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Married To Mr Popular. Episode 2

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????????Married to Mr Popular ????????

Forcefully Betrothed ????????????????

By Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi✍️✍️✍️✍️

Episode 2

☘️Xavier’s Pov☘️

“Common Xavier, you can’t just dump me like this”she whines and I walk to the window.
“I told you I don’t fuck a bitch twice” I said coldly.
“Seriously I am a bitch ” she scoffed and I turned to her.
“Really, then what are you” I asked.
“You gave me your pussy to fuck,i never asked of it”
“You are a beast” She said tearfully with her lips shaking in anger and run out of the room.

The door opened again and my younger sister walk in… Bethel.
She walk to me and hugged me, I knew she need something again.
“Hi brother ” she cooed.
“What do you need” I asked and tuck her hair behind her ears.
“I need money for… ”
“I thought one of my card is with you” I cuts her off.
“Well, it’s empty now” she said fiddling her fingers cutely.
I sighed, she spends extravagantly.
“okay, go and take one in the drawer”
“Thank you brother”
She giggles happily and take it from the drawer and run out of the room.
My name is Xavier Chupa,the CEO of Xavier group of companies, Handsome, Arrogant (you can call me that) and a playboy who doesn’t believe in love.
I think that is enough for now.
I walked into the bathroom to have my bath after which I will drive to the club to get laid as usual.

☘️Leila’s Pov☘️

After school hours,I branch to a fashion store to get the dress.
The attendance were surprised at my shape and after checking the whole store,the only gown available that can size me is a long red gown with a split reaching my thighs,it was even an off shoulder which revealed a little part of my breast but I have no choice than to take it, I don’t know where to find another one and to avoid embarrassment also.
I paid them and left for home.


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I applied a little powder on my face as I wore my flat blue shoes,i pack my long hair in a simple ponytail style with tendrils framing my face giving me the most beautiful look.
I think I am set to go.
I walk downstairs And Tristan is waiting as usual.
“wow, hope they won’t snatch you from me” He said playfully and I glare at him.
A playful glare though.
“You are set” He said and I nodded.
We walk to the car and he opened the door for me, he bowed dramatically and I laughed.
He hop into the car and zoom off.

After a long drive, we got to the building and I stepped out of the car.
I was amazed by the beauty of the place, it looks like an hotel but we are making use of the Big hall beside it.
“Good bye princess” Tristan said and I smiled nervously.
I walk towards the entrance and I met a guy about my age as he stared at me lustfully and I gulped nervously.
“You are one of the contestants right “He said glancing at y body and I nodded
“Follow me then”He said and I followed him as we walk into the hall and he opened a door at the backstage.
There were two guys there already, they look up and when they noticed someone entered the room.
They stare at me the most, boring holes into my body.
“These are your competitors” He point at them and I nodded.
He walk out of the room and I sit down.
“Hi” one of the guys greeted warmly, he looked handsome.
“Hello ” I replied with a warm smile.
“I am Fred”
“Leila” I replied and he nodded which is the end of the conversation.
I kept myself busy with my phone as I play games on it.
Soon,the contestants start trooping in and I felt the urge to pee.
He notice me.
“Are you okay” He asked concerned.
“I need to use the restroom ”
“Okay open this door and you will find a room there”he pointed to a door behind me and I muttered thank you.
I walk to the door hurriedly and there were a lot of rooms there.
I grew confused,i did not know which one to open and my v is becoming hot already.
I opened one and I did not bother to check what is written on the door.
The room does not look like a restroom but I am not concerned about that, all I want to do is to empty my bladder.
I opened a door in the room and it was a toilet.
Finally, I pulled my gown up and released all the contents in my v as I felt so relieved.

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☘️Xavier’s pov☘️
“She should be in the room sir” Charles my personal assistant said.
I was in the club looking for a good bitch to get laid with for the rest of the night when mum called telling me that the Talents shows is commencing in the next one hour.
I was so angry and bittered because I won’t get laid.
I told Charles to arrange a lady for me at my suit to fuck her till the Show commence.
I opened the door and I heard the tap running, I smiled.
Soon, it stopped and I she walk out arranging her dress, she looked so beautiful and heavy.
Her breasts and ass were the largest thing I have never seen.
“wow you look so hot” I said lustfully and she shrank back in fear.
“Come to bed baby” I said and pushed her to bed.

I hope it’s no Leila ooo.