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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 62

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Sixty-Two????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. Dorothy POV ❣️


Just after I screamed that I hated David, my Uncle laughed even though he was in pain

“This is not the time for hating someone” he said

“If you really hate him, you wouldn’t have taken a bullet for him” my Uncle added
And that was true

“Don’t just blame him because it is already destined” He added

“Already destined that you will die??” I asked really surprised

“Not really but I saw it coming” he replied
He was only confusing me with those words

“I don’t understand” I complained

“It is not that am going to die soon, help me with that bottle inside my cupboard” he said while I rushed to it

I opened it and took the bottle
It contains some liquid

I rushed back to where he was lying down

“Give me one drop inside my mouth” he instructed and I did

“I will only be needing this every day if am still going to live until David is free” my Uncle said
I was still confused about the whole thing

“I did this some years ago to save your father” he said

“Am still confused” I responded

“Just listen carefully” he started

“David have only 20days to live unless you will have to act fast to free him” he said

“What am I going to do to free him because I need to free you as well?” I asked really scared

“You people need to be five before embarking on this mission, David and you, with three other people” he replied

“Not just people but destined ones” he added

“How do I identify destined ones?” I asked

“Check over there” he said pointing at his library, where lots of books were kept

I rushed there even though I didn’t know what exactly to look for

“Which book?” I asked

“Broken Tombstone” he replied

There was lots of books in there but I had to check them one after the other

I was still taking them accordingly, when one of them fell down

I wanted to ignore it but something caught my eye

It was sparking and shining so beautiful

I looked down on it and saw where they boldly wrote it


“I found it” I exclaimed as I picked it up

I ran back to where my Uncle was lying

“Open it” he instructed and I did

“You need to find a guy with this mark on his shoulder” he said and I looked closely to it

It was something that was well designed

It looks like someone’s eyes but the center was red instead of black, which was the normal color

“But how can I find a guy with that and it is in a dangerous place which was his shoulder” I complained

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“This is ridiculous” I added

“That’s what you have to do if you really want to save this world” my Uncle responded

If not for one thing, I would have asked him while he did such thing when he knows the implications

“He will have to seal the BROKEN TOMBSTONE with you guys” he said

“So who is the second person?” I asked

“The second person is also a guy who has the gift of calming demons” he replied

“As in once he touches anyone who is possessed, the demon would leave the body immediately” he added

I couldn’t think straight because it was just like a dream

“That’s strange, as in who does that?”

“Only him will be able to take away that demon in David, so as to enable him to seal the Tomb” he responded

“So how will I find him?” I asked

“Only David knows where he is but you can only get the answer if you mention the name to him” he replied

“So how will I know that?” I asked

“That’s one of the reasons you have those gifts” he replied

“How can it be when I can’t even read these things?” I asked opening the whole book

I couldn’t even read anything that was written there
The handwriting doesn’t seems to be like a human being

“That’s The work of the third person” my Uncle replied

“How do you mean?” I asked

“The third person will be able to read all this things” he replied

“It is also a gift?” I asked

“Yes, just know that the days has started counting down, 20 more days or else he dies” my Uncle replied

“After getting them, then I will let you know how many days that you will have to go before getting to the Tombstone” he added

“This isn’t going to be easy” I complained

“It is your destiny” he replied

“So how will you be doing about eating?” I asked because I was worried about that also

“Don’t worry, that drink will have to go a long way to quench my taste for food and drink” he replied

It was really strange

I wondered how this things began to exist


….. COP Kelly POV ❣️

It was just being difficult to think again

I couldn’t get hold of David

I was also confused about that David of a guy because the man he said to be his father, wasn’t that same Paul

Just that they had the same look
As in the main Paul has the same mark David got on his nose

The only thing that gave me a clue was that plate number Mrs Luke was using

And she looks familiar to me

I was just getting confused as much as I thought about it

David was also bearing his name

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David Paul

I had done lots of research about him that proves it

He has taken lots of pictures with the main Paul

Lots of things but the man he killed wasn’t that same Paul he do take pictures with

It was just confusing me
Even if it was his son or not, I just needed to end up his life

He might stand up one day against us

Another problem was Jason
If he had told me where he took David’s mother to, I would just go there myself

I picked up my phone and called Jason

We fixed and met somewhere

“I have been waiting for your update” I said after getting down some drink

“I thought you had forgotten about that?” He indirectly asked

“Of course not, I have been waiting” I replied

“Okay then, my plan is for Mr Ken to trust me” he said

“How do you mean?” I asked

“I think Mr Ken has a plan but he is hiding it from me” he replied

“I thought he had trusted you already?” I asked

“I thought as much but no, he didn’t, I think he knows something about where David do stay” he responded

“What makes you to think so?” I asked

“Dorothy always visit David in that cave whenever he shows there”

“which means she knows when he do come there and she would probably be visiting him in the other cave” he added


…. Jason POV ❣️

When COP Kelly called me earlier, I knew that there was something up

I agreed to meet him because I had already made my own plan

Some days ago when COP Kelly was making a phone call with Jenny about discovering where David was staying

I deceived my father lying to him that I wanted to go out knowing that COP Kelly was coming as they agreed
I needed to know their latest plans because anytime I walked into the living room when they were having some conversation, they normally change their position and also postpone anything they had till the following day

I walked out but took the back entrance to come back
As I was walking in through the back entrance, my Dad was walking out through the front entrance

I used the opportunity to rush to my room

Few hours later, COP Kelly arrived and went straight to my father’s study room

I later sneaked to the door as the conversation began

It wasn’t meaningful like I thought

During the conversation, COP Kelly’s phone began to ring

The way he talks, shows that it was Jenny because that’s what he normally said to her whenever he doesn’t want someone to know what they wanted to talk

COP Kelly told my dad that he would rush somewhere because he thinks that he has found out where David was staying

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I had to leave before then

I took the back entrance, from there I followed the second gate and left the compound

I waited for COP Kelly to drive out while I followed him

I was able to maintain distance until he gets to where Jenny parked

He had to go forward before turning, in order to meet up with Jenny

I parked at that spot until they drove passed me

I drove with a great speed and turned
I followed them immediately

That was the very day David killed my Mom

After when they have gone there but no one was there
They were still searching when I returned and drove straight to Mr Ken’s house to ask for Dorothy

I was able to get everything they had been doing

I had to flame up something for COP Kelly at the moment he asked for my plan

“So how then can you win his trust if he wasn’t able to trust for this whole weeks?” He asked when I lied to him about Mr Ken not trusting me

“I have to try lots of ways, but trust me, I will” I replied

I just had to make that day to come to past

“If you know what David will cause you, you don’t have to loose this opportunity” he said
Yes, that was another statement

If there could possibly be anything like that, I would have noticed it
Or better still, they would tell me


…. Dorothy POV ❣️

The following day, I took a cab and drove straight to the most popular beach in my area

I just wanted to see if I could meet a luck there

Since the mark is on the guy’s shoulder, the only place was in a pool

Guys do hangout in the beach without top because swimming pool was there

As I arrived there, I made the entry payment and went inside

Lots of people were there
Some were swimming while others were chatting with their girls

I wasn’t a type with such nature

I walked gently towards the pool and was busy staring at every single guy I saw there

“Hey Beauty, do you care for a swim?” A guy inside the pool as

“No thanks” I replied smiling

“Don’t be shy baby” another guy said holding me from the back

“Such a nice boob” another guy said

“Wow, her back isn’t bad”

“Just transfer her to me when you are done” that was all I could hear

It was just sets of spoiled children

If I won’t be able to curb with them, then I wouldn’t be able to get what I came for

But even at that, I still couldn’t do that
I wasn’t that dirty

“Shit!” I screamed hitting one guy who was already touching my waist

I had to rush out from there