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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 57

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Fifty-Seven????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. COP Kelly POV ❣️

I was with Mr Luke planning on how to get along with Jason’s plan when Jenny’s call came in

She was really a good partner in working

I told her where I would meet her because the direction she was giving me was not useful

Walking down in a desert with no destination

I informed Mr Luke about the call before leaving

I then had a reason to release Mr Ken

I drove straight to the police headquarter and asked the policemen to free him

I rushed to my car and drove off

“Where are you?” I asked when I called Jenny because she wasn’t at the agreed place

“Opposite and forward” she replied while I turned to the other side of the road looking at the top and saw her car there

I had to drive to a U-turn before turning

I met up with her
I never wished to waste time

I ordered her to take the lead

We drove down to the area


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

It was really nice being with David even in his new nature

I had to try the trick of singing for him

He loves it
He always smile with that his spoiled teeth shining so ugly

I remembered that there was something my Uncle asked me to give David once he starts laughing because his days has started counting and also the thing would reduce the taste of blood for the demon inside him

He also said that he was scared if David would survive it

Even though I doubted that, I still have to spend some time with him

I wouldn’t be happy if he left without us having some memory

“I will try my best to save you” I said looking at him while he nodded

“Am coming back” I said before walking out of the cave

I turned and waved at him before going out

I ran as my could carry me
I heard a noise from my back and I turned but David was not close to my sight

I turned and continued running

I got outside and luckily, there was a cab passing by
I stopped it and entered

I had to be fast and also, I had to come with another blood again


….. Jenny POV ❣️

We were getting closer when I saw a car driving out from that spot Dorothy stopped earlier

I cared less because that wasn’t why I was there

“Here” I commanded my driver and he stopped at that same spot

I got down and COP Kelly did the same after getting down

“Is it here?” He asked closing his door

“Yes, let’s start with the next journey” I said and took the lead

“are you sure it is here?” COP Kelly asked when We walked almost half of it

“Am very sure” I replied

“How can someone have mind to come inside here, just to visit a monster?” He asked but we didn’t stop walking

“I wondered as much, am suspecting if Dorothy is the brain behind this” I said
I didn’t know why I hated everyone like that

“She can’t be” he replied

“Why did you say so?” I asked as I stopped and turned to face him

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“I can tell something from nature” he replied

“Let’s continue please” he added

“Whatever” I said turning to continue

It wasn’t long when we got to the cave

“There” I said pointing at it

COP Kelly brought out his gun and cocked it
He pointed it at the cave and walked gently, closer to it

I followed him as he kept moving

He got inside and something fell off from top while COP Kelly shot it

I wanted to laugh but I held myself

We searched everywhere but David was nowhere to be found

Even Dorothy was gone

“Are you very sure that this is the place?” COP Kelly asked

“Am very sure because I saw both of them” I replied as we walked inside the cave again

“But he doesn’t hunt in day, so where could he be?” He asked for no one to reply because I didn’t know either

I raised up one of the cups in there and blood dropped from it

“I need to discover something” COP Kelly said taking one of those cups with a cloth on his hand

“Oh, no service” he added before leaving there


…. David POV ❣️

Just as Dorothy left, the demon in me take over

She said that there was something we needed to do for that day

Which was to hunt down Jason’s mother

I wanted to go against it but how could I?
When I wasn’t myself

I jumped out from my cave and followed the other side since Dorothy was still at the other side

There was no destination but I knew that I was going somewhere


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

After getting what I came for, I rushed out and met with the same cab driver that just dropped me because I asked him to wait for me

I entered and he drove off
Back to where he picked me up

I couldn’t had done all I did if not for the savings my Uncle did before he was arrested

I had no intention to regain it but all I wanted was to achieve my goals
Likewise my Uncle

As we got to the place, he dropped me and drove off while I walked down the desert

I got to the cave and threw the stone as usual but I didn’t see any sign of David

I slowly, walked to the cave

I checked around but David was not there

I wondered where he could be

My mind ran to what I saw earlier when I was leaving there

I could remember seeing COP Kelly’s car but how did he know that it was there

I remembered that there was a car before he’s but I couldn’t remember the car owner

I scratched my hair because I knew that if it was what I was thinking, that means they were in a very big problem

David wouldn’t spare them

Or could it mean that he killed them and took away their bodies
But that couldn’t be possible

I ran out from there
I had to go
Maybe to COP Kelly’s office


….Mrs Luke POV ❣️

It was a very big important meeting about my business

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A very hot one because it was the executive one that has always been once in a year

The venue was in the most biggest conference hall in Paris

“Ma’am the secretary called, she said that it is almost time'” one of my receptionist called to inform me

“I will be ready” I responded

I took my time to get myself ready before walking out of my office

Speaking about myself, I love my business more than any other things

My only child I love was no more

Even though I was very very hurt, I still had to accept the fact and let it pass by

I got inside the car and my driver drove off

He puts in my favorite music

We were at the venue when I sighted one of my partner in crime I killed some years ago

She was standing close to a car

I wondered how come she was still alive because I remembered that the assassin shown me the picture of her lying on her cold blood

“Just parked” I commanded my driver and he did

I got down from the car and rushed to meet her but she leaves from that spot and began to walk inside the building

I widened my eyes and rushed as fast as I could

If she was to be there, that means mine was gone

I ran after her and she changed her direction towards the backyard

I followed her immediately

I almost called her name when she disappeared

I couldn’t believe it as I ran back as my legs could carry me

I hits someone and fell on the floor
I determined to slap a hell out of the person when I stood up

Just as I raised up my head, I couldn’t believe it, I was seeing a monster before me


…. Mr Ken POV ❣️

I arrived from the station

I got delayed after when COP Kelly came to inform me that I would be released

His co-workers were just headache to me

After some hours, I was asked to leave

I got home but everywhere was locked

Dorothy was not around and I was sure that she must have gone to see David

I stood at the gate to make a plan

Just then, a car drove to my direction and parked

It was Jason

“Jason dear” I said

“Good afternoon” he greeted

“I guess this is your handwork” I said waving my hand as a free man

“I have to, please where is Dorothy and David?” He asked
He seems worried

“Am just coming back” I replied

“But she said that she was going to meet you, the very day she got missing from my eyes and David is not yet back” he said

“Am just confused” he added

A message bumped into his phone and he checked it

“What!” He asked himself as surprise was written on his face

“What is the problem?” I asked

“David, a camera is recording him and he is devouring someone” he replied
My eyes widened as I walked closer to him
It was true

“Do you know the place?” I asked

“Yes, I need to go there because my mind is telling me something” he said rushing back to his car

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“Can I come with you?” I asked

“Yes” he responded

I rushed immediately


…. COP Kelly POV ❣️

I was just thinking about what next to do after coming out from the desert

I went to a nearby restaurant to cool off my head

“This is too hard” Jenny complained

“Don’t worry again, you have tried” I responded

“I won’t rest until he is captured because am scared” she said while I smiled

A notification disturbed my conversation
I had to check it

To my greatest surprise, it was who we were looking for

“Oh my God” I said

“What’s that?” Jenny asked as she jumped, running towards where I sat

“Oh my God!” She screamed also
She was calling attention already

“Let’s go there” she added
That has been my opportunity

I stood up and we rushed to our cars

The location wasn’t far or difficult

In few minutes, we were there

I parked and rushed to the place

Everyone was just recording it and David was only bending his head towards the victim
He was done with what he was doing but it was left with how he would disappear from there

No one has the courage to approach him

I brought out my gun because it was my opportunity


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

I was just lost in thought that I had no idea of what to do next because I went to COP Kelly’s office and they told me that he not yet back and my Uncle was no longer in their custody

I had to go home first to meet my Uncle so that we would plan together

I was on my way with a cab when we met a crowded area

I wondered what could be the problem

I ignored it and asked the cab driver to continue

We were almost out of there when I sighted COP Kelly’s car

My mind ran to David

“Stop!!” I shouted and the cab driver forced the car to stop

I rushed down and straight to the crowd

I managed to make a way to the front

I saw COP Kelly pointing gun at something and I looked at that direction which was where everyone was looking at

It was David and someone was already down

“David” COP Kelly called for his attention as he cocked the gun

I remembered that my Uncle once said

“If any bullet touches him, he would die instantly”

I looked at COP Kelly and back to David who was turning slowly

From where I stood to COP Kelly was far to be compared with my distance from David

I had only one thing in mind, which was to stop the bullet from touching David

“Oh no!!” I screamed running towards David direction

Just as I reached there, COP Kelly pulled the trigger and it finds its way into my stomach

I fell back but David held me

“Please run” I managed to say

David looked at COP Kelly who was surprised on what he was seeing

I shook my head negatively

“Run” I repeated
He left me and jumped to a car

COP followed him with a shot but David was too fast to jump over the fence

I smiled before collapsing