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Heiress. Episode 49

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????My Heiress ????

[I don’t want no other body]????

Written by Author Chrisney ????
Adewale Christian ????

i.g: @theechriso_

Episode 49

Riele’s pov????????
I was carried and dropped down to there boss..

“Who are you and why are you trespassing?”

The assassins boss asked ,

“You brat ,do you know who I am ?”

I said angrily,

“Hmm, who do you think you are? ”

He asked bluntly ,

“I’m the daughter of minister Ruby, how dares you treats me in that manner”

I shouted,

“Minister who?, You you Mean minister Ruby?”

He asked out of fear,

“Yes I shouted,

“I’m sorry my lady , I never knew you were his daughter”

He pleaded,
“What brought you here my lady ”

He asked ,

“I came for a mission ”

I said ,

“A Mission? ”

He asked ,

“Yes I wants a girl dead no matter what it’s takes ”

I said ,

“Are you aware of the amount it would cost you?”

He asked ,

“I’ll give you whatever you need ,and to tell you now that I want her life this instant, I want to be the one to slice her throat all you need to do is to helpe bring her here i get her head cuts off take care of the remaining I’ll credit you with any amount you want as far as she’s dead”

I said ,

“Okay !!,lady we will carry out your task ASAP?,all we need is 30 mins and her details ”

He said ,

“Since she should be in her home now ,I don’t know her house exactly ”

I said thinking ,

“I Know where she lives ”

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My attendant said as she gave them her address ,


“Yes boss,

He called ,one of his Creed ,

“Bring this girl here ”

He said,

“Sir we’ve done this mission before but we weren’t sent to kill her but to kidnap her ”

The guy called gulf said ,

“Yes the exact same girl bring her here again ,I’ll make sure to cut off her head my self …

I replied,

Gulf’s pov????
We got ready for the mission as the driver drove us along away according to the address ,I got down from the car and knocked on the door , and a girl opened ,

“Who are you ”

She said with a smirk , I pushed her inside and entered with force ,as my my my other creeds entered as well ..

Help thieves !!”

The girl kept shouting as I knocked her forehead with my elbow,she weakened and fell asleep ,

“Nicki why the chaos what’s wrong??”

The girl came out of the room ,as I was shocked and surprised as my ex lover Annabelle came out as well ,I couldn’t do anything in other to avoid any feeling I quickly pointed my gun at her as the creed took the girl away ..

“Where are you taking me to !?”

“Where leave me !!”

She kept shouting and they blindfolded her and sealed her mouth ,

“Gulf!, Please save the child, we can just run away ,and you’ll pretend you never seen us to who sent you ”

Annabelle said as tears starts to drop from her face .

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“Save the child ,when the other creeds seen us already ?, I can’t ,I don’t want to die roughly ”

I said and left ,as she knelt down and starts to cry bitterly..

We drove off ,

As I kept remembering the moment I heard with Annabelle , ever since we left each other I haven’t dated any girl ,” i’m sorry I can’t help you this time lovely”

I thought to myself”

Brent’s pov????

“I need to meet the assassins personally , you’re taking me there

I said to ruby ,

“Why do you need to meet them personally ,it’s disrespectful of them for you meet them personally , you can just order them whatever you want , that’s what I want …
I said ,

“Then we have to move whenever you wish ”

“I wants to meet them now ”

I replied ,

“Okay make preparation for it now ”

He said to his men,

We headed to his car and the driver drove us off,to a place unknown to me …

A forest to be precise…

The car stopped and we entered into the forest until we reaches where short Grasses are over everywhere and we’re seeing another long ???? trees at the long sight,

“After we’ve passed that last tree we would be there ”

Minister Ruby said ..

We walked in and entered the trees and I could see a husky house ????️ covered with bushes on it’s top ..

I was scared maybe I was already tricked and betrayed..

“Where are you taking me to , do you Know I informed my lawyer I was coming to your place ,and if anything happens to me you would be sued and sentenced to death ..

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“Calm down Lord Brent”

I ain’t taking you to the wrong place , Don’t you still trusts me ?”

He said ,

“I do I do I said as we walked towards the house ,

And we met the gate keepers , they sent in information …

One minute after, the person he sent came out …

And we we’re allowed entry…

Kingsley’s POV

After the Creed he sent entered the room the books are kept, he came out and I knocked his head to weaken him and he fell and slept…

I quickly entered the room ..

I searched the whole room but the book wasn’t found there was bulks of book inside ..

I searched thoroughly until he door was closed on me by the Creed I weakened , he’s woken up so fast ??, He’s so strong ….

At least I should have the note even if I loose my life , I search everywhere ,until I remembered the boss said it was inside a box…

I opened the box with the key I quickly took the documents until I found my dad name and my sister’s name written as well and their pictures and a huge ❌ cancelation was on it which indicates they’re the target, I quickly removed the evidences …

I held it tightly I was about to breathe the husky room window until the door was opened and the whole Creeds pointed there swords at me


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