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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 54

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Fifty-Four????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. COP Kelly POV ❣️

I got to the hospital
The woman was really crying

She refused to let go of the dead body

I stood at a spot watching her
I felt like killing Mr Ken at that moment

I walked straight to where the woman was, the baby w has gone far

I held the woman gently while I instructed the doctor to take the child from her

“The child is gone already” I said tapping her gently on her shoulder

“I suffered to give birth to that child” the woman cried

“I know, I promise to make the killer suffer more than anyone” I assured her
My mind was to torture Mr Ken, I was sure that he knows little about where the beast was

The woman managed to calm down
I had one thing in mind, which was Mr Ken

I left the woman and was about to go when I saw Jason’s car driving inside the hospital

I stood and waited for him to park
He did and rushed out from the car with that same girl that was with them when I arrested Mr Ken

“This is what your stubbornness leads us into” I said looking at both of them

“We were only trying to save the world” Jason responded

“Did you succeed?” I asked in a mockery way

“Release Mr Ken and we will work together on this” he said
I would be a fool if I fall into his trick

“That’s what you both did that made it this way” I said stretching my hand towards the woman

“You interfered in the middle of plans, why can’t you just calm down and allow us to do this” he responded

“Don’t worry, I will handle this on my own” I said

“Mr Ken will have to be tortured” I added as the other girl gasped

“Please don’t torture my Uncle, he doesn’t know anything about what you are asking of” she said

“So, do you know?” I asked

“I don’t really know, am just trying to find out where David is” she replied

“You can’t trick me young woman, I don’t have time” I said and walked pass them

I got to my car and drove off


….Jason POV ❣️

I knew how COP Kelly has always been

Once he made up his mind, he wouldn’t change it

“What should we do now, my Uncle will have to suffer for what he doesn’t know” Dorothy said

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I was just confused because everything.

I need to make a plan

“We are even making a mistake” I said remembering something

“What?” I asked

“David is no longer a human, and if we make use of the leaf, he will just have to run away” I replied

“What are you trying to say?”

“We need to know what can calm him down before meeting him because he might attack us” I replied

“You are making sense, I need to meet my Uncle now but COP Kelly won’t let me, since he is there, and we don’t dare to interfere whenever the police are torturing someone in their chamber” she said
I just had only one plan

“Get inside the car” I instructed
We got in and I drove off

I called our house help and she told me that my Dad was home

I dropped Dorothy at a place close to the police headquarter

“Once COP Kelly walks out from there, rush in and meet your Uncle” I said while she nodded

I drove straight to my house

My Dad was inside the living room when I arrived

“Good morning Dad” I greeted walking in with a great speed

“Let it not be what am thinking” he said instead

“Dad, you people are just making it worst” I responded

“The killing will keep increasing and it means that COP Kelly who happens to be your brother, is not doing his work” I tried tricking him with those words

He loves his family very much
I knew that he would surely have a change of mind

“What do you think that would stop this killing?” He asked
I was sure that he was falling in

“Let him release Mr Ken and he will give us some idea” I replied

“Don’t act smart, maybe we should torture him, then he will say it out by force” he said

“You will only make it worst, he just needs a peace of mind to think” I responded

“That’s not working, better speak up, I wondered what they gave you” he said

“Your Dad isn’t weak, we are always strong” he added

“Am not weak, I have a plan Dad” I responded

“Stop that play” he said

“Anyways, let me go and meet David” I said walking out of the living room

I stopped at the door after closing it

I smiled before walking to my car
I entered and drove off


….Mr Ken POV ❣️

COP Kelly was in a room where lots of torturing weapons were kept before the other policemen brought me in

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“Welcome to the next level” COP Kelly said smiling

I was just looking at him without saying anything
I just wanted to see how far he would go

“Shall we?” He asked
The two other policemen forced me to sit

“Are you ready to say the truth?” He asked plugging in an electric iron on the socket

Just then, his phone began to ring
He looked at me before picking up

“Really?” He suddenly asked as he dropped the electric iron on the floor
It fell and touched his leg
He jumped up immediately
I couldn’t help it but to smile
He forcefully unplug it from the socket

“Okay, I will be there” he concluded and hung up
He looked at me with a wicked eye but I didn’t make any move

“Am coming back” he said and left
I wondered what the call was all about

After some minutes, The other policemen asked me to stand up and we walked out of the room

Another policeman informed us that someone came for me

I was taken to the visitation room
It was Dorothy with her food
She stood up immediately she saw me and I smiled

“Are you okay?” She asked

“Don’t worry, am fine” I replied

The policemen excused us as usual

“Have you find out where David is?” I asked looking at her

“Not yet but he killed a baby this morning” she replied
I had known that already

“It was not this morning but yesterday night” I responded, knowing very well that the beast would only hunt at night

“Seriously??” She asked

“Yes, is there any other record?” I asked

“Yes am just confused” she replied

“If you want to find where he lives, try during night” I responded

“How?” She asked

“You just have to sacrifice a night sleep for it but you need to be careful” I replied

“Don’t go with the leaf, no light and maintain distance” I added


…. Mrs Paul POV ❣️

I was damn worried about David
Since Friday he complained about being sick

I couldn’t go to work that day

I had to report for his disappearance to nearby police station

I walked out and was going to my car when someone walked inside

I remembered seeing him at David’s school
Hoping it was a good news, I smiled

As before, he remembered me of someone

“Good morning ma’am,” he greeted

“Good morning my dear, how are you?” I asked

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“Am fine ma, my name is Jason” he responded while I nodded

“Okay Jason, Have you seen David?” I asked

“Am sure you are his classmate” I added

“Actually, David is….” He meant to say when someone interrupted

“Is a beast, David is a beast” the person who just walked in said

Jason turned to look at him
It was COP Kelly

“It is you” Jason said

“Are you surprised?” COP Kelly asked him

“Everyday for a thief and one day is for the owner of the house” COP Kelly added smiling

“Am just confused here” I said looking at them

“It is not like that” Jason said as he turned to look at me

“David have a demon in him, and he is responsible for all this killings ” COP Kelly said as I held my chest

“He was also responsible for the death of your husband” COP Kelly added

“Oh my God” I said holding my chest

I couldn’t feel myself anymore as I fell down

“Have you seen what you caused?” I heard Jason asked

“I forgot to come here earlier, I didn’t think that far because I have been here before, David is really a monster” I heard COP Kelly saying

I was slowly going off
I felt hand lifting me up


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

It was already night
I walked down the street with full a very thick suit

I knew that it would definitely be hard

I stopped at a spot and looked around
It was meaningless going to where I don’t know

I sat under a tree to take a rest

After some minutes, I was already feeling sleepy
I lays my head on the tree

Slowly, slowly, I was dozing off

Just then, I heard an animal noise as if it was eating something

I jumped up from the sleep and saw David just before me but kinda far

I stood up with fear written on my face

He was already devouring someone
I held my mouth to avoid screaming

He raised up his head and turned towards my direction but I ran over to the other side of the tree with my hand on my mouth

I heard his noise as he was walking closer ????

He was breathing heavily as he walked closer

“Og God, I don’t want to die now” I said slowly

The next I saw was him standing before me
His mouth was filled with bloods as he was licking it

He was seriously in need of bloods

He groan again and raised up his claws