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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 59

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Fifty-Nine????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. Jason POV ❣️


I arrived at the hospital as COP Kelly directed

I parked my car and got down

I walked in gently

“Your Dad said we should bring you in when you come” a nurse said as she approached me
I was just looking at her while she covered my hands with hand groove

“Put on this please” she added giving me a nose mask

“What’s the meaning of this?” I asked feeling irritated

“You need to go inside the mortuary and you need this” she replied

“What am I going there for?”

“Am sorry but your father instructed” she replied
I collected the nose mask and wore it

She took the lead while I followed her

It was my first time visiting there
I wondered what my Dad was doing there

My Dad and COP Kelly were standing at a spot when I walked in

‘ how could someone stay in there for nothing?’ I asked myself

My Dad turned when he felt someone walking in
COP Kelly did the same

I walked closer to them and COP Kelly opened one of the place where dead bodies were kept

It looks exactly like that victim David killed

I wondered why they were showing it to me
Maybe I would go against my decision

“Your mother” COP Kelly said
My eyes widened as I bent down my head

I checked at the mark she got on her shoulder
It was through
I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t able to recognize my mother’s corpse just because her face was damage

I wouldn’t blame myself because we hardly see ourselves

“Will you still side him?” COP Kelly asked looking at me

I didn’t reply him because my mind was no longer there

COP Kelly looked at the window and turned over to the door

“He is here” he said and my eyes widened

COP Kelly rushed out bringing out his gun
My Dad followed him

I didn’t bother following them
Just then, David jumped to the window

My eyes widened when I saw him
He turned and jumped out

I wasn’t in the mood for that


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

My Uncle informed me about COP Kelly looking for David after he thought that he was in the premises

He brought my food
I sat properly and he fed me with it

“I wonder how David will go with this days?” I indirectly asked because he must haves something to say about it

“David is safe even though that lots of eyes are at him” he replied

“So what is the next plan, as in will David remain like this?” I asked because I was really worried

“You just need to get better first because you can’t do this with weak body” he replied

“So when am I getting discharged?” I asked

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“It depends on your body because the doctor said that you need lots of rest” he replied

“I wouldn’t mind going with this body” I said

“You really don’t understand this, you need a full strength first” he responded
I had to wave it off and eat at that moment

Maybe I could think, afterwards

After eating, my Uncle was just packing up the plates when someone knocked on the door

We had to order the person in because we had nothing to hide

The door got opened and Jason walked in

He greeted my Uncle before waving at me

“How are you doing?” He asked

“Perfect, thanks for coming” I appreciated

“No prob, was David here?” He asked walking closer to where we were

I looked at my Uncle who looks at the windows

“Don’t worry, they are gone” Jason said

“They?” I asked

“Yes, my Dad and COP Kelly was here” he replied

“Why?” I asked

“David’s victim before you were shot, was my mother” he replied while I gasped

If that should be true, that means Jason would definitely hate David

“Please you have to know…” I was still talking when Jason cuts me short

“I know already, it is not his fault still there is nothing we can do about it” he said

“We are planning on it” I responded

“What kind of plan when the first man is gone, it will be better if we call for prayer” he said

It makes sense but how do we do that?

“This is destiny, even if you try something else which is not as destined, it will only turn out worst” my Uncle said

“What the hell is this destiny? How was it destined to be?” Jason asked

“That’s what am looking into” my Uncle replied

“Okay then, oh it is already afternoon, David mother’s food” Jason said looking at his wrist watch

“I will be going now” he added and left
Even after what happened, he still didn’t hate being with David’s mother

I wanted to talk about it but I decided to wave it off


…. Jason POV ❣️

I drove straight to my favorite restaurant and bought David mother’s favorite food

It was just strange because she only talk whenever she wants to tell me something and also, she would only sit up whenever she wants to eat

Her sickness was totally different

After buying the food, I drove straight to the hospital

I remembered that COP Kelly has asked me where she was but I wasn’t scared still

I wouldn’t spare him if he ever tried something stupid with her

When I arrived, the doctor told me that the woman was looking for me

I forced out a smile before going to her ward

She was lying down as usual, with her eyes closed

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“You need to eat” I said coming closer to her
She opened her eyes while I helped her to sit properly

I started feeding her

“How is David?” She asked
That was what I had always missed and it do get me jealous somehow

“David is still the same but we are planning to do something about it” I replied taking one full spoon of rice

“Can you promise me that?” She requested
I dropped back the spoon and sighed

“I can’t make a promise because am not the one in charge” I responded before taking the spoon again

“David is the only thing I have, I can’t loose everything, not now” she said
I felt bad for her but assuming she knows my own pain, she wouldn’t have said that

“Okay, I promise” I had to, because she refused eating

“Have you eaten?” She asked
A smile of heartbreak forced out from my face

“Yes, just eat up” I replied

“I hope David doesn’t skip his meals” she said
I wondered how monster eat when they only eat humans

Silent took over everywhere and she ate peacefully

When she was done, I made her lie down

When I thought she was asleep, I started my own thinking

“He killed my own mother but here I am, saving he’s” I said bitterly

“My son, please forgive him” David’s mother said
I couldn’t believe that she was still awake

“Am not your son, and I thought you have slept off” I said

“I can’t sleep, not even now” she replied

“Just try and forgive him please” she added


…. Victor POV ❣️

I had been thinking about what the book contains, after reading it

How the interference of the demons would come to pass

It was quite difficult for me to understand

The only part I understood was where my own part would be displayed

I wondered when the time would be

I was beginning to understand what Mr Patrick was talking about but he was supposed to be around because it was difficult

Assuming he had shown me that book earlier, it wouldn’t be hard for me

I was in my office still thinking when my ringing tone brought me back

It was Bonny

“Dude what’s up?” He asked

“Cool, your lifestyle never change” I responded because I was sure that ever since he left from my house, he was probably going from one clubbing to another

“We only live once bro” he said

“That’s why you aren’t good for Dorothy” I responded

“Don’t mind her because my returning back won’t be the same” he said
I had always known him as someone with evil plan but he doesn’t love hurting his loved ones

His statement at that point was just confusing

“Are you planning to kill her?” I asked

“Who knows, I won’t just spare anyone that try taking my place” he replied while I smiled

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“You are still far” I said referring to his childish thought

“Let me call you back, I have some work to do now” he said
I smiled knowing what he was talking about

“Bad boy” I said while he laughed before hanging u

Bonny was another person that I would miss after the operation

I meant to wave everything off for the main time

A knock came to my door immediately
I sighed before ordering the person in

The door got opened and Sonia walked in

She was just another thing I needed to check on


…. Faith POV ❣️

Everything was just moving as the queen mother planned

She was actually the one who turned to someone that Mrs Luke killed some years ago, just to get her

Her next plan was what I couldn’t tell

“Luke is Lucy’s next target” the queen mother said as she appeared to my residence

“Jason will be left alone?” I asked turning to face her

“We have to leave him for the main time” she replied

“Jason would definitely hate David the more” I complained

“That’s exactly what I want, in order for the plan to go” she replied

“Don’t tell me that you are feeling bad for him?” She

“I can’t just that the crash will be tough” I replied

“Exactly the plan” she responded

“What have you done so far about Dorothy, I permitted you to be closer to her so that you could know her weak point?” She asked
That was really my mission but it wasn’t going as planned

“Dorothy seems not to have weak point, I think David is her weak point” I replied

“She only love him, that’s all” the queen mother said

“I think so but it can also be so” I replied

“Next target is Mr Ken, we need to get him down” the queen mother said

That was right because he was the brain behind everything


….Mr Ken POV ❣️

The future was getting closer and everything was going as it supposed

The next thing was to find out teams for the mission

The following day, I went to the hospital as usual
I had to try another method on my shop
Which was to put someone in the shop for the little he could get

I met with the doctor in his office because he asked me to see him the following day

“You really did good” he said when I reported

“So what is really the issue?” I asked

“Am just surprised because her body is responding to treatment and it is fast”

“I think she will be discharged before the time I said earlier” he added

I was not only happy that she was getting stronger but because the appointed time was close

I knew that mine was coming and I had to wait for it