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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 61

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Sixty-One????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. Dorothy POV ❣️

I was just watching him as he brought his face closer to mine

“Please don’t kill me”. I said again
He roared instead leaking his mouth

“David!” I added shouting a little with tears in my eyes

“Aarrrrrrrraaagh” he shouted as he released me
He fell on the floor closing his eyes with his palm

I gasped and jumped over him immediately

I knew that something bad might come out of it

He might become worst
Maybe in desperate of needs for blood

Just as I got out of his cave, I sighted someone running out from nowhere but I guess she saw what happened and was probably running for her life


….. Jenny POV ❣️

I was just watching them from where I was when I heard David roaring

Just as I saw Dorothy running out from there

I don’t need anyone to tell me to run for my life

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me

My phone began to ring
I checked it and it was an unknown number

I ignored it and continued running

As soon as I got outside, I rushed into the car

“Let’s go” I said referring to the driver

We haven’t driven far when I turned to check if Dorothy has come out

She was wasting time
I wondered if she turned back, or maybe she did that, just to scare me off

I had to call COP Kelly


…. David POV ❣️

I lost control when my eyes caught eye to eye with Dorothy

The demon in me was troubled as she couldn’t feel comfortable
She had to attack my eyes first

I had to scream because it was hurting me

Just as she ran out, I regained myself

“Stop being deceived by her eyes” the demon in me threatened again

“I won’t spare her next time” she added

I wished she could just leave my body for some minutes

I would just scold a hell out of her

“We have another hunting to go for” she said after some minutes

She roared through me and I jumped off


….. COP Kelly POV ❣️

Mr Luke invited me to his house, saying that he has something very important to discuss with me

As I drove to his house, I kept thinking about how to deal with David

If he should live, he would definitely be a disaster to my existence

Mr Luke has paid me earlier to kill him when he heard about Mrs Paul being pregnant

He was scared that he might rise against him
But during the process
I divided the money into two and bribed the doctor who was in charge of the hospital where she normally come for her medication

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I asked him to kill the baby once she delivered

Afterwards, he told me that he did it and the woman fainted after the news

Seeing the situation in hand, I need to meet that doctor again

And I had to keep it a secret until David is gone

I drove in and parked at the parking spot

I got down and walked straight to the study room where Mr Luke asked me to meet him

“You said that you have something very important to say?” I indirectly asked, when he ordered me in

“I think this things happening now is as a result of what happened 21years ago” he replied

“How do you mean?” I asked because he needs to explain better

“I have been under threat for the past few days, I guess they are after me” he responded
I wondered how they could be after him

“Did the beast attacked?” I asked

“Not yet but I think it will attack very soon” he replied

“I think we should try and find out where he stays” he added

“I will try my possible best” I responded

I brought out my phone to call Jason because he said he was planning something, but I haven’t heard from him

I found out that I had lots of missed calls

It began to ring again
It was Jenny
I knew that something must be up

“Yes” I said immediately I picked up

“I have been calling you, what’s the problem?” She asked instead of telling me why she called

“It was on silent, what happened?” I asked back

“David is back to his cave” she replied

“What??” I asked standing up
It was a good news anyway

“Yes, Dorothy was with him but he tried attacking her” she replied

“Did he kill her?” I asked

“No, she was able to escape” she replied

“So where are you now?” I asked

“Am coming to the usual place you met me before” she replied

“Okay, I will be there very soon” I replied hanging up

“What’s the problem?” Mr Luke asked

“I think we discovered where the monster stays” I replied

“What? He lives around?” He asked

“I want to confirm first” I replied

“Don’t spare him” he said
I nodded before walking out


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

I asked the cab driver to take me to the hospital

It wasn’t long when we arrived there

(Note we have two different hospitals here, the one where Dorothy was taken in the beginning of the story was the same hospital Mrs Luke is and that was the same hospital she was taken when she was attacked by Faith, meanwhile the other one was where Dorothy was taken when she was shot”

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I rushed to the doctor
Luckily, he was just walking out from his office

“Doctor” I called breathing heavily

“Dorothy, why are you sweating like this?” He asked

” your Uncle told me that you were in a hospital” he added

“Yes doctor, please I need that blood again” I said while he looked around first

“You mean for experiment?” He asked while I nodded

“Just call your Uncle, he has already sent someone for it” he replied
I knew that it was the same one that poured out

“I know but I mistakenly pushed it, I want to replace it before my Uncle comes back” I replied with a crying face

“Come inside” he said opening his office again

“It is only one that is left, so I am not sure you still have another one by tomorrow, it is always one for each day” he said giving me the blood sack

It would be bad because that means I won’t be able to see David the following day

“Thank you very much sir” I appreciated

“I will be on my way now” I added

“You are welcome dear, take care” he responded while I nodded before walking out

I got inside the car and the cab driver drove off

I paid the cab driver before getting down

I rushed straight down the desert knowing that problem is around the corner

I got closer to the cave and waited for some minutes

I picked up a stone and threw it inside the cave but no sign of David

I kept throwing it but still, there was no sign

I walked gently towards the cave

I entered it and started walking around
Maybe he would be at the other end

After long search, it was fruitless

I collapsed on the floor thinking of what next to do

If I should stay there for long, he hunting people outside” that was what came into my mind

I stood up and started another running

Soon, I found myself outside
Everywhere seems to be cleared

Luckily, a cab drove by
It wasn’t hard to get cab from there though

I stopped it and entered

Maybe I should drop off the blood in the house before going out


…. COP Kelly POV ❣️

We were closer to the place when I sighted Dorothy entering a car

That shows that David was there

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I smiled

In few minutes later, we were already inside the desert

“You need to be careful because David almost killed Dorothy” Jenny said while I smiled

“What are you trying to say?”

“If he could attack Dorothy, then he won’t hesitate to kill you” she replied


“You are only underestimating me, let me just see him first” I said

“Let’s use Dorothy trick” Jenny said when we got there

“Which trick?” I asked

“She would just hide then threw a stone there, that would make him come out” she replied

“That’s a cheap trick, I will go in there, just wait here” I said before walking to the cave

I brought out my gun pointing it straight

I walked slowly and was able to get in there but everywhere was empty

Another lie
After searching for a while, I saw blood littered on the floor

What could they have done here

Could it be that he killed someone here?

If he could possibly disappeared, that means Dorothy might be aware of it

It was really confusing


….. Dorothy POV ❣️

I got home with lots of thoughts

I couldn’t imagine how David would possibly escape it if COP Kelly catch up with him

I didn’t know where to start looking for him

“Uncle am back!” I shouted from outside
The gate was open which means he was inside

I walked straight to his room but he wasn’t there

I sighed before walking to mine
Still he wasn’t there

I walked out and headed to the backyard

I got there but my Uncle wasn’t there

“Where could he be?” I asked myself

Maybe he has gotten information about David and might possibly be where he was

The only mistake we had was for me not to have a phone

I would have tried calling him

I was about to rush back when I heard someone saying something in a heavy voice

It sounds like the person needs help

I traced the voice and it was coming from my Uncle’s little study room

I forgot to check him there

I pushed the door open and met with my greatest surprise

It was my Uncle, lying down on his pool of bloods

He was really vibrating

“Uncle!!!” I shouted rushing
I squatted before him

“Uncle what happened?” I asked already crying

“David was here” he managed to say

“Oh no, let’s go to hospital” I said trying to help him standing

“Don’t worry, it won’t help, it was destined, just know that it is already time to act” he said as tears couldn’t stop flowing down my cheeks

“I hate you David!!!!!!!!”