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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 55

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Fifty-Five????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. Dorothy POV ❣️

“David please don’t kill me” I said closing my eyes tight
After some seconds, nothing happened
I opened my eyes and he was just looking at me
Eye to eye

He groaned again with a great speed, raising up his claws again
He was determined this time around

Just then, a demon appeared before me

“Go back to your cave” the demon said as David groaned

“We hate love” I heard a female old voice saying from inside David
He groans again before running inside the bush

The demon turned to look at me
It was that same demon that was working with me

“I have saved you” she said

“Thanks, David is really suffering” I said instead

“Is there nothing we can do about it?” I asked

“It was your stubbornness that led him to that, I warned you” she responded

“Am sorry, just that I can’t stand to watch his life being hunted ” I said

“Anyways, that’s the punishment” she replied

“I want to know his cave” I said standing up from where I sat
She was just looking at me while I walked passed her

“You barely survived the attack” she shouted from behind

“Am not going to stay with him but to know where he stays” I replied

“It is too dangerous” she said

“When you are here with me” I responded turning to face her
She didn’t say anything

I turned to continue my walking

“Take your left” she said
She speeds up to meet me

“Don’t try scaring me” I said

We arrived at a desert where only the sound of crickets were heard
I wasn’t really scared since there was a demon with me

We didn’t walk too far when we saw a cave at the right hand side of the area

“That’s where he lives” the demon said pointing at it

“It is too far from the main land” I complained

“He has to, because staying close would make him kill more than he is doing” she replied

“It will be risky going there now” she added

“I know, am not planning to” I replied

What I came for, had been accomplished
The next thing was to meet my Uncle for another step

“I will be going now” I said
She didn’t say anything


…. Jason POV ❣️

The following day, I woke up with lots of thought

Dorothy didn’t update me on what she discussed with her Uncle

And also David’s mother was still at the hospital

I did my morning stuff as usual and went to join my father in the dinning room

We ate as usual

“Why haven’t you released Mr Ken?” I asked him

“Let’s not talk about it now” he said instead and focused on his food

“You really don’t know what this is causing” I started

“Every single night, there was always a record about those that was killed” I added

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“At least, everyone has to taste what we tasted” my Dad said
I knew him as a strong hearted man but it was too much

“This is only killing Uncle Kelly’s career” I said

“He never complained” he made a selfish comment

“This is about our family” I said

“Let’s talk about this later” he stood up and walked away

I made a sigh of relief and left as well
Next place was to go and see David’s mother

Arrived at the hospital and went straight to the doctor’s office

I knocked and he ordered me in

“Good morning doctor” I greeted before sitting down

“Good morning my son” he responded

“Please how is she feeling now?” I asked

“Oh, so you were the one who brought a certain woman here yesterday?” He asked

“Yes doc, please how is she feeling now?” I asked

“She hasn’t woken up, she needs sometimes because according to the test”

“She collapsed as a result of stress, high blood pressure and shock, what has she been passing through?” He asked as if I knew the answer

“I really don’t know, her son is missing and she collapsed the very day she heard it” I replied
I had to put it that way

“Anyways, she needs someone by her side now, are you also one of her son?” He asked
Since she needed someone by her side and my mother has never treated me like I supposed, I had to take the opportunity to be with someone, at least for the main time

“Yes, am the younger one” I lied

“Okay then, let’s go to her ward” he said and we headed to her ward

She was lying peacefully on the bed with her hand attached with drips

“She really must have missed him so bad” the doc said
I felt jealous somehow because I felt betrayed by my own mother

“You will have to be coming here regularly” he added and walked away

I brought a chair and sat close to her

I held her hand and she made a move, holding mine tight

She opened her eyes slightly

“Please save David for me” she said as tears rolled down from her eyes

Even though she was told that David was responsible for her husband’s death, she still want him alive

That was the kind of mother I had ever wished to have

I brought close my hand and cleaned the tears
She then closed back her eyes
I had to do that for her
I noticed that she might die if David dies


….. COP Kelly POV ❣️

Lots of thoughts were running within me

The woman who was David’s mother looks so familiar

Despite that day I came when her husband died, I think I have seen her before but I couldn’t remember where it was

It has to make it two things that I needed to handle

The way I saw things at that point, I was sure that the woman would be a great problem to me and Mr Luke

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I forgot to meet Mr Ken as arranged, for his torture

I was still in thought when Jason’s call came in

“Jason” I said as I picked it up

“I think I have a suggestion” he said
It sounds so interesting
He always come up with something interesting whenever he wants to do a combine business

“What’s that?” I asked

“Putting Mr Ken aside, let’s work together” he replied

“How do you mean?” I asked

“There is something I discovered about him and I needed to use trick to get the full details” he responded

“Which thing is that?” I asked

“Something related to the past but let’s not go deep into it, I want to handle it, I just want you to do one thing for me” he responded

“Which thing is that?” I asked

“Get Mr Ken out of the cell and leave the rest for me” he replied while I smiled

“Don’t trick me first young man” I said

“I know that you don’t trust me but I will prove it” he responded


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

I dressed up and went to the police headquarter for my Uncle

I would have talked to my Dad about that but my Uncle asked me not to disturb them about it

I arrived at the station
Just as I got down, I saw COP Kelly driving out

I waved it off and went it
I waited for my Uncle in the visitation room

I stood up when he gets in and greeted him
He was always smiling

“Always put on a smiling face baby girl” he said sitting

“You never felt worried staying here?” I asked

“It is your destiny and you are fighting for it, that’s what matters most” he replied smiling

“So, are you able to see David?” He asked
I shifted his food for him first

“I discovered that he is living in a cave” I replied

“That’s it, there are some things you need to discover about the demon before the appointed day, and we don’t have time” he said

“I barely survived the last night because he attacked me” I responded

“He can never kill you this time around” he paused

“I have some secrets about it” he continues

“What is that?”

“Whenever you want to meet him, always go with blood and that should be in a day time” he paused

“Don’t show yourself until he drinks it, as in you have to drop it in a place where he could see it, then you could go and hide as you watch him drink it” he added

“How can I get the blood?” I asked

“Go to any of the hospital and request for blood, because they do buy bloods from outside” he replied
It was kinda confused hearing that

Where on earth is that possible

“Once he drinks it, you can go ahead and meet him, by then, he will no longer be tasty for blood”

“In case if he tried attacking you when he hasn’t taken the blood, just call him by his name” he added

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“So what exactly am I going to ask him?” I asked

“There has always been a reason for something” he said instead
It means that I had to use my brain because the demon must have a reason to kill


…. Victor POV ❣️

I haven’t been to my office since Mr Patrick left

He was actually one of the things that lightens my days at the office

Bonny in the other hand went to see a friend that he met just as he arrived
That has been part of his life

That Sunday, Sonia came as usual and did the work as she normally does

Anytime I sees her, I do remember that word Mr Patrick told me about my future being near

I decided to take her out that day, maybe the stress would reduce
And she could possibly be the future Mr Patrick was talking about

It was then that I used the opportunity to ask more about her

She has never been serious with any guy except me

It was really nice being with her
I had never chatted with her the way I did that day

When I also told her about Zita’s death, she felt bad for me and promised to try and fill up Zita’s hole in me

I knew it was impossible but I had to give it a try

The following day, after school, I went straight to my office
I had to let go of what happened

I believed that Mr Patrick would be back

I opened my door and walked it

My eyes caught a different book on my desk

It looks exactly like that same book I saw in the hand of Mr Patrick’s friend when he came to visit him

I closed the door from behind and walked straight to the desk

I opened the book and the first thing I saw was Mr Patrick’s picture as he was busy smiling

I smiled back and took the picture

I looked at it for some time before keeping it beside the book and the next thing was what was written on the book

“The future is near” it reads
It was just confusing

I opened the next page

“Victor, you must read this book as soon as possible” that was the next thing that was written there

I took the book and went to sit

As I opened it, my door got opened and Sonia walked in


…. David POV ❣️

I couldn’t forget what happened between me and Dorothy

When I looked into her eyes, I saw butterfly flying inside it

I couldn’t figure out what it means but I knew that it wasn’t ordinary

I felt my heart being heavy

I guessed, I wasn’t myself

“I have few days with you” the demon said from inside me

“I always warn you against love” she added

“We have some hunting to go but if she interferes, she will then be among”


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