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Married To Mr. Popular. Season 2 Episode 14

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????????Married to Mr Popular ????????

Forcefully Betrothed ????????????????

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Episode 14

☘️Leila’s Pov☘️

I stared at him beady eyed not knowing what to say or do again, why are all this happening to me for the sake of God.

“But you said we are siblings earlier ” I said and he chuckled dryly.

“We can never be siblings Leila ” He said and I burst into tears.

“Then who is my father?” I asked.

“Your Dad came back to America after he escaped the death trap your mom set for him” He said and I knew mom is a hardened criminal.

“When she was pregnant for him, she told him about the baby and he was very happy that he will be a father, Not long after, your mom met our Dad and Dad approached her, she got greedy because our Dad is more richer than the father of his baby, she agreed to marry her although Dad know she is pregnant but she lied that the father of the baby is dead” He explain and paused a little bit before going further.

“Dad was so heartbroken when he heard mom betray him, he confronted her about this and mom lied that she aborted the baby already, Dad threatened that he is gonna leak the secret to his husband, Your mom grew so scared and she decided to kill your Dad, fortunately, he escaped death and ran away to a small country tobhide himself ” He explained and I cried the more.

Mom is such a cruel woman, she didn’t deserve mercy at all.

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“Did you know the name of my Dad” I asked and he nodded.

“Please tell me” I begged.

“Andrew Williams ” He said and Max suddenly cut him off.

“That is my Dad’s name” He said.

“The story Dan told you about your Dad is quite familiar with the one Dad told me also but I didn’t want to interrupt you because it might be familiar ” He said and I gawp at him.

“I know you well Max” Dan said and Max stare at him intently.

“How did you know me” He asked and he chuckled.

“Believe me or not, you guys are siblings ” He said and I chuckled in disbelief.

“Are you saying the truth” I asked and he nodded.

Max came slowly to me and hugged me immediately.

“I didn’t know we are siblings, I only save you as a friend of mine” He said moved to tears and I cried softly in his chest while he rub my back slowly.

“I love you ” He said and kiss my hair gently.

“I love you too” I replied lovingly and he smiled.

Xavier stared at Dan and Nina, he sighed softly and I wish he could forgive them.

“I pity you guys so much because you went through a lot ” He said slowly and I rub my sweaty palms together in nervousness.

“But you didn’t ask for your right in the legal way” He said.

“Did you think she will give it to us if we confront her?” Nina asked and Xavier could only sigh.

“It’s alright anyways but what about the attempted rape” He asked and Dan laugh.

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“I want her to feel the pains my mom went through in the hands of the Bastards who raped her that made us became an orphan ” He said and I burst into tears again.

I really feel for them.

“Why did you think we should do Leila” Xavier asked.

“They deserve forgiveness, let’s forgive them” I said and Xavier nodded.

“It’s fine anyways ” Xavier said and I rush to Dan to help him up.

I lift him slowly to sit down and start dressing his wound with the help if Nina.

Soon we are done and Xavier suggests we go to mom house to confront her including the cops for safety.

Soon we got there and I support Dan in walking,Xavier open the door leading us in and we met mom and a man arguing fiercely.

☘️Kira Pov☘️

“Your daughter isn’t with me Andy, I told you I aborted it already ” I said boldly and he clapped his hands dramatically.

“Really? ” He asked and I nodded.

“Then why did you sent an assassin to kill me” He said and I almost stagger but I tried to maintain my balance.

“I am not the one who sent it” I said trying not to stutter.

“I….. ” The clapping of hands coming from the door made me pause whatever I want to say.

I gasp at shock as I recognized them all, Richard two children and Max including Leila and her husband .

I gasp again.

“Max” Williams called and Max rush to hug him.

“Dad what are you doing with this evil woman” He asked and I furrowed my brows.

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Who is evil here????

“Mom are you this cruel? ” Leila said tearfully and Max explained all what happened revealing my secrets.

“I didn’t do all what you levelled against me” I said almost breaking down.

“You are lying mom” Leila cried and the cops bundle me away.

Oh God!!!

I am ruined!!!