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Crush Girl. Chapter 44

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Crush Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 44


I turned in fright, my two legs were already shaking. I’m a virgin and loosing it to this cruel man would leave me with regret for the rest of my life.

“Please don’t do these to me, I’m just an innocent girl.” I pleaded.

“Innocent? first, you and your friends came to my class to challenge me, I showed you that I’m very powerful by suspending you. You didn’t learn but came to my house still, tell me what it is that you have come to my house for?” He asked.

“Sincerely, I only came to learn mathematics, you can go through my examination results, I’m not that good in the subject.” I answered , hoping he gets convinced.

“You must be loyal to your friend, I know your intentions are odd, nevertheless, pull off your clothes?” He ordered.

“Huh!” I adjusted back in terror.

“I should have thought that you would want it the hard way.” He said and stood, he began to walk towards me.

“Didn’t you like Mary? Didn’t you want her to marry you? If you treat her friend this way, you will never find a favour.” I said.

“And who says you will be alive to tell what happened, imagine that after having s-xwith you severally, I decided to kill you. No one will know what I had done to you.” He said and I became even more scared.

As if threatening me with s-x is not enough, here is he talking about killing me. He’s such a cruel person.

He got before me and I pleaded with my eye, I was so frightened. “Please, just let me go, I promise to stay away from you”.

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He tore my clothes instead, I struggled with him but he gave me a resounding slap. he threw blows to me like I was some punching bag and I fell to the floor weakly.

What sort of a man beats woman this way? he had hit me on strategic joints of my body, I couldn’t lift my legs or hands again.

He pulled my p—nt away and unb–uckled his b—Êlt. As he sl–ide his TR—ō-users down, the door broke open.

I turned and saw Diana, Arthur’s bodyguard. .
She charged at Prince but Prince was quick to guide her attack.

They stood before each other ready to fight.

I quickly stood and dressed myself up. Gosh! things are about to get messy.