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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 58

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Fifty-Eight????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. Jason POV ❣️

We got to the location and everywhere was crowded
There was no need to watch it again through my phone
I had to slide it into my pocket

Just then, we heard a sound of gun

“Oh no” Mr Ken said
I turned to look at him

“He doesn’t need to be shot” he added before finding his way through the crowd

Before Mr Ken could get inside, I sighted David jumping over the fence
COP Kelly rushed out from the crowd, following him but before then David was long gone

I couldn’t help it but to smile

I remembered that Dorothy was nowhere to be found, I forced myself through the crowd as well

I was able to get to the front and I saw Mr Ken holding Dorothy
Her legs were on the floor while her back was leaning on Mr Ken’s hand

I turned to my right hand side
I saw Jenny standing there like a lost goat
COP Kelly later came back with his gun

Just as Mr Ken carried Dorothy up, an ambulance arrived

I turned to where David’s victim was lying
Her face was already damaged

The first ambulance took Dorothy and Mr Ken away while the second one took David’s victim

I wondered who could that be

The crowd was clearing when I walked up to COP Kelly

“Are you satisfied?” I asked with a serious look

“You better comply or else, your father will disown you” he responded while I smiled

“You gotta try something else, that threat doesn’t make sense” I replied still smiling

“Where the hell did you take his mother to?” He asked

I couldn’t think of one thing
What could be in his mind?

“Are you still following me? What is her crime?” I asked

“It might be too late for you” he said instead

“Jenny let’s go” he added before walking out
Jenny turned to look at me

“Better wise up” she said

“I should be telling you that” I responded while she hissed before walking out


….Mr Ken POV ❣️

The ambulance driver drove well with perfect speed that I wished

“She is loosing lots of blood” I complained as the nurses who were at the back were busy treating her

She was supported with oxygen

In few minutes time, we arrived inside the hospital and Dorothy was rolled inside, using the rolling table

I kept walking around the hospital premises
I couldn’t believe that COP Kelly shot her

I wondered what she did to him

Lots of thoughts occupied my mind

I kept scratching my head continuously

“Please Mr” a female voice called
I already knew that it would be me
So I had to turn around

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“Please come with me” she said and I followed her
She gave me some file to fill

“The doctor said that you should get it down” she added
I nodded collecting it

I walked straight to where there was a space and started filling up the form

I submitted it when I was done
The nurse asked me to wait for a while

After some time, the doctor came to me

“Mr Ken” he called while I stood up immediately

“Please come with me” he added

“Please sit” he said when we got in his office

“Luckily, it wasn’t a big deal” he started

“The blood she lost wasn’t much” he added

“That’s a great relief” I responded

“But she has to stay here for the main time because she doesn’t need stress now” he said

“So, how long will she have to stay?” I asked because we didn’t have much time
If not, David would definitely die

“I would advise her to stay up to one week, although the wound won’t fully go” he replied
The one week was really far for what we had to go for

I wished Dorothy becomes strong enough very soon

“Has she woken up?” I asked

“Not yet” the doctor replied


….. David POV ❣️

After the hunting, I decided to stay in different place for the main time

My mind kept playing what happened earlier that day

I always feel bad after hunting, I think that was my human side

My mind ran to how Dorothy used her body to defend the bullet

Assuming she had not come, I never thought that the bullet would kill me

I was already a beast and I knew that a single bullet can never kill a beast

I felt for her, I wondered how she would be doing

I had to try visiting her
Even though that it would be risky

“We still have one more mission” the demon said through me again

“The brain master” she added
That would be the worst hunting because knowing about her death, Jason’s family was her target

If am to kill Jason’s father or Jason himself, that means it has finished

Using the word “brain master”
It must be Jason’s father

Jason would never forgive me for that

I wouldn’t control it either

I wondered how it would go

I needed a way


….Mr Luke POV ❣️

It was already night and my wife wasn’t yet back

I was really worried about that, even her driver has not yet returned

I tried calling her but her line was off

I called her secretary and she said that since she left for the meeting that wasn’t hold due to what happened at the venue..

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I became scared because the victim was a female
But if it was true, what about her driver?

I called COP Kelly who was present during the incident

He said that the face was damaged during the attack making it difficult to find out the person

I was really scared
I couldn’t stand to lose the my only daughter and also my wife

“Hope you are aware of the hospital they took the victim to?” I asked him

“Yes, I was the one that called them” COP Kelly replied

“We have to go and check it ourselves” I responded


…. COP Kelly POV ❣️

That night, I had to try something
I checked the cave where Jenny said David do stay but I couldn’t find him

I wondered if he has gone for another hunting

I checked around the place but there was no sign of him

I never thought what if he has to attack me

I had to give up and went home
Maybe I would see him on the way

When Mr Luke’s call came in, I was just wondering why he would call by that time
On hearing what he has to say, my mind couldn’t stop racing

Mrs Luke couldn’t go like that because she just lost her daughter.

The following day, I met with Mr Luke as agreed

Jason wasn’t around when I come
I wondered if he has gone to see David again

Me and Mr Luke took Mr Luke’s car and went to the place where Mrs Luke supposed to have attended the meeting
Which was also the same place the incident took place

We discovered that her car was still there

Mr Luke highlighted and we got down from the car

We got closer to the car and it was locked
Just then, someone rushed to us

“Driver” Mr Luke called

“Sir, ma’am asked me to wait for her here and since then, she hasn’t come” the driver said
I began to think very fast about it

“Where exactly did she go after getting down?” I asked him

“There but I didn’t watch her that long because I went to get something down” he replied

“What’s the color of her cloth?” I asked

“Blue” he replied
That was exactly the color

“Seems like” I responded

“What do you mean?” Mr Luke asked

“She seems to be one” I responded as we got to his car
It was the same hospital where Dorothy was taken to
As in their mortuary


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

I opened my eyes slightly but closed it because the brightness of the sky was much

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I opened it again but gently

I looked around the room
I wanted to raise my hand when I noticed that I was on a drip

I relaxed back but something caught my attention

It was at the window

I turned properly and it was David with his eyes closed
I guessed, he was sleeping

“Hey” I called gently
He made a little movement before opening his eyes

He was surprised seeing me awake
He has nothing else to do but to smile

I smiled back

“How are you doing?” I asked while he just waved his finger

“Don’t worry, am good” I responded to what I wasn’t sure if that what he asked

I wished to get down from the bed to meet him but I couldn’t, due to the drip

The door got opened and a doctor walked in
David bent down immediately

“Wow, you are awake” the doc said walking in

Someone followed him from behind
It was my Uncle
He was busy looking around the room

I guessed he felt David’s presence

He smiled when I looked at him
I smiled back

The doctor came closer for the test
David brought up his face and I looked at his direction
The doctor turned to the direction I was looking at but David has already bent down

The doctor returned to what he was doing

David raised up his head again and my Uncle caught him with a look

My Uncle turned to me and smiled


…. Jason POV ❣️

I left home early that morning to visit David’s mother

She was responding to treatment but still, couldn’t open her eyes steady

The doctor kept saying that I should be visiting her all the time

It wasn’t a big deal to me because I had nothing else to do

I was just looking at her when my phone began to ring

It was COP Kelly

“Jason” he called as usual

“Uncle” I responded

“Did your mom came back home yesterday?” That question was stupid
How could I know when she doesn’t care about me and I hardly noticed that she has arrived

“Am not sure, it is better to ask Dad” I replied

“I always tell you that it might be too late, if you want to know how your mother is, come to Georgia general hospital” he said and hung up

I wondered what could possibly be the problem but I didn’t care

“Do I even care?” I asked myself and sat down to where I was sitting

“Please go and see your mother first” David’s mother said
She always talk whenever she wants to tell me something

And I never had the heart to disobey her

“Okay I will, just take care of yourself” I responded while she nodded smiling