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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 56

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Fifty-Six????????

Written By Chris Val ????

….. Dorothy POV ❣️

Going to school was no longer in my agenda because I had no reason to

My Uncle was in the police custody and David was yet to be himself

I knew that Jason would be in my house any moment, so I dressed up to see David
I had bought the blood according to my Uncle’s direction
I had also roasted meats for him as well

I took a cab that dropped me at the main road
Although it was still far but I had to get down there

I trekked down to the desert
In few minutes, I got to the cave

I stood from far as I watched David walking around his cave
I felt bad for him

I had to plan something very fast
I picked a stone and threw it at the other side of the cave

David roared and jumped out of the cave
I nearly screamed because it seems like he would wound himself

He ran to the direction where I threw the stone while I used the opportunity to rush to the cave

Just I reached there, I peeped and saw David coming back
I gasped and dropped the cup filled with bloods where he was sitting before

I wanted to come out when I saw him coming in
I became scared that I hides behind a wood that was inside the cave as my heart keep beating fast
I could see him through a hole

He was only inhaling, which means he was perceiving presence of someone

He kept doing like that as he walked closer to me
My eyes widened when he almost passed the cup

He turned to that direction and took the cup
He threw everything inside his mouth
I couldn’t believe it

He puts hand inside his mouth and brought out the empty cup but it was already useless

He roared again
I think it was a roar of joy ????

I watched him as he sat

He became came
I sigh and walked out from where I was hiding

I walked gently but couldn’t take off my eyes from him

He turned with a great speed, and my eyes widened

“I meant no harm” I said raising up my hands

He breathed heavily before returning his eyes

I walked out properly

I carried one of the woods in the cave and sat opposite David

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His face was down while I kept looking at him

“Are you hungry?” I asked and he raised up his eyes
My eyes widened because I was just surprised
What if he attacked me?

He nodded while my heart came back to rest

“Am coming” I said and stood up
I rushed out of cave
I collected the roasted meats I came with
He was no longer human, so he would eat nothing but meat

I turned to go back to the cave
I saw David looking at me from there
I smiled before walking back to him

He sat down while I did the same

I brought out the meat and he collected it with a force
He started devouring the meat
In a twinkle of eyes, the meat was gone

I smiled and gave him another one
He devoured it again
I gave him another one but he rejected it
Which means he was satisfied

I smiled and dropped the nylon

“So you are now satisfied?” I asked looking closely

He smiled at me with that dirty teeth

“So can you tell me why you are taking all this revenge?” I asked
He waited for some minutes before telling me the past


…. Jason POV ❣️

After meeting up with COP Kelly,
I was able to convince him with my trick he agreed to release Mr Ken the following day

I drove straight to Dorothy’s house

But when I got there, the gate was locked

I was just confused on where she could be

I had to check her at the police headquarter where her Uncle was

When I got there, Dorothy wasn’t there
I requested to see Mr Ken

He later came out with a smile on his face

“Jason” he called sitting opposite me

“I doubt if you are really here” I said while he smiled the more

“Why?” He asked

“You always smile and I doubt it” I replied

“Am just happy that I am not a blockage to what is supposed” he replied

“How do you mean?” I asked because I didn’t understand what he said

“Future has been destined, so Dorothy is doing what she supposed” he replied

My mind ran to it
She was also one of the reasons why I came there

I never thought that she would have gone to school
Maybe that was where she went to

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“Talking about Dorothy, where is she?” I asked

“She must’ve been searching for alternative” he replied

“Okay, actually, I have spoken with COP Kelly and he will release you by next tomorrow” I said

“Am not that worried, just try anything possible to protect David because am sure that COP Kelly won’t let him live, if he sees him” he responded
I wondered why COP Kelly wouldn’t rest if David didn’t die

“I will do as you say, Uncle”

I was only planning within the sense of human but the thing looks like a thing of spirit

Well, I will try the way I would


…. David POV ❣️

Just as Dorothy left, I began to miss her company

I always feel lonely but she changed it that day

Even though I was no longer human, she still didn’t give up on me

When she asked me if I was hungry, I didn’t know how to tell her that I don’t eat food but bloods and flesh

I never said things on my own

The demon in me always do the talking

She told her about her death
Dorothy felt bad for her and still pleaded her to stop but the demon refused

She said that she has to clear all her victim even though that she didn’t tell her who was really her victim

Assuming she had told her, Dorothy would have informed Jason to be careful

“Better stop missing her” she said through me
I didn’t say anything

“We have our next mission tomorrow, which is Mrs Luke” she added

I couldn’t reply her


…. Jenny POV ❣️

Dorothy and Jason didn’t come to school yesterday and I wasn’t surprised because I knew what happened

COP Kelly had told me that Jason met him about Mr Ken

He said that he has to comply because he needs to find David

He said that there was something else about that David but he wouldn’t say it until he finds him and would be sure about that

I never thought hard on that because it wasn’t necessary to me even though I don’t know what he was talking about

My own work was to find David and let him know about it

It was Tuesday morning and I woke up really frustrated

I was never a plan maker and I wondered how I would curb with the assignment

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I sluggishly walked into my bathroom and washed my face first

I brushed my teeth as well
I took my bath at the same time

I walked out to my room

My eyes first caught the standing mirror in the room
I looked at myself reflecting on it

I remembered some months ago when I was attacked by David in demon form
Through that same mirror

I never thought about it even though I saw it the first day he came into the class

I exhale before going for my dress

In few minutes later, I was ready to go

I walked straight down for my breakfast, with my bag

My mother was already getting down her own food
I greeted her before sitting down

We ate silently and I left for school

We were coming from a far when I sighted a car parking beside a bush

A lady stepped out of it and to my surprise it was Dorothy

I asked my driver to park which he did

I waited for Dorothy to discharge the cab driver
Immediately the cab driver drove off, I got down and asked my driver to wait while I went after Dorothy

We walked down a very lonely desert
I wondered what Dorothy would be doing there but I still followed her

I tried so hard to maintain a very good distance

I was becoming tired of the unending journey

I stopped when I saw her hiding somewhere
I wondered if she saw me

She picked up a stone and threw it at a spot

I saw a monster jumping out of a cave as he was roaring

I watched the monster running to that direction she threw the stone

Dorothy came out from her hiding place as she rushed into the cave

She dropped something like a cup on top of something

The monster turned immediately towards the cave

He roared again jumping back while Dorothy rushed inside
I couldn’t see her anymore

The monster stopped when it gets to the cave he collected the cup and swallowed it


Just then, Dorothy walked out from where she was hiding

It was then dawn to me that it was David

I gasped
What could she be doing with him in such nature

I brought out my phone and called COP Kelly

I gave him the direction but he insisted I should come out because he didn’t understand the direction