’t say a word
I knew that he was just thinking about what to do

“I don’t know” I replied

“Well, I don’t know you Mr, but am COP Kelly” he said showing his ID card to my Uncle but he seems not interested

“Since you are the eldest here, you will have to follow me to the station now, for some statement” COP Kelly said

“No problem” my Uncle said as my eyes widened

“Uncle” I called

“Don’t worry, I have to say what I witnessed” my Uncle replied

“Shall we move now?” COP Kelly asked

“Dorothy, just find David, no matter what” my Uncle said before walking out with COP Kelly
Jenny followed them immediately

I rushed in and changed into a new clothes
I rushed out locking the door
Jason was still there

“Where do you think you are going to?” Jason asked
It seems dumb

“To look for David of course” I replied

“You should have known by now, your Uncle asked you to find David, just right before COP Kelly and Jenny and you are leaving immediately?’

“Don’t you know that they will follow you up?” He added
He was making sense
I never thought like that

“Am just confused” I replied

“I will make an arrangement by tomorrow” he said


…. David POV ❣️

I found myself in a desert where no one lives

I was just wandering around with no destination

I got to a cave and walked inside it

It looks so comfortable
That would be my next house

I walked out and started walking around it
I was totally different because I couldn’t feel myself anymore

I wondered how long it would take

“This place is great” the demon said through me

I couldn’t reply it because my whole body was it
I have lost my human

I started perceiving some fresh blood
I was very tasty for blood

I looked at the sky and it was getting dark

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I would love night hunting


….Mr Ken POV ❣️

COP Kelly dropped me in the station and left for what I really don’t know about

My mind was just waiting for what would happen next

I really needed to see David

It was almost night when I was brought to the visitation room
Dorothy was already there waiting for me, with a food flasks

She stood up immediately she saw me

“Good evening Uncle” she greeted while I smiled

“Have you seen David?” I asked sitting down

“Jason told me not to look for him immediately because COP Kelly will be after me” she replied while I nodded
I guessed, that was why he left without asking me anything as supposed

“That’s too smart, you really need to find him before COP Kelly because it will only put his life in danger” I said


…. David POV ❣️

It was night and I was ready for hunting

I was really tasty for the blood

I jumped out from my cave and groan like an animal that I had turned into

I licked my mouth and started jumping to the main land

Everywhere was dark in the eyes of human but it was very clear to me

Cars were passing forward and backward

I licked my mouth again and jumped towards where the fresh blood was coming from

I arrived at a hospital and I could hear a woman screaming from inside

I smiled and jumped inside following the fence

I found my way to the window where the woman was

“Wow, bouncing baby boy” the doctor said lying the baby flat on the bed close to his mother

After some minutes, the doctor left
I couldn’t stop smiling to the gift I was looking at
I waited for the woman to sleep

“I will have to make it this way” the demon said through me again as I started climbing the wall
It wasn’t hard
I got back to the window and opened it slowly
I entered and climbed up
I found myself on top of the ceiling
The baby and his mother was just under me

The woman was fast asleep
I climbed down and took the baby from the bed

I dropped him on the floor and used my claw to divide his chest into two

I bent down and sucked as much blood as I could

I took out his intestine and ate it

I was satisfied
I took the corpse and dropped it back on the bed


….Mr Ken POV ❣️

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The following day, I was brought to the visitation room as usual

COP Kelly was there

“I am just giving you an opportunity to say the truth, I might change my mind” COP Kelly said

“I wonder what kind of truth you want from me” I responded

“Tell me where to find David” he requested

“I don’t even know who he really is” I replied

“So what were you people doing with him before he killed that man?” He asked

“The man was a demon fighter, so I heard that demon has been disturbing David, so I decided to help out” I replied

“That’s not what I can buy” he said as a message bumped into his phone

He looked at me before looking back on his phone

It was a news

He opened it and dropped it on the desk

It was just a slaughtered baby

Lots of people were just commenting on it

“This must be David” COP Kelly said standing up

“Better tell me the truth by the time I came back” he added and ran out

“Dorothy find David please” I said to myself


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

It was on Saturday morning and was a sad day

I wondered when everything would be over

I walked out from my room to my Uncle’s own

It was sad that he was absent

We would have been planning on something

I walked to the backyard and washed my face

A heavy knock came to the gate

The sound was really heavy that I had to rush outside to know who that was

It was Jason

“What’s the problem?” I asked really surprised

“Open the gate first” he said
I did and he walked in

“I guess you aren’t aware” he said

“Aware of what?” I asked

“There is a baby killed in a hospital and the camera was able to capture the beast” he replied

“What? When?” I asked

“I guess this morning and it was David” he replied as I gasped

“Let’s go there, I think he must not have gone far” I said

“No problem” he responded

I locked my door and was ready because my dress wasn’t bad

“Have you spoken with your father concerning my Uncle as you said?” I asked locking the gate

“He wasn’t around since yesterday but I am sure that he will come back today because it is already weekend” he replied

I was done and got inside his car
We drove off to the hospital

I hope to see him