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Crush Girl. Chapter 43

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Crush Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 43


I was in the living room watching a programme that was for pregnant women, Arthur had advised me to always watch the programme.

Steps approached me but I didn’t bother to turn cause I knew it would either be Diana, or Clara.

“Mary!” I heard Arthur’s voice and I turned at once.

I traced him with my eye till he went to sit at a couch that was beside mine, “What did you do?”

“Do! as how?” I asked innocently.

Arthur lowered his head and then raised it at me, “You think my brother is a kid? you can’t joke with him.”

I became nervous at his words all of a sudden, I felt like he had probably known what I was up to. But who could have told him?

“Diana told me she saw Anna sneak inside Prince’s house, did you sincerely think she would come out the same way she had gone in?” He asked.

My heart shook and my face turned guilty at once, “You still haven’t trust me, , have you?”

“I’m really sorry, is there a way you can get her out of there?” I asked.

“I already sent Diana to get her out, she might be lucky and might be unlucky. But if she encounters evil over there, you are responsible for it, you know that?” He asked.

I lowered my head sadly, I shouldn’t have allowed my friend take on that risk.

Anna’s POV

“How can I have sex with you just because I want you to teach me mathematics, it’s not right.” I said.

“Actualy, I’m not begging you to have sex with me. I’m also not requesting to have sex with you, I’m telling you that I’ll have sex with you…and for your information, I didn’t really attend that school to learn, my purpose there is quiet different.” I said.

“Oh! I’ll take my leave.” I was already scared. I stood and carried my handbag, I hurriedly went to the door and twisted the knob but it was closed.

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I tried severally but it remained closed.

“Please open this door for me?” I requested.

He smirked, “You girls are so dumb. You think you can accomplish whatever it is that Mary sent you to do? haaaa…you really think I’m a dummy.” He said, he remained majestically seated.

“No one will save you from here, you will be my sex slave for the next three days.”