January 17, 2022

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Married To Mr Popular. Episode 17

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????????Married to Mr Popular ????????

Forcefully Betrothed ????????????????

✍️By Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi✍️


Like Before Reading ????????

Episode 17

☘️Dan’s Pov☘️

Everywhere stood still as Nina broke the news to me, I just couldn’t assimilate it, How could she be getting married when our plans are falling to place.
“what are you talking about ” I said slowly with my lips shaking.
“I am telling the truth and the worst thing is that she is getting married to Xavier Chupa,the country sweetheart” she yelled and my eyes turned dark.
Xavier Chupa!!!.

That Bastard????

“our plans are ruined ” she screamed painfully and I almost broke down in tears.
The plan, the most perfect plan they brings a person down, no matter how powerful you are, I can’t believe it’s ruined now!!

“What are we going to do ” she asked bitterly.

“I am coming home right away ” I manage to stutter.
I picked my car keys and rushed out of the building heading for home.

☘️Leila’s Pov☘️

I got home and walk straight to my room to freshen up.
Mom is not yet back.
After freshening up, I walk downstairs to have my dinner of home made pizza.
I ate with relish and belch satisfactorily after consuming the whole dish.
The maids pack the dinning after eating and mom is yet to arrive from work.
I walk to my room to study before retiring for the night.

Next Morning……..

The annoying alarm woke me up, I grumbled and snooze it, I still feel like sleeping more and thus annoying alarm disrupt my beautiful sleep.
I walk dizzily to the bathroom for my morning business.

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Minutes later, I am done having my bath ,I wore a yellow floral dress with a matching sandals and bag, I pack my hair in a messy bun walking out of the room after being satisfied with my looks.

I settled down to eat after greeting mom in which she replied casually as usual.

“The wedding is coming up this week Saturday ” she replied with her eyes fixed on her meal.

“Huh, so fast” I groaned and she nodded.

“His mother want it so fast, that is it” .

“Okay” I sighed forlornly and walk out of the house after I bade her goodbye.

I didn’t expect the wedding to be this fast, although I knew she wants it to be fast because I bought my wedding dress already but I am expecting it to be next month.

Oh !God
I hope the press didn’t leak the news of me getting married to Xavier cos I am gonna be in deep meds in the school.

Tristan parked the car and I got down, I walk slowly to school with my books clutched tightly to my chest.

The students chatter as their heads buried in their phones ,they whisper and glance at me suspiciously.

I shrugged and walk to my class, I sit down and Nina isn’t in school yet.
Kayla walk in with her crew as usual, the students hail her but she keep a straight face ,her eyes roam around the class and landed on me, she walk to my seat and I almost pee in my panties.
I wonder what I have done this time around.

she bang her fist on my table and pull my hair, I yelled in pain as her eyes reddened in anger.

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“You really have guts to force yourself on him right ” she faciled angrily.

“I did nothing ” I whimpered in pains.

“You even did it to the extent that you are getting married this week ” she rasped and I gasp at shock.

Oh my Gosh!!!!!!!

How did she know??

Did the press release the news????

“Are you that desperate ” one of her crew yell at me and I burst into tears.

“You know what, you are gonna regret ever forcing yourself on him” she said and slam my head almost hardly on the desk and walk out of the class.

I burst into tears as my hair cover my face, I buried my head on my desk as I wept painfully.

I wish I could just opt out of this marriage.