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Married To Mr. Popular. Season 2 Episode 16 And 17

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????????Married to Mr Popular ????????

Forcefully Betrothed ????????????????

#season 2

Episode 16

☘️Leila’s Pov☘️

He walk to our place majestically and the students staring at him admiringly.

He stared at me with his face which held no emotions and I couldn’t help but shiver.

“Why did you want to slap her? ” He asked and dip his hands into his pants pocket expecting answers.

“I….. “She fumbled with her words not knowing what to say and the next thing Xavier did shock the hell outta me.

He grab her neck choking life out of her and she start gasping for breath ,she almost passed out in his hands and I couldn’t help but hold his hands tightly but he pushed me off making me fall on my belly.

I winces in pain and Max rush to help me, he carried me up and I wept in pains in his hands as he placed me in Xavier car.

“Shut down the school immediately and arrest all the school authorities, they all have a question to answer” He said pushing his hair back and walk angrily to the car.

“Thanks Max I can’t thank you enough ” He said and shook him.

“It’s okay brother “He smiles and I realized what is going on.

I think Max is the one who informed Xavier.

Oh Max if you know what you just caused…

“Bye Leila” Max waved and I managed to nod.

Xavier came to sit beside me and I almost pee on my body in fear.

“Xav………. ”

“Hey…… “He waved a finger and I press my lips gently.

We got home and immediately I entered the living room, he grab me roughly on my arms and I wince in pain.

” Seriously, you have the guts to hide something from me?? ” He rasped and I burst into tears.

“What did you want me to do for you that I haven’t done, I changed my bad ways because of the love I have for you and you can still hide something from me? ”

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“I am sorry “I begged.

“Sorry????, what are you begging me for?, You were never free to me despite the way I was brought up, I grew among the service of maids waiting at my beck and call, this made me arrogant and I always keep my head up among my mates, even the girls I fuck couldn’t even say I kissed them before but I gave you my first kiss because of the love I have for you” He said and I fell on my knees begging him.

“You want to be a shy woman right, then I promise you that as from today, I will be a cold husband to you and my rules are, you must not prepare my food, you mustn’t talk to me, you must not touch my clothes and if you break any of my rules, I am gonna rape you to death ”


What is this one again now?? ????????

????????Married to Mr Popular ????????

Forcefully Betrothed ????????????????

#season 2

Episode 17

☘️Leila’s Pov☘️

He walk out of the house slamming the door angrily behind him, I wept slowly in pains.

I can’t believe I lose Xavier already, I caused it, I haven’t be a good wife to him, He changes his ways because of the love he have for me but I was too foolish to notice this.

No matter what, I will always prepare his food and do my duties as a wife to him, I don’t care maybe he will rape me to death according to his threats but I am not ready to give up on his love.

Evening ????????????

I finished setting the table and he walk in immediately.


I rub my palms together as he walk closer but he didn’t prepare me a glance.

“Hi” I greeted slowly but he didn’t answer.

“Your food is ready ” I said in fear and he scoffed.

He walk back to the dinning and place his hands on the table ,he stared at me intently.

“What did I told you earlier? ” He asked and I press my lips together.

“Uhm…. I…. “I didn’t know what to say and he scoffed again.

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“Are you that dumb not to remember my rules? “He asked.

“I am sorry ” I pleaded and he grab me roughly.

“You think I am joking right? ” he asked and I wept.

“You think I am not a man of my words” He asked and the next thing he did shock me to the bones.

He start pulling down his trousers and I couldn’t help but shift back.

“What are you doing? ” I managed to stutter in fear.

“What I promised that I will do when you break any of my rules ” He said darkly and I burst into tears.

“You can’t rape me Xavier I am your wife” I said and he chuckled.

“You are not my wife any longer, you are my sex toy and the mother of my unborn child” He said and his words break my heart.

I am now his Sex toy????

“Please forgive me I promise to be a good wife to you” I begged in tears.

“You should do that long time ago” He said.

“Now put off your clothes before the count of 10” He said and I stared at him surprisingly.

He mean it!!!!!

“1” He raise a finger but I didn’t bulge.



“4,5,6,7,8,9,10” He count I didn’t off it.

He grab me immediately and made me lie my belly on the table making him have a clear view of my backside.

He tore my clothes like a piece of rag and I couldn’t help but weep.

“How dare you break my rules ” He said yanking my hair and I scream in pains.

He dug his shaft into me and start riding me roughly without mercy.

I tried standing up but he pulled me back as my belly hit the table very hardly and I couldn’t help but cry like a baby.

He drilled me for a long time till I start gasping for breath and when he released me, I was so weak that I collapse on the floor, he pushed me away with his legs as I wept softly on the floor.

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“Xavier this isn’t right ” I cried and he laughed.

He dropped to a crouch in front of me as I lay on the floor crying.

“You were so sweet when I fucked you roughly ” He said grinning and I burst into tears of shame and embarrassment.

“I want you to break more of the rules so I can fuck you more ” He said and I wept bitterly.

He picked his trouser and strode upstairs leaving me on the floor alone.

I manage to rise on my feet and climb the stairs slowly crying in pains as I held my aching tummy.

I hope nothing happens to my baby.

It took me minutes to get to the room and I met him making some calls.

He glared at me as I took my eyes away walking into the bathroom.

After cleaning myself up, I changed into my nightie inside the bathroom and walk out, I climb on the bed and lie down gently turning my back against him.

My v aches so much, I tried catching some sleep when Xavier yank the bed sheets from my body.

“Let’s have some fun ” He said and I press my lips to prevent me from crying.

“Xavier but we just had sex minutes ago ” I said tiredly and he scoffed.

“That’s your punishment for what you did “He said and tore off my light nightie behind and I held his hand.

“Xavier this isn’t fair ” I cried and he laughed.

“You are my sex toy” He said and lift my laps.

“Xav….. ”

“You wanna argue ” He asked and push himself into me again.

I screamed as the pains drive in fully, he screw me like I am a slut and I couldn’t do anything to stop him.

He pushed himself more deeper to the extent that it touched my womb.

He slapped my ass at intervals and after sastifying himself, he pulled out of me and I slept off immediately.


Xavier is unfair o????????

I hope Leila didn’t lose her baby.