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Married To Mr. Popular. Season 2 Episode 1

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????????Married to Mr Popular ????????

Forcefully Betrothed ????????????????

✍️By Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi✍️

#season 2

Episode 1

☘️Leila’s Pov☘️

The next morning ????????

I woke up due to the heavy tap on my back.

I sit up and I discovered it’s Xavier mom.


What does she want this early morning.

“Good morning mom” I greeted but the glare on her face is alarming.

“who is your mother” she said coldly and I shrank back in fear.

“What have I done ” I asked confused and she gave me a hot slap on my face.

I gasp painfully and tears drop from my face slowly.

“I am not your mother ok” she said and I noticed she is carrying a heap of clothes on her left hand.

She drop it on the floor and points to it.

“These are the clothes you will watch this morning and after that you will mop the whole house cos I have relieved the maids this morning ” she said and I gawp at her.

Is she tryna make me her maid??????

“What have I done? ” I asked tearfully and she laughed hysterically.

“Did you think I married you for my son because I like you, I hate you so much, I married you because of revenge ” she screamed at me and I look at her like a bloated goat.

So Xavier is aware that her mother married me for revenge.

Oh God I am ruined!!!!!!

“Your mother ran away with my money and I threatened her about leaking it to the press”

So mom knew about this too.

“Now take the clothes and wash it now and it must be very clean ” she commanded and I picked the clothes slowly crying out of the room.

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A month later…………

I held my tummy as I vomited all I have eaten earlier.

Oh God!!
What is wrong with me????

It’s been a month and I haven’t been in school, Xavier mom did not allow me to attend.

Bethel made me face hell in the house through in the house including his mother.

They were too cruel!!!!!

Claire help me watch my face, she is my new found friend in the mansion, she do help me sometime without Xavier mom knowledge.

It’s been a month since Xavier travelled and i had been unable to reach him because his mom seized my phone already the day I tried to call him.

“What is wrong with you Leila” she asked and I shook my head.

“Let’s go into the room ” she grab my hand and make me sit on the bed immediately we enter the room.

“I want to ask you some questions and I want you to answer me truthfully ” she said and I nodded.

“When did you had sex last” she asked and I bent my head shyly.

“A month ago” I said with my eyes on my torn skirt.

“With who” she asked.

“Xavier ” I said slowly.

“Did you guys used protection ” she asked and I look at her.

She is my husband for God sake so why using protection.

“No” I said confused not understanding the whole thing.

“Leila I don’t know how you will take this new but I want you to believe me” she said staring at my drooping eyes and I nodded.

“You are pregnant ” she said and I look at her, I stared at my tummy and took my eyes back to her face.

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I burst into laughter, I laughed for a very long time.

“Are you done laughing ” she asked.

“What are you talking about” I asked and she scoffed.

“I am telling you the truth Leila and I want you to believe ” she said with a straight face.

“How can I be pregnant ” I asked close to tears.

“You don’t know when you are having sex” she smiled.

“Xavier ” I cried softly and held my tummy.

God I am carrying a baby!!!!

Xavier mom burst into the room and I shivered.

“Hope you’ve wash the clothes I asked you to wash” she said glaring daggers at me.

Oh my God, I haven’t washed the clothes.

“Uhm I haven’t wash it” I said, she walk to me and slap my face.

I burst into tears as Claire tried begging her but she turned deaf ears as she kick me across my tummy.

She breath heavily in anger.

“If you didn’t wash the clothes today, consider yourself dead” she threatened and stomp out of the room.

Claire help me up as I cry softly, I felt something cold down my thighs to my legs.

Claire gasp as she stared at my legs.

“Leila the baby is gone ” she screamed and I slump.

☘️Leila’s Pov ☘️

It’s been fucking three months that I traveled and I have been unable to reach Leila .

I kinda miss her and my instincts is telling me that something is wrong but I trust mom.

My phone ringing disrupt my thoughts, I checked the ID and it’s an unknown number.

I dallied for a while before picking it.

“Hello sir” I think the person is a male.

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“Leila school principal is the one speaking” He said and I sit up.

“Leila has been absent for a month now and we have been trying to reach her but her number is unavailable.

“Huh are you sure ” I said try to believe the whole thing.

“Yes sir”he said.

“okay thanks ” I said and hung up.

I quickly dial my PA number and she pick it up at the first ring.

“Prepare my Jet we are flying to America tonight ” I said.