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Married To Mr. Popular. Season 2 Episode 5

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????????Married to Mr Popular ????????

Forcefully Betrothed ????????????????

✍️By Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️

#season 2

Episode 5

☘️Leila’s Pov☘️

I gasp as shock as his hand landed on my cheek.

Xavier slapped me???

I cried slowly as he stared at me expecting answers.

“How did you end up in bed with him” He yelled.

“I didn’t know I was in the toilet when a guy came and force a handkerchief in my mouth and that’s all what I know” I said and his face softened a bit.

“You are lying Leila”

“I swear to God I am not lying what am I looking for in am man that I haven’t see in you, you disvirgined me for the sake of God” I cried painfully and he sighed and touch his forehead.

“I am so sorry” he begged and I run upstairs crying.

He called after me but I didn’t answer him,i can’t believe Xavier didn’t trust me at this stage.

He is the first man that opened my legs and still he couldn’t trust me.

☘️Xavier Pov
I felt so angry and pained at myself.

I can’t believe I slapped her.

I did out of anger.

I walk upstairs and open the door, I met her on the bed crying her eyes out with her hands on her cheeks.

I lie behind her and wrap my hands around her waist but she didn’t bulge.

“Baby I am sorry” I begged and she scoffed.

“Sorry for what if I may ask” she asked and I sighed.

“Sorry for not trusting me or sorry for slapping my face ” she said.

“I am sorry forgive me and I promise to investigate about the person who framed you up” I said and she sit up and fold her arms under her boobies.

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“I am not forgiving you until you find out the the person who arranged that video” she said and step down the bed to the bathroom.

“But I told you I am sorry already ” I whine.

“Yeah I heard you” she said staring at me dramatically.

“But I am still not forgiving you” she said and walk to the bathroom to shower.

Oh God!

This is harder than I thought.

Next morning………

Leila is still giving me silent treatment and it’s killing me slowly.

She didn’t even allow me to touch her yesterday night despite how hard I was.

I only suspect a person behind this and that’s Elaine.

She swore that she will do anything to get be back even if I eventually marry Leila.

I am meeting her this morning.

The driver park the car in her compound and I step down walking into the house.

“Is your Boss around ” I asked a maid who is blushing seriously.

“Yes sir” she answered sexily.

“Xavier ” someone called and I look up.

Oh she is here already.

“How are you doing ” she asked surprised.

“I am fine ” I answered casually.

“Can we talk” I said and she smiled.

“Yeah let’s go to my room ” she said happily and I scoffed silently.

She thinks I am still interested in her wide pussy.

I follow her upstairs and pin her to the wall immediately she lock the door.

“I miss you” I said and dip my hand into her bra and bring out her small breast.

She moan as I fondle it.

I release my grip on her and smiled.

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“Why did you set her up” I said with a smile.

“who ” she pretend.

“You know something, you did the right thing my setting her up because I am tired of the marriage already, I didn’t know why mom forced her on me” I said and she smiled.

“well I have to do that because I didn’t want to lose you” she said smartly and I chuckled.

“wow you are very smart ” I said happily and she hugged me.

“I miss you” she hugged me tightly.

I pulled away from her and yank her clothes off her body.

I pushed her to bed and came in between her legs, I pull down my trouser and pushed myself into her.

“Xavier ” she moaned and threw her head back in pleasure.

She didn’t know my plans for her.

I start moving into her fiercely until her moans turned to cries.

She start begging me for mercy and I slapped her.

“you really had the guts huh” I yell and slap her again.

“I told you I don’t fuck a bitch twice ”

“I’m sorry “she begged.

I pull out of her and start dragging her outside nakedly.

She begged in embarrassment as his worker stare at her.

I drag her roughly downstairs as she cried in pain.

I dropped her on the floor and wept bitterly.

“You know where to take her” I said to my guards and they nodded.

Now My Leila will forgive me.

I grin as I hop into the car.