January 19, 2022

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The Killer’s Bride. Episode 1

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????(His Weakness)????

Written by Author Jedi????

????Episode 1????

Xander’s POV

I screeched my car to a halt as I finally reached the mansion, I glanced back to my iPod and nodded as I found out it was the same with the one I am seeing…

With a swift motion I hopped down, I took out three pistol and a pen knife from the bag at the back seat before heading in..

I had a mask and a dark glass on with my black jacket and trouser..I couldn’t help smiling as I thought of the death that was looming for the inhabitant of this house..

I don’t actually know who he is or what was his crime, all I know is that death awaits him, I was sent to waste him, well..I don’t think it would be only him, I’d add his family to the list also even when I wasn’t sent for them, just the sight of their blood is all I need to make myself happy..

I walked closer and closer fully aware of the cameras which was positioned to where I was, I smiled again as I stared straight into the cameras which wasn’t working for that moment, I had hacked into their system and disabled it for 30 minute, that means I needs to execute this operation in less than 30 minutes…

I got to the gate and looked around, I could see it was locked with a very huge padlock and chain, it seemed like the owner of this house was having thoughts of attack, like the padlock is just too huge and metallic, if only he knew that I don’t need to pass through gate to get in..

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He should have increased the height of the walls around the house because the height now won’t take me ten seconds to climb over..

I moved back a bit and took a little run before jumping over in a tactical way, the environment was dim and I could see shadows of some security men, I don’t need to waste time here,

I quickly fixed a tranquilizer on the tip of the pistols I was holding, I walked out and started walking over to the porch…

“Who is that….” One of the security men tried asking as he saw me but couldn’t complete his statement before a bullet from my gun went straight into his chest making him fall with a loud thud…

Three other who saw this tried coming closer but end up taking bullets into their head, I smirked as I saw the blood flowing over the floor, my eyes was bloodshot and adrenalin was rushing through my vein, I feels this great urge to kill more and more…

I scurried into the house bringing down every living creature in sight, the men guarding the house are just useless, no one was my match at all, before they could try attacking, I had brought them down.

Finally, I got to the room of the man, I stood at the door and added new bullets into my gun, I could hear prayers and that alone left me giggling, maybe they already knew it was their last prayer..

I knocked on the locked door,

“Who is there???!!” I heard a growl and kept quiet..

“I said who is that, how dare you knock on my door, would you say who you are before I shatter your head!!!!” He yelled and I chuckled before bringing out two metal needle like structure, I fixed it into the door lock and before few seconds, the door cracked open..

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“What!!!….who????….” His voice hitched as he saw me walk in…

His wife and two little children was in great shock and was trembling as they saw me.

“Who are you?” He asked and I stared at him without saying a word as I pointed the gun to his head..

He quivered in terror pleading, his wife and children was all in tears as they cried pleading with fear.

“I’ll give you all you want, just name the prize, please don’t kill me…please…please!!” The foolish man kept begging..

I glanced at his wife and children..

“I came for your life but…I wouldn’t kill you now till you watch your wife and children die that is your pay for making me stand at the door for long..” I chuckled before bringing out the pen knife from my pocket bag…

I rushed at the woman and stabbed her deeply..

“No oooo!!” He screamed and the children cried calling their mother who was now dead in the pool of her blood…

“Do you wanna follow mum??” I asked the children who cried the more..

“I swear you won’t escape this!!!” He bawled and rushed to click a button on the wall, I guess he doesn’t really know who I am…

Just two pace forward, three bullet had pierced into his back and leg leaving him falling heavily…

I checked my time and I just got a minute,


The children sulked as they pushed their mother begging her to wake…

I shrugged before sending bullets into their head.

“Why are…you doing this…to me..what did I..do!!” He grunted with tears as he watched his whole children and wife dead…

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“Dan sent me, next time don’t tamper with the wrong person, maybe in your next life to come!” I chuckled before firing a shot into his d**k…

A loud scream escapes his lips as he watched blood ooze out,

“Thanks for making the room sound proof…” I laughed before sending two more bullet into his chest leaving him dead…

I looked around the room and a wide smile filed my face as I saw the room filled with those red thick liquid that entices me…

30 seconds remaining….

I quickly dashed out and flew over the fence through the dark before the guard alive could notice….

I got into my car and zoomed off…

Mission accomplished….