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Morenikeji. Episode 15

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Episode 15.

“..Since you care so much for Israel why not go ahead and date him. Leave your famous boyfriend and date a broke low class like Israel. Whatever you want to do please do but make sure you leave me out of it. Go ahead with him since you don’t want to see him sad. I’m in a great relationship. My present man is all I have always wanted. Handsome, outspoken, caring, finish from Harvard, rich and drives the latest car. What more can I ask than what I have been given already. It was as if God saw my heart and decided to bless me with a man like Tony. Light and darkness are placed before me and I chose light. Nothing can make me return to darkness. I’m done for good. Please don’t call me again over Israel issue or I will trash you aside just like I did with him. Enjoy your life and let me enjoy mine. Don’t be an enemy of my happiness”.


I closed the book and stare at the ceiling wondering why some women make bad choices in men.

Avala in Empty Promises is just one of those ladies seeking for love in the wrong place.
Is obvious Tony is fake and her former “broke” boyfriend “Israel” is the real one who truly loves her but she dumped him and went for the real pretender who is obviously after her money. Tony was a snake in a green grass but Ava couldn’t see that.

Bayo is the real deal for me, Philip is just a pretender.
Acting like a rich spoilt kid that doesn’t know what he wants.

He doesn’t want me to be happy with another man and still doesn’t want to come out open to say exactly what he wants with me.

I’m done with Phil, I’m moving on with my life and I refused to be stopped.

Bayo is the man for me no doubt about that and he is husband material.

Few months from now I will be thirty one. I don’t want to be on this lane of spinster again.
Looking around me, everyone is just finding their happiness and moving far ahead while I’m stuck with fantasy.

Sometimes I want to convince myself that age is truly a number but society doesn’t see it that way.
Ones a woman is thirty and not married they will feel that something is wrong with the lady.
Society, especially in this part of the world will feel either the lady has a high taste in men, or the men don’t find her appealing or something is definitely wrong with her.

No one will even care to know what exactly is the problem.
Their are still some independent ladies who does not want commitment of any sort.
They want just a partner, adopt a kid if they like or live their lives as they pleases.

But that’s not the kind of life I want. No, that’s not Morenikeji, not my kind of person
I want to be somebody’s wife, a real nice man. I’m not after big fancy wedding, not like the type Amara had.
Something simple and fine.
Then I will become pregnant and give birth to a baby, my husband will be happy.
i will also be very happy and if God decided to bless us with more children that will be great.
We will live happily ever after.
The end.

“Keji… Keji the food is burning. What are you doing with a book in the kitchen? Smiling to yourself and staring at the ceiling like a stupid she goat… what kind of careless and senseless person are you…?

I turned and it was Ijeoma.
I rushed to the pot of jellof rice meant for dinner and began to stir with a spatula.

Truly the food was burning and I didn’t even perceived it.
I was carried away with my happy ever after fantasy.

Ever since I got serious in reading this book, I hate to drop it down. I’m very eager to know what becomes of Avala and her fake lover Tony.
I hide the book inside my apron so that nobody will see it.
I will get to read whenever I’m free.

How did I even forget the pot on fire? After adding all the ingredients in the jellof rice, I decided to continue from the episode where I stopped only to get carried away.

Thank God is only the bottom pot that got burnt not the whole food.

Ijeoma continued talking but I was too busy to give a care.

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“… Ever since you retuned from this your yeye journey all you do is misbehave. Carrying that stupid book to the kitchen. Reading when you supposed to be working. You just don’t want to behave like somebody that has sense. You will be acting like your entire brain is damaged…

“Ijeoma, you really don’t have to insult me to make your point known. I don’t know Why you are always bitter… listen, I’m not the cause of your frustrations. Go and look for it somewhere else…or better still drink enough water so that you will be urinating constantly to avoid wasting your time in poke nosing in my affairs.

I gave her a long sigh before going to set out plates for dishing of food.

“You are the bitter and frustrated one Keji. I don’t blame you at all…is because we are in this same kitchen together makes you think you have the right to insult me. If you know who I am you won’t even open mouth to talk back at me. Onye ofe mmanu… rubbish human being. Witchy witchy girl. Please don’t bewitch that food oo. I still wonder what everyone sees in you that makes them like you. The only explanation to it is the spell you cast on them…and by heavenly power that is above all powers that spell of yours will be broken into pieces….

She was still talking when I cart away the food to distribute to the other staffs.
The securities, the gardener, the pool boy, those working in the laundry, the cleaners, that’s housekeepers, two drivers, two electrical engineers and three others working in different field.

Ijeoma was supposed to assist but her bitterness towards me wouldn’t let her.

I gave everyone their food before returning back to the kitchen.

I set the dining up and put Mr and Mrs Kanu’s food on the table.

I called their rooms with the land line downstairs to inform them.

Philip have not been around for over five weeks. I guess he traveled out.

As I return back to kitchen to take my food, Ijeoma was eaten a plate of rice.
She had almost finished the food in the plate, I watched her take her chicken with her hand and bit into it before taking another spoon of rice.

She was obviously enjoying the meal but immediately she saw me coming she quickly dump the plate in the sink.

“This rice taste awful. Too much salt and pepper. So, you still doesn’t know how to cook? At your age you don’t know how to make common jellof rice. Haba Keji, you are really good for nothing o. I pity the man that will marry you. Instead of me to eat this kind of food I will rather soak garrri and drink. I don’t want to purge from your excessive salt and pepper rubbish food….

I ignored again.
As I was taking my food, Stella came in and said.

“Keji, Mr Kanu said the food is delicious and he will be needing more.

I smiled and nodded.
Stella took her own food. After taking two spoons she turned to me and said.

“You tried oo Keji. I’m really impressed that you are picking up. nri a di oto…( The food is delicious)

I didn’t understand the last part so I raised an eyebrow at her.

“…I mean the food is delicious. I will arrange one fine igbo bros to marry you. Hope you will like to marry an igbo man…?

I laughed out and was about to answer but ijeoma interrupted.

“Which sensible igbo man will want to marry her?I reject it for all the igbo single men out there. Let her marry her fellow onye ofe mmanu. Igbos have taste and she is not close to that category. Her rubbish food taste like granite in the mouth…

Stella was about saying something back at Ijeoma but I interrupted

“Stella I got this please. Funny enough I’m not even interested in your tribal men Ijeoma, They are proud and too money cautious. I’m very comfortable marrying a Yoruba man. Infact very soon I will send you an invitation. You can keep your high categorize men let me keep my sweet ofe mmanu bobo…

Stella started laughing. She later said.

“But Keji, sometimes you are a real life Savage. Ijeoma actually deserve that reply but let me correct something. Our men are Sweet, they love their wife more than their lives. They pamper her and treat her like a queen. family comes first for them and they are hardly caught in the web of “side chic”…I mean another woman. If they love you just know that you have automatically become their world. I know their are bad eggs, is in every tribe though but the good ones supersede the bad ones. Beside, everyone is money cautious not just igbo. They majorly works hard for their money and don’t spend lavishly because they have a family to care for. So are you considering my offer for a brother…?

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I laughed with the wink she was giving me.

“No, I’m still not interested because I already have somebody on ground. But thanks for the offer anyway.

“In case this your main man messes up, holla me… Keji don’t fail to let me know so that I will contact my single fine cousin who’s looking for a wife to marry. His name is Emeka and he’s into buying and selling in Onitsha, Anambara state. He deals in women wears and just completed his two story building last year, he…

“Okay… okay Stella. I have heard enough about this your Emaka… hope I got the name correct. I’m still not interested oo. My man and I are taking our relationship to the next level soon, so look for another lady for your cousin Emaka….

Ijeoma spoke.

” Emaka ko Emaka ni. Better for you oo. Stick to your kind… because no igbo man will find you interesting. Especially this one that you don’t know how to cook anything or pronounce Emeka. shame on you. Big shame…

I ignored her.
I quickly went to give Mr Kanu and his wife extra food.
As I retuned I took mine and sat on the kitchen dining with Stella.
We talk and i laughed so loud and it peppered Ijeoma. She looked at me with a frown.

I didn’t care.
After my food, I cleaned up the kitchen and left with my book.

That night at my quarters, my phone rang and it was Dammi.
I ignored her.
I was supposed to send her money but Bayo had issue with his car.
He sent me a message that he needed to work on his car but having issue with his account.
He requested for seventy thousand but I ended up sending him fifty thousand and he promised to pay back with double.

So once Bayo pays me I will send Dammi’s money to her.
Right now I don’t have any money for Dammi.
She should be patient. I’m not running away. Her whole money will get to her with time.

As I lay in bed I decided to call Bayo.

I called him twice before he picked.
He apologized that he was in the bathroom.
After asking me how my day went and few other talks he then said

“Iyawo mi, fumi ni owo..ejoo” (my wife, give me money.. please)

Why is he asking me for money again? The first one I sent he has not sent it back.

“Bayo, mo ni owo oo” ( Bayo, I don’t have money)

“Oh my love. I really need money…my car is still giving me problem. My mechanic just returned it this afternoon and he charged three hundred and fifty thousand. I just need like fifty thousand more to balance him off. I promise to return it in double anytime I fix my account issue. Mo ni ife Keji” ( I love you Keji).

I gasped out at the amount he used in fixing his car.

“Emi no ni ife Bayo. ( I love you too Bayo) but I seriously don’t have any more money to give you. I’m sorry about that…

He later said no problem as we talked about other things before the call ended.

I’m yet to receive the first one I lend him and he’s asking for another one again.
He should do and return the fifty thousand I suppose to send to Dammi.

after I was paid, I suppose to send the money to Dammi but my boyfriend needed it and I decided to lend him.

I don’t need it doubled, I need it back the way I sent it to him.

I hope he resolve whatever he is trying to resolve in his car soon.

I thought of Phillip.

We had another verbal fight during Amara’s wedding.
He saw Bayo kissing me again after the wedding.
I know he deliberately walked pass where I was sitting with Bayo and saw us.

He wasn’t happy about it.
As I was heading to my hotel room that evening, he suddenly came and pulled me aside.

“What exactly do you think you are doing Keji? I’m not against you dating Bayo or whoever but try and know him first before playing your lovey dovey anywhere you want. For Christ sake act like an adult… like a wise woman that you are…

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“If insulting me will make you feel better Philip then be my guest. What is your problem with the man I chose to be with? Why are you coming out now and acting like you care…I don’t understand you. You sound so miserable and unhappy. Do I look like your ex… Why are you carrying out your frustrations on me?

He made attempt to hold me but I shake off his hand before moving back from him.

“Keji, I’m sorry with the way I sound. I’m only looking out for you. I deeply cares about you and do not want to see you get hurt…

A voice spoke from the background interrupting Philip.
It was Bayo approaching

“You will be the one to get hurt if you don’t leave my woman alone. Get the hell out of here fool. I only know you through Nnana and I respected you but I can see you don’t deserve any iota of respect. You coming behind my back to woo my woman knowing very well that she is fully mine makes you nothing but a snitch.

Philip walked pass me to face Bayo.
Deep down I began to pray that the two men will not exchange blow.

“You will do absolutely nothing Bayo. Because if you crosses my kinda person…I will squash you like an ant with no trace of you on the ground. Stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth, meaning threaten those in your league but never…I mean never ever try it with me. Ask Nnana about me and he will tell you who i am. I truly cares about Keji which was why I try to warn her of your type but since she has made her choice, I will leave her with her fate. Stay outta my way because you just crossed me and I will be looking out for you…

As he tried to walk away Bayo grabbed his hand and said

“Calm down boss. guy, don’t take anything I said serious. I didn’t mean any harm…I..

Philip slapped Bayo’s hand off and replied.

” Take your filthy hands off. Remember to stick to everything I just said. I’m not kidding!

He turned and walked away.

“Very proud and egoistic…

I said outlouldy so that he can hear me.
I’m not afraid of him if others are.

” Don’t mind him joor. All this rich igbo kids feeling like they have the entire world in their fingers…orisherishi ( rubbish) mtcheeeeeewwee…

Bayo gave a long heavy sigh before we walked away.

I didn’t see Phil again until we returned back to Abuja.

I dumped the book Mr Kanu gave me and didn’t pick it up until recently when I needed something to distract my mind.

I took it again and resume reading.
This time I became serious with it.

As I resumed work, I ran into Phil like twice, greeted and he replied casually.

He later traveled and is been five weeks now and I haven’t set my eyes on him.

Bayo is based in Lagos while I’m at Abuja.
He wants to come over and see me but I’m not ready for that now.
It will be excessive spending for me.

I’m out to make money. I wonder why he haven’t invited me to Lagos instead.

After sending Bayo money, the remaining money with me will be sent to my mum.

I give my mum stipend every month.

Because Bayo is in another need of money will not make me forfeit the money with me. Never, I still have active brain.

He should pay up the one he owe first so that I can attend to Dammi.

Uzo my friend invited me for her daughter’s birthday.
I will be going by weekend.
I need fresh air before my problems choke me to death.

in this Mr Kanu’s book, Avala should be careful with Tony, Israel is the real guy. Tony is only after her money.
I don’t understand why women makes such expensive mistake in a life partner.

I’m very eager to know how Tony will play her heart like football because of her desperation.
She deserves whatever she gets.

Anyway, hopefully Bayo will do the needful by taking our relationship to next level soon.

Untill then let me continue to hope for a better days.
Hope doesn’t disappoint.