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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 60

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Sixty????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. David POV ❣️

Walking alone around my cave with lots of thoughts

Dorothy taking a bullet in my position was what I never expected

I knew that she was trying so hard to save me
But that taking bullet of a thing is what I was shocked in

I kept wishing she doesn’t die
I hoped I didn’t kill her because the demon has already warned me against it

Another demon appeared from nowhere to my cave

“We don’t have time Lucy” she said walking closer to me

“Queen mother, Mr Ken seems to have known because the leaf never leaves his side” the demon replied through me

“Try another way, we can’t just leave it this way” the queen mother said

“Which other way?” She asked

“We can simply use Jason through Faith, he is willing to see her”

“She would just tell him to take away the leaf”

“Exposing Faith before Jason is dangerous, don’t forget that she has fallen in love with him” the queen mother responded

“I thought you have told her that he would join us after his death?”

“Jason never loose an opportunity, I had always tell Faith to avoid any kiss from him unless she would never exist anymore”

“Which you know that it is a lie, she will only gone from being spirit” the queen mother added

“So which other way?”

“That’s your mission and position, you can’t kill Mr Luke without killing Mr Ken” the queen mother said


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

In two days later, I was in my ward walking around the room because I hope that I was going that day

Although I haven’t heard anything about killing, from David
Maybe because I have been indoor throughout

The door got opened
I turned towards it and saw my Uncle walking in

“You are really trying” he said smiling

“Good morning Uncle” I greeted

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“Good morning, am here with your breakfast” he responded while I smiled

” am I not going to get discharged soon?” I asked as I walked straight to my bed

“You will be discharged today” he replied dropping the food.

“Have David killed anyone since then?” I asked because I was worried

“He has, that’s why am trying so hard to get you discharged because he doesn’t have much day to live” that word alone got me more worried

That means he would be dying soon if we don’t act fast


…..Mr Luke POV ❣️

I was already getting scared of how I do loose my family

Jason was too stubborn to understand that we weren’t safe

He always go out when he feels like, and come back as it pleases him

Even though we weren’t safe, I still have to manage my business

I asked my driver to take me to one of the branches of my business in the town
Because it has been long time I went there

In each branches, I do have my personal office

I arrived there and got down

The manager I put to be in charge of the company, walked out to welcome me

He was so happy to see me

“Long time Mr Lee” I said because that was his name

“Welcome sir” he responded as we shook our hands

“How is business over here?” I asked as we walked in

“Fine, just that people are complaining about inflection” he responded while I smiled

“People will always do” I said
As we got in there, greetings were coming front and back
Left and right

It was really good to have money

I got to my office door and turned

“Get me those files” I requested referring to the plan for the year documents

“Okay sir” he responded and walked away

I walked in and closed the door

After some minutes, someone knocked on my door

I wanted to order the person in, when the light went off

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I was just surprised that I had to stand up

Immediately, everywhere went dark

Oh my God! I screamed and rushed to the door
I forced it open but everywhere came back to normal

I wondered if it was how the demon do come

“What’s the problem sir?” Mr Lee asked

“Did anything wrong with the light, as in did they just take the light now?” I asked back

“I don’t understand, we have steady light” he responded
It was dawn to me that the demon was there

I wondered if I was his next target

I had to leave that office


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

I was discharged from the hospital and my Uncle took me straight to house

He said I shouldn’t try doing anything in the house that he would handle everything

“This will only weak me” I said walking around the compound

“You don’t have to walk too much” my Uncle complained

“I want to visit David today” I responded

“Let’s wait because you aren’t okay now, you still have some wound on you” he replied

“I can handle it”

“It is dangerous in that situation” he said

“Don’t worry Uncle, just make a plan for me before I comes back”

I went inside for preparation

If am to wait for tomorrow, David might kill someone tonight

I had to go and quench his today’s thirst

I went in to take my bath
The wound wasn’t that serious anymore

I managed to bath and got out for my clothes

Soon, I was good to go

I walked out and met my Uncle sitting in the small balcony

“Uncle am going” I said

“Wait, I have sent someone to get the blood, because it would be dangerous without it” he responded
I didn’t forget that either but now, it will be easier as I planned

“Eat your food first” he said

After some minutes, I was done and the blood can has also arrived

I went straight for the visitation

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….. Jenny POV ❣️

Things aren’t going as it was

School became boring

When I heard that Jason’s mother was also David’s victim, I was so sad

David has taken lots of souls and he needs to be given his own position

For this days, David hasn’t been in his cave
Me and COP Kelly always check on him but no sign

For the last time, I decided to try another luck

I asked my driver to take me there

We arrived there and I had to trek as usual

As I got to the cave, I sighted Dorothy hiding in her usual place
That was where my eyes first caught because I heard from COP Kelly that she was discharged that day

I didn’t know if she wasn’t scared of death

She waited for David to show up
Likewise me

David later walked out from inside

Dorothy picked up a stone and threw it as usual
At the usual place

David jumped out from the cave and rushed to that direction

Dorothy sneaked inside and dropped the cup as usual
I got to understand that the cup would have contains something that calm down David’s thirsty throat

Just as she went to hide, I picked up a stone and threw it on the cup

Luckily, it pushed it down and I smiled

Just as it fell, David turned towards the cave

He started walking closer to it


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

I wondered where the stone came from

It just spoiled everything

I guessed, someone followed me

I heard David roaring
It was getting closer

I had nothing in mind to do

He jumped into the cave and started inhaling which means he must have perceived human presence

Just as he sighted me, he rushed with a great speed, holding me against the wall

“I warned you, if she tried interfering, I will kill her” I heard the demon said through him

“Please don’t kill me” I pleaded, closing my eyes