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The Rejected Demon. Chapter 63

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⚔️????☠️The Rejected Demon ☠️????⚔️

……………❗????He’s a Vampire ????❗

????????Chapter Sixty-Three????????

Written By Chris Val ????

…. Sonia POV ❣️

Life can never give you all you wish for

Am the only daughter to late Mr Xander and rightfully the heir to his empire

Mr Xander who was my father, happened to be a retired soldier man

He was always mean all the time

His nature was transferred to me instead of my Mom’s nature

I always became mean with every guy I came across because my father told me that it was the only way to scare them away, to avoid ruining your life

I don’t bully people and I don’t talk much
I was only mean especially with guys, making them to refer me to as stone heart

I love it that way and I planned to continue with such hand even though I do feel lonely but I think it would only make me strong

But from the look of things, everything turned out to another dimension

The first day I met Victor was the day I felt my heart being the softest
From stone to bread

The first day I met him was in the school library where I was busy reading
Immediately Victor walked in, the next thing was for him to fall down

Some people were laughing at him while some were insulting on how blind he was

He ignored them and walked away

The following day was under a tree
He was holding a book but his mind wasn’t on it because he was busy looking elsewhere
Meanwhile there was nothing in the direction he was looking at

I felt that something must be troubling him

He looked so lonely because he doesn’t interact with the other students

We seems to be in the same field
He later told me about his lost girlfriend and her death was really heartbreaking

After some weeks, I found a reason to love

That was how it started
I had to leave what my father told me to where my heart was taking me to

Victor seems not to recognize my feelings but I wasn’t ready to give up

I got a chance to look after him because he wasn’t living with his parents
It was a great opportunity to be closer to him

Luckily for me, he doesn’t know how to cook

I was in the kitchen preparing the lunch I would give him

I called him to remind him that I was coming

He responded that he was waiting as well
That was the only day he responded with such

He was always saying “okay” but this very day, he was waiting

I felt so happy that I had to fastened up the cooking

“Sonia is really someone else o” that was my bestie’s voice as she walked into the kitchen

“Am still doubting it” she added

“Don’t worry, one day, you will be in my shoes” I responded focusing on what I was preparing

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“The most shocking part of it is that you are the one cooking”


“I just want to be sure if he will like what I cook” I replied

“So are you able to win his heart?” She asked

“He is still suffering from heart break, so he haven’t recognized me that well” I replied feeling bad

“It is just simple, use something in his food and he will love you immediately” she said

..”don’t even think of it, I can’t use charm to win love” I responded

She started giving me sorts of advice but I didn’t care, I just focused on my cooking

Even though her advice sounds useful but that isn’t a way to prove love

Soon, I was done with the cooking

“Good aroma” my bestie complimented as she inhale it

“Good to go” I responded putting in some food in a food flasks
When I was done, I carried it to my room

I changed into something better

“Sorry I have to go now” I said referring to my bestie as I walked down from the stairs with the food

“How long are you planning to hide this from your Mom?” She asked

It was true that my Mom wasn’t aware about me being in love, talk more of with someone who doesn’t love me back
She was also in support of my Dad’s idea

“Just keep it till am ready to tell her” I replied

I caught up with her and we headed out

“You are really trying, I can’t do this” my bestie said making me to smile

“On a very good day, you will do it” I responded

“I will have to go then” she said and walked to her car
I entered mine and we drove off

We headed to our separate ways

I drove straight to Victor’s working place


….. Jason POV ❣️

I went as usual to see David’s mother

She has fully recovered but the doctor insisted that she should stay there

I also supported that because it would make her stay away from COP Kelly

He has been trying so hard to get a clue about where I kept her

Knowing how smart he was, I do trick him a lot

Anytime I wanted to see David’s mother, I would have to go far away from the town
Then borrowed a car and drove back

I will just drove straight to the hospital

He wouldn’t make a mistake of following me because he was a busy type and wouldn’t go far from his work

I dropped the food I bought for David’s mother

I woke her up for the lunch

“Your food is ready” I announced

“When am I going to see David again?” She asked sitting up
I discovered that she has been crying because her eyes were filled with tears

“Very soon, I promise” I replied feeling her pain
I wished my Mom was like that

I noticed that I wasn’t really feeling bad about her death

“I don’t think I can live if he dies” she said
That was pure mother’s love

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“Don’t say that, David isn’t happy as well because he can’t face you with such nature” I had to say that even though it wasn’t that true

“Wait, are you trying to tell me that David is still alive?” She asked

“Ah did anyone tell you that he is dead?” I returned the question

“If he is not dead, why then are you hiding him from me?” She asked with tears

“Okay, I will make sure that I bring David to you but not now” I said

I needed to say something that would make her feel better

“Am looking up to you” she responded

I made sure that she ate before I went out

I drove as usual and finally arrived home

I was just lost in thought when I got home

I had to make a plan as soon as possible

I was walking inside my room when someone ran out from nowhere, hitting me hard with his shoulder

I managed to hold myself and turned to look at the person

Surprisedly, it was my father

What could be chasing him in his own house?

“Dad” I called

“Oh Jason, you are back” he responded

“What happened, you almost wound me?” I asked looking more than surprised

“Everywhere suddenly became dark” he replied

“How do you mean?” I asked

“Nevermind” he said instead as he walked out

“Strange” I said
It was really strange


…. COP Kelly POV ❣️

….. Dorothy POV ❣️

The following day, I woke up really frustrated

I have been thinking on how to carry out the task on ground

Throughout the previous night, it was full of thoughts

My experience with those guys at the beach was the sign of impossible mission

I wondered how I would do that when I hardly do with guys

I walked out from my room and walked straight to my Uncle’s room where he was lying

His mouth was wide open but his eyes were closed

I first of all, took the bottle of the liquid stuff
I gave him one shot of it before returning it to its normal position

As soon as the liquid stuff dropped inside his throat, his tongue started shaking

His eyes slightly opened

“Dorothy” he called

“Good morning” I greeted

“Were you able to find any?” He asked

“Not yet, am also scared about you because your odd position this morning, I was scared, thinking that you might not wake up, if not that I had to try” I said

“You don’t have to be scared because I won’t die now” he replied

“You need to save David on time because if he dies, the demon will have to look for another person to torment” he said

“Is that so?” I asked
Even if it won’t be like that, I wouldn’t want David to die yet

“We have lots to talk, can you give me a tip on how to find them” I requested

“They aren’t far from you” he replied
It was another difficult reply

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I wanted to say something else when someone knocked at the gate

“Are you expecting anyone?” My Uncle asked
Of course no

“No” I replied

“Go and check out” he said

I walked out
I could see, it was Jason

I wondered if he was one of them


…… Jason POV ❣️

That morning, I had to visit Dorothy because it has been long time I saw her

I knew that it was too early but I had to fastened up anything I would do

I knocked at the gate and waited for some minutes before Dorothy walked out from the house

She was surprised seeing me

“Where is your Uncle?” I asked because he was also the reason

“Come inside first” she said instead opening the door

“He is inside his room” she added while my eyes widened
What could have happened to him

“Is he sick?” I asked surprisedly

“No, David attacked him but he was lucky enough to live” she replied
She was done with locking the gate back and walked closer to their door

“Come with me” she said walking inside

I looked at her as she walked in

I followed her

We ended up in a room where Mr Ken was lying flat on his bed with some marks on his face and some visible part of his body

“Jason” Mr Ken called trying hard to smile

“Mr Ken” I called back

“Welcome” he responded

After much discussion with them, I decided to leave

Mr Ken said that the whole thing is left to Dorothy, after I told him about what COP Kelly was planning

Dorothy decided to see me off

“I pray he recovers” I said as we were walking out

“He would until I seal off the BROKEN TOMBSTONE” Dorothy said
I was just confused about that

“What do you mean?” I asked
She brought out her hand that has been at her back throughout the walk

“This” she said showing me a book with some shining building on it

“He said that I need to find three more people plus me and David, to seal off the Tomb” she added

“Which people?” I asked

“He said that they were destined for it and I hope you will help me and find them” she said

“How then will you know them?” I asked

“There are some signs that is shown here” she said opening the book

“This sign supposed to be on a guy’s shoulder but how will I see that, as in will I have to be asking everyone I see?” She asked

I was just looking at the diagram because it looks familiar

“Incredible” I said as I took off my top

“What the hell are you doi…..?” She wanted to ask but I shut her up with what I wanted to show her

That same sign was also on my shoulder

“Look” I said
She was dumbfounded as her eyes widened, looking at the sign

It was that