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Married To Mr Popular. Season 2 Episode 15

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????????Married to Mr Popular ????????

Forcefully Betrothed ????????????????

#season 2

Episode 15

☘️Leila’s Pov☘️

After a little reunion and chit chat, I and Xavier head home after we bade them goodbye.

I didn’t bother to drop my bag or shower in the room before eating, I am so hungry that I consumed the whole plate.

Maybe it’s because of my pregnancy hormones, after eating, I walk to the bathroom to shower , I enjoy the way I was beaten by the shower, it was like a rain.

I felt two hands grab me from behind and I knew it’s Xavier, he wrap his hands around me and I smiled.

I can’t believe he is my husband, a whole Xavier Chupa!!!!

“Care if I join you for shower” He asked trailing his hands to my boobs and I nodded.

“of course ” I replied nervously.

He fondle my b—b’s as he made me face him, I wrap his hands around him and we kissed passionately.

He grab my hands with his two hands and I moan carelessly in his mouth.

He made me turn around and I hold the wall for support.

He teased my entrance with his c–k and I moan his name.

“Xavier please” I begged although I didn’t know what I am begging him for.

He pressed his cock in and I moan in pleasure not until he pulled it out again.

Is he tryna tease me or what????

“Beg me to f–ck you” He said breathlessly and I almost scoffed.

“Why will I do that” I asked confused.

“So you can’t beg me” He asked mischievously.

“Hell no I will never do that, you need it right” I said although I need him inside me badly.

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“Okay then” He said and release his hands on my waist, he made to go and I couldn’t help but call him back.

“Fine” I said finally and he turned around..

“What ” He asked in pretense.

“I want you to…. ” I couldn’t complete it and I he chuckled.

“What did you want me to do” He asked.

” I want you to fuck me” I said and breathe out.

“Are you sure ” He asked.

“Hell yeah, I am sure” I said rolling my eyes and he grab me immediately.

He made me turn around and fix his c–k in me, I couldn’t help but scream in pleasure.

He was taking it very slow and I slap him on his arms.

“Move into me harder ” I screamed overwhelmed by pleasure and he couldn’t help but chuckle.

He pounce into me with a strong force and I moan his name..

I took his hands to my breast and he fondle it slowly kissing my back at intervals.

He pulled out of me and I face him, he carried me up and wrap my legs around his waist, my hands on his shoulders.

He drill me sweetly in the position making it looks like a standing se–x position.

He rode into me roughly with his big d–ck and I couldn’t help but scream his name in pleasure.

He continued to f–ck me like that till we got into the room and made me lay on him.

I place my hands on both sides of his head and start rid–ing him, soon I start rid–ing him faster and he cupped my bouncing b–oobies into his hands, he watched me drill him and he couldn’t help but moan loudly.

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Soon we got tired and I fell beside him on the bed panting heavily.

“wow” He mouthed with his d–ick standing straight and erected.

“I didn’t know you are an expert” He said and I laugh shyly.

“I love you so much ” He said.

“I love you too ” I replied and kiss him gently.

I move my hands to his dic–k and he jerked, I smile and start stroking it.

I buried my head in between his legs and start suc–king him like a pro.

He m—oan loudly slapping my a-ss at intervals, the pleasure got much and he rolled me over drilling me again.

oh God!!!!

This is gonna be a long night.