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Undergrounded Demons. Chapter 49

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_______???????? The Revenge????????________

????????Chapter Forty-Nine

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????⚡????⚡????Mira POV ????⚡????⚡????

I was still holding my wounded leg when I noticed that shark has taken Stella

She was struggling with it and I thought of helping her the way she did for me but Dennis held me back

“Leave me??!” I shouted but his grid was too hard

“Stella!” I called
Just that minute, bloods filled up the surface of the ocean

I couldn’t believe my eyes as tears began to drop immediately off my eyes

She died, trying to save me

“Oh no!!!!” I screamed, falling back to the canoe
Crying out my eyes

I was hoping to have a good reconciliation with her after the journey, not knowing that her fate was planning different thing

“You have to take it easy on yourself because nothing will change” Dennis said

I couldn’t believe that he made such statement because I thought they were friends

Even his facial expressions shows that he didn’t care about what happened.

That was too bad of him……….

????⚡????⚡????Ajax POV ????⚡????⚡????

I think life in another world is really different

For so many days I stayed, I haven’t for once feel any form of hunger

Or maybe my stomach was no longer working

Jack suddenly disappeared after when Mr Noah left because Jack’s power was undefeatable

Since then, Mr Noah hasn’t shown up

“Are you sure we aren’t going to die just like this?” Axel asked while I smiled

“You are already scared, aren’t you?” I asked almost laughing

“Can’t you be serious for once”

“Am very sure that you are scared more than me” he added

“I am not because I haven’t complained”

“Don’t you know how calculative I am?” He asked
I smiled because I am sure that he was about to start

“What are you calculating?” I asked

“When Mr Noah was here, you felt scared to confront him” he replied
I couldn’t help it but to laugh

“Oh, that?”

“I was only dumbfounded” I replied

“Beside you didn’t confront him either” I added

“But I was bold to exchange words with him” he bragged

“What are we dragging?” I laughed

“Am only trying to tell you what I observed”…….


????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

School has become really boring
Ajax wasn’t around
Mira wasn’t there
Even Stella

One could hardly see any of the A gangs around
They don’t showcase like before

I couldn’t tell if Ajax and Axel would still be alive
It was almost the end of the day still, I Richard hasn’t shown up to school

I guessed he wouldn’t be coming that day

“That’s Mr Noah doing” I thought


After the day lecture, I was walking down to the school dormitory when I overheard some students saying something that drew my attention

“Am very sure because I saw him” the first student said

“It was Richard” she added

“Did he die?” The second student asked
That word went a long way into my mind

I had to rush to them
Distracting their conversation

They were actually from junior section
Level one

“Please excuse me” I said while they both turned to look at me

“Do you mean that Richard had an accident?” I asked to confirm what I heard earlier

“Erm, yes, I saw it when I was coming to school this morning” the first student replied

“Which hospital was he taken to?”

“Our school only goes to one hospital and it was the school that recommended it to us” she replied
It was our normal hospital

I would use the opportunity to check on Ajax and Axel

I don’t normally visit them because I have known that it won’t be useful

“Thank you very much” I said as I faced the gate
I was already getting to my room but it would only delay me

I took my books with me and followed the second gate

I entered a cab to the hospital

I met the doctor and described who I came to see

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“Oh, that lucky guy” he said smiling
That could mean that Richard was still alive

“Come with me” he added and stood up

We got to a ward and he opened it

Richard was lying on the bed with bandage on his leg

“Jack” he called when he saw me

“Sorry, I didn’t know about this” I said walking to his bed

“At least you come” he said smiling

“Remember not to stress that leg” the doctor jumped in while Richard nodded

The doctor excused us by walking out and I turned to face Richard

“How are you feeling?” I asked

“I felt ease from the former condition” he replied
He didn’t stop smiling

“I think I have noticed something about what is going on” he added
I wanted to think, to know if I could get tip of what he was about to say but no idea

I wasn’t in his mind

“What?” I finally asked

“I think that something is really wrong somewhere” he replied
I still couldn’t get his point

“How?” I asked

“If you can remember, the killings do take place at night”

“But since students have known how to avoid it, the killings decided to take another dimension”

“Which is accident” he added

That word really meant it
He was really making sense

“I think that’s right”

“Yes, and I don’t think that Ajax and Axel are really in coma” he replied
That was a threat to me

“We need to find solution for this” he added

“Yes but you have to get well soon” I said


“And also about the snake stuff we discussed about” he said
I was even thinking on how to bring it up but I wouldn’t want to switch over, just like that

He might misunderstand me

“Are you able to come up with the best way?” I asked

“Not really but you have to know that some snake are not friendly no matter what you do” he said
That could be true

“But what exactly do you want to do with a snake?” He asked
I didn’t intend to tell him because I would be forced to tell him everything

I know that I would be seen as a bad person after everything for not telling them what I know about Mr Noah
But sometimes, we don’t have to take things with aggressive because it could damage things more

“Actually, I saw a snake somewhere and there is this thing that it has been lying on, so I want to make it shift from there so that I would take it” I finally said

“What if it is the place where it rest?”

“That can make it more angry” he added

“That’s why am still wondering on how to do it” I said

“Is it in an open area?” ……….

????⚡????⚡????Ruth POV ????⚡????⚡????

Everything was just happening in a twinkle of an eye

Stella was gone

It was left with Andrew, Mira, Dennis, Dan, Freda and I with the science teacher

The ocean seems to be very long

The worst part was that we were getting short of food

We didn’t plan to up to three days but we didn’t know what else to do

We had to be economizing the one we had

Only God knows if we would survive

It was already getting to dark and it wouldn’t be safe sleeping in a moving canoe at night

No one knows when the shark would come

“I think we have somewhere to spend our night” Mira shouted to the hearing of everyone

We all turned to face her and she was pointing forward

We had to follow her direction

It was true

A big stone standing at the middle of the ocean

“This could mean that we are already at the middle of this ocean” the science teacher said

That brought so much joy to me

“Let’s hurry before it gets more darker” the science teacher added

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We had to put more force on the canoe as it moves faster

“OMG!!” Freda shouted
We turned to look at her
Her face was actually facing backwards

We followed it and saw three sharks
They were targeting our canoes, respectively

“Faster!!!” Freda, I and Dennis shouted at the same time
But that was crazy because there was no possibility for us to be faster than them

The next thing was our canoes to succumb

We all fell into the ocean

The worst part was that I never knew how to swim ????…….

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

The following morning, I woke up with so many thoughts

I was planning to see the room the previous night with my plan but I didn’t know what really happened to me

I was feeling strong that morning
Maybe because I slept on time

I just sat on my bed thinking

“Good morning” that was the ghost boy voice greeting
He appeared right before me
That brought me back from my thought

“Hope you slept well?” He asked

“Maybe but I don’t understand what happened to me last night” I said

“Because you slept off?” He asked

“Yes, that’s unusual” I replied

“Sorry but I was behind it” he said
I opened my mouth but nothing came out
Like, I didn’t understand him

“Why?” I finally found my voice

“Mr Noah was determined to kill you last night if you had come out” he replied

“In case if you don’t know, he is aware that you do visit that room every night” he added
I couldn’t believe it
That means if he had determined to kill me, he might have

“So what exactly is the reason why you did that to me last night?”

“You supposed to know that I am stronger than him” I added

“He didn’t want to kill you with that spiritual power since it doesn’t have effect on you”

“He wants to kill you by hiring some men last night”

“That means am no longer safe now?” I asked

“No, he just wanted to clear you out if you had show up”

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” He asked


“We don’t have days with us, that egg will hatch by tomorrow afternoon” he replied

“All the efforts will be in vain” he added
That was true but what could I have done at that point

“What is the plan now?” I asked

“Let’s be going first” he said and disappeared
That wasn’t good
He was even hiding things from me……..

????⚡????⚡????Mira POV ????⚡????⚡????

I was good in swimming, so I luckily got to the big stone

Only me, Dennis and our science teacher was the survivers

Others couldn’t make it out of the ocean

Those sharks ???? were so dangerous, serious and real

That morning, we sat down on the stone thinking about our lives

I couldn’t believe that I wouldn’t be able to see Jack again
It was then that it cleared to me

I really didn’t know what came over me then

I should have waited and stayed with Jack until he wakes up

I just wished he would survive that accident

“There is no hope” our science teacher said

“Out of eleven people, we are now left with three” she added
I looked at her
Assuming anyone has known about this, no one would ever try coming
I wouldn’t blame her either

All of a sudden, the sky began to change color

In the morning, it was already turning into dark

We all looked up in surprise

“Haaaaa” that was the next thing I heard and I looked down immediately only to discover that Dennis was gone

“We aren’t safe here either” I cried

The next thing was something that came from up
It was like a spare

It pierces her from head head down to her anus

Splashing bloods on my face

How would I be sure that I will be left alive??…….

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????⚡????⚡???? Henry POV ????⚡????⚡????

The principal called me to his office

He said that he wanted to mock Jack because of his failure

“I will like to talk to the whole school this afternoon” he said

“I want you to make sure that Jack would be there” he added

“For real?”

“Yes, I want to stand before everyone because by tomorrow, everything about me will be more super than ever” he said

“Make sure that you keep your eyes on him” he added…….

????⚡????⚡???? Jack POV ????⚡????⚡????

I was in our normal hall when an announcement came to a big speaker that was moulted on top of the school tower

“The principal want to address the whole students in the biggest hall”

The biggest hall was built like a church

It was one with like about five halls in it

Students can be at the down while some can be at the upstairs which has like about five upstairs in it but it was in one room

Everyone could be able to see the principal when he would be passing the information

After some minutes, I saw the principal walking into the hall

I stood up from where I sat and followed others

I was almost closer to the hall when the ghost boy appeared before me

“Why are you blocking me?” I asked, forgetting that people were around

“Who?” One of the students asked
I came back to my senses and covered it with a smile

“I was actually memorizing something” I lied
He nodded and walked away while I turned to face the ghost boy

“Opportunity comes but once” he said


“This is the right time” he replied

That was true

I had to turn back immediately

I watched very well before going inside the teacher library

I took out the book
The first thing I saw was Stella’s body

“Stella!” I shouted almost crying

“Is she really dead?” I asked

“Yes, I think” the ghost boy replied while I cried the more

“We are running out of time Jack” the ghost boy said
I managed to comport myself and met the big snake as usual

“What can I do now?” I asked myself

“Try Richard’s idea” the ghost boy said

Richard asked me to just hit the snake with something and run away

It would surely make the snake to run after me
Giving me the opportunity to get what I want

It was very risky but I still had to try it

I walked to the big snake but walked back

I picked up a big stone and threw it on it

Groaning in pain, the big snake looked up immediately and turned to my direction

It ran after me

I had to be taking different angles in that room until when I was sure that it was out of the egg

I carried it immediately

“Can you open the door?” I shouted referring to the ghost boy
I couldn’t stop running because it might catch up with me

“Am a spirit, I can’t touch physical things” the ghost boy replied

“What about holding the egg?”

“Still the same” he replied

“Useless” I said
As I got to the door, I threw the egg up because I couldn’t carry it with one hand
While I drew the metal on the wall and the door began to open

By then, I have caught the egg

“Watch out!!!” I heard the ghost boy shouting while I jumped into the other room

I turned to see that the big snake actually followed me but the door caught its neck

It was crying but I ignored it and walked out

One of the security saw me and rushed to meet me

“What the hell is that?” He asked because the egg was really big

“The principal asked me to get it for him” I lied while he shifted

I took the egg straight to the hall

Just as Mr Noah saw me, his jaw dropped

He was dumbfounded