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Married To Mr Popular. Episode 16

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????????Married to Mr Popular ????????

Forcefully Betrothed ????????????????

✍️By Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi✍️

Warning ⚠ ⚠

Like before reading ????????

Episode 16

☘️Leila’s Pov☘️

The next day….

After school hours, I quickly freshen up so as not to get late to the fashion store.
After finding something nice to wear, I walk downstairs waiting patiently for the driver.
Soon enough, he arrived,he introduced himself as the driver and we made to go.
After a long drive, we got to the store and I was awed at it’s beauty,it look so expensive and it was owned by Jessy the best Fashion designer in the whole America.
We walk in and I met the receptionist there.
She look at me almost disdainfully but I shrugged.
“Who are you” she asked sternly.
“I am Leila…… ”
“Oh! you are the girl Mrs Chupa said she is coming?” she asked and now behave humbly while I only nodded.
“Come let me lead you to My Boss” She said and led the way upstairs and I followed suit.
She got to a door and stopped, I think this is where we are going.
She knocked and the door was open by a man who look like a guard due to his dressing.
“The girl Mrs Chupa said she is coming is here ” The lady said and he look at me before opening the door wider.
I walk in and I met a young lady inside busy on the computer.
She took her eyes away from the table and glance at me.
She smiled and pointed to a chair in front of her meaning I should sit which I did.
“Welcome to Jessica stores” she said smiling and I smiled at her back.
“I am Jessica, the CEO of this place ” she stretched her hand and I took it warmly.
“I am Leila” I introduced and she nodded.
“So, Mrs Chupa explained everything to me on phone and I already selected the best wedding gowns in my store apart so you are to check them one by one” she explained and I nodded.
“So let’s go to the changing room to check them” she stands up and lead the way while I followed her.

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After walking for a while, we got to the changing room and different and beautiful wedding gowns were hang on the hangers.
The were so beautiful and they look expensive.
She called some of her workers and they start bringing out the dresses .

They led me to a room and I start changing it one by one till I got a perfect size for my shape ,they were doubting already at first maybe the gowns will size me and thank God one of them size me at last.
It was an armless,ball dress, it was so long that it sweeps the floor as I walk.
I walk out of the room and show it to her, she clapped in satisfaction.
“Wow you are looking stunning and beautiful, I wonder how you will look on your wedding day” she said and I blush.
I put off the gown and wear my dress back,after buying my a white heels ????,they help me pack them in a big sack.
She instructed on of her workers to carry it to the car.
After she dropped it in the booth, I hop into the car and the driver zoom off.

☘️The Unknown Pov☘️

Everywhere stood still as I tried to assimilate all what she said.

Getting Married????

No that’s not possible!!!!!
He can’t just dump me like that after all what I have done for him.
I gave him my body, my life and everything just to win his love and heart but here I am now hearing that he is getting married.
The tears that stood in my eyes start falling asleep I sob slowly while she sighed and sit beside me.
She draw my head to her chest as I burst into tears, I start thinking about our first night when I forced myself on him,how he drill me, how my screams fill the room and cried harder while she rubbed her hand slowly on my back, pacifying me.
“You don’t need this okay, you should start thinking about how you will not lose Xavier ” she said and I raise my head up.
“I lose him already, he is getting married ” I yelled painfully and burst into tears again.
“Does that mean you can’t get him back ” She said and I thought about it for a while.
“What do you want me to do ” I said and my cries reduced.
“I don’t have any plans for now but I will surely come up with a plan, hopefully before the wedding day and we have to execute it before or the wedding day” she said smartly and I sighed.
“Are you sure? ” I asked and she nodded.
“You know I will do anything for you ” She smiled.

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☘️Nina’s Pov☘️

I waited patiently for him to pick the phone.
I just came back from school switching on the television to get the biggest shocker of my life.
Leila is getting married!!!!
And I knew my brother haven’t heard of it so I decided to call him.
He pick the call finally and I breathe in relief.
“Hello sis” He said calmly on phone and I breathe in.
“Bro there is a bad news ” I said almost crying.
“What is that “He asked anxiously.
“Leila is getting married ” I screamed.
“WHAT!!!!! “He scream.
Wahala dey o????????????