January 19, 2022

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The Killer’s Bride. Synopsis

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????(His Weakness)????

Written by Author Jedi????


Meet Xander, the killer….

What else can you say about him??..

He is a devil..

Well, all this sounds like a complete understatement to those who had met him, Xander Is that man who kills for fun, a man who care less about life, he could take the life of even a little baby.

His heart is dark and evil which makes everyone fear him so much…when he walks everyone bows…he kills for just a little mistake..

Tears is one of the thing he loves to see but the one he loves most is the sight of blood,

He could be said to be very handsome but no one could see it, it was covered with the stony face of a killer…

Being an assassin from childhood had made him the best, he took over his father who did well in training him to being cruel,

He had never smiled or laugh at anyone, his face is always baleful and just a glare could kill…

That was how his life was, killing lives like it was nothing…no one could dare him, governors and high official trembles at his name..

Well…he had thought that was how his life would be forever, he had thought nothing could change him, no one could even thought of seeing a different side of him, not until someone came into his life….

It looked so unreal, so strange…but was actually happening,

Xander met someone he couldn’t hurt…

Her name is Mia

His weakness……

Would Xavier ever fall for this girl??

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Who Is Mia???

What happens when they found out they had a past together??